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Why You Ramble, Nobody Knows

Rocky escaped again. Proving once again that nature doesn’t care who we are or what we deserve. Megan had called us at our hotel in Knoxville and I could overhear her describing to my wife how Rocky had escaped into our new neighbor’s backyard. 298 more words

Sometime Daily Living

Chicken Wire to the Rescue

Last week I broke down and decided that I needed to clean up the backyard and get ready for winter. The summer warmth has lingered and lured us into believing that we will never have winter, but I suspect that it will eventually turn cold. 894 more words


Rock making

Hands on volunteering, helping create papier-mâché and UV reactive rocks for Jennifer Taylor’s twilight sci-fi landscape used for her theatrical performances.

Replying to alluring email from G39 about volunteering opportunity, Morgan and I appeared in a fun and dynamic workshops creating masses of light rocks using cardboard, bubble-wrap and covering them with PVA and tissue paper. 194 more words


Chicken Wire Craze

Chicken wire used as a mechanic…it’s nothing new, in fact it’s pretty old school. I remember my mom sharing stories of day’s gone by when chicken wire was used daily in the flowershop — before floral foam was created. 238 more words

Not Walden's Pond

I have always loved having water features in my yard. The sound of trickling water is soothing, and helps me relax. Besides, ponds are pretty, and you hardly ever have to weed them.  1,807 more words


A fence within a fence

Our main growing area is protected from deer by a 8′ tall, extra heavy duty deer fencing.  The only downside to this deer fencing is that it is extra heavy duty plastic. 135 more words


From cottage to...farm??

What exactly constitutes a farm? Is it the presence of livestock? Multiple animals? Maybe the selling of goods? I honestly don’t know but these days I feel like I am living on one. 2,416 more words