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Roundy Butt Roundy Head Chicken Gets An Owie!

Roundy Butt Roundy Head Chicken’s ear hurt. She didn’t have the words yet to tell her Mommy Chicken so she just kept crying and poking her finger in her ear to try and make the hurty place go away. 349 more words

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RoundyHead RoundyButt Chicken's Daddy Comes Home

RoundyHead RoundyButt Chicken was used to Daddy Chicken coming home when the sun was still out in the afternoon. She would be playing in the big cozy house with SkinnyOle SkinnyGirl April and she’d see that Mommy Chicken was starting to make dinner and the sky outside was a little bit dim and she’d know that it was time for Daddy Chicken to be coming home. 512 more words

Childrens Stories

RoundyHead RoundyButt Chicken Gets Stuck In The Mud

RoundyHead RoundyButt Chicken was out walking in the yard one day, just enjoying the sun on her feathers. She was singing to herself in her usual happy way and not really watching where her cute little chicken feet were stepping. 285 more words

Childrens Stories

Lesson 826 - Chick-O-Saurus Rex - Book review

As you know, if you like chickens, people tend to send you chicken things. A good friend of mine (hi Gina) recently dropped off a new children’s picture book on chickens for me to take a look at. 304 more words


The Chickens and the Fox

Our twenty-two-year-old son comes into the kitchen and asks if I’ve heard the story of the chickens and the fox.

“You mean a children’s book?” I ask. 540 more words

Rainy Day Trespassing

When I let the girls out this morning, it was really pouring, and because of that, I didn’t expect them to venture very far from the coop, let alone all the way up to the house.  294 more words

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Lesson 678 - The Next *Big* Thing

Although many of you know that I write this blog, you may not know that in real life (you know the thing where you have to work for a living?) I am a full time writer and journalist. 1,065 more words

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