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Odds and Ends No. 37

I was thinking about what to write while
I was eating a Popsicle to freeze my throat.
I eat the flavor she doesn’t like. Grape. 653 more words


The Circus

Several years back, a series of books exploded onto the marketplace.They were known as “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. I managed to grab a few books and they did make a good read. 649 more words

Chicken Soup

New Skrillex Track!!!!! Suppa DOPE!!!!!

@Skrillex has released a new beat and its Fire!!!!! Thanks for the new Music Skrill!!!


Consommé 🐣

‘One of the signs of great chef is the ability to make good consommé, which is beautifully clear, rich soup.’ Heston Blumenthal

It’s incredible difficult to make and it takes a lot of equipment and technique that in the end you loose any desire, that is until I’ve red Heston’s book ‘Heston Blumenthal at home’, where he revealed genius’s simplified technique that results in consommé as good as you will find in any Michelin star restaurant, to paraphrase him.  348 more words

Freezer soup

Being keen never to waste any food as far as is possible, all sorts of odds and ends of leftovers end up in the freezer. I’m really meticulous about writing labels and sticking them on the boxes and bags and whatever containers I’ve found to put the oddments in – well, I’m usually really meticulous but I admit that sometimes I forget… or the item is put away before its label is attached, or someone else puts it away, or the label comes off in the freezer – and sometimes attaches itself to something completely different, or if I’ve written straight onto the bag/box/container in permanent ink, sometimes the ink isn’t permanent… 286 more words


Chicken Tortilla Soup

I’ve probably made chicken tortilla soup too many ways to count, but this one is by far the easiest. Also, my husband said this was the best chicken tortilla soup I’ve ever made, so, you know, it comes with raving reviews! 490 more words

Quick And Easy

Four Dishes for One

Starting with sherry rice and going clockwise, we have here; dumplings, sesame soy dip sauce, sausage stroganoff (korvstroganoff), scrambled tomato eggs; and then chicken soup in the middle. 124 more words