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friday morning monologue

Having a neighbor with a huge oak tree in the yard is great during fall. During other seasons, I’d have to spend valuable time and brainpower thinking up stuff to do on the weekends. 567 more words


Old MacDonald Had Some Sushi

From trolling the top blogs to poring over the latest glossies, we’re never at a dearth for interesting food news here at mm/c. But every once in a while, a story crosses my path that stands apart from the fray, sometimes because it’s genuinely interesting and novel, but usually because it’s incredibly nasty. 200 more words


Eat At Your Own Risk

Earlier this month, a review of Ippuku in the San Francisco Chronicle drew more than a few raised eyebrows from the squeamish peanut gallery of SFGate.com online commenters and even made its way to the… 212 more words

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