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Suburban chickens in a chicken tractor!

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  • We rebuilt our chicken tractor (portable chicken coop).
  • The tractor measures 3 metres long x 1.5 metres wide x 1 metre high.
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Works For Me: Chicken Addition

That didn’t take long…


Thats right. We jumped right into the wonderful world of poultry. We got 15 chicks that were a week old! We chose ten Cornish Crosses and five Red Rangers. 404 more words


Chicken Tractor Plans – Making a Chicken Tractor For Your Backyard

If you are interested in poultry farming, you should definitely look into getting chicken tractors. It is one of the most versatile type of home for chickens. 484 more words

Poultry Farming

Chickens as Working Animals, and Planting with Ancient Farmers

Hello friends, and Happy Busy Spring!

So the garden house went up without a hitch! (pictures to follow…) The big chickens stayed in the garden house for about a month, sleeping in the dog houses, laying as usual, and chewing up all the greens, roots, and seeds. 703 more words


Chicken Coop Plans – Planning The Cages of Your Hens

Building a home for your livestock can either be a hassle or interesting depending on your outlook of it. If you are an outdoors guy, you would probably enjoy building it. 606 more words

Chicken Coop

Day Ranging Laying Hens; The Tractor

This is our first year with pastured poultry and I’m hoping to document our progress, success, and failures for the education and assistance of the masses.  602 more words

Restoration Agriculture Daily

How to Start Poultry Farming?

There has been a sharp increase in the demand for eggs and poultry all over the world. It is still rising which means that poultry farming is quickly becoming a lucrative business for many people. 492 more words

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