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Caged: Thornless Blackberry Plants

I was fortunate to have a few hours tonight after work to tidy up my large containers of thornless blackberry plants. Using some of the remaining chicken wire (stucco netting), I caged them up. 131 more words


Using Chicken Wire as a Trellis

The Yager Homestead had a weekend away. One of our best friends graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, so it was off to Fort Worth to watch her graduate! 294 more words

Spring 2017: freaking cold

So winter wasn’t too bad this year and, while I know I’ve said we somehow seem to skip spring and go straight to summer here in Halifax, this year I do believe we have spring! 232 more words


How I Protect my Garden from Deer (and Rabbits and Groundhogs)

The area where I live is perfect habitat for deer: lush fields alternating with tracts of trees and brush. And so they thrive and multiply here, and it’s hard to begrudge them that. 989 more words


What the Muck?!

When we sold our herd of goats last winter, we knew that we’d eventually try to move our ducks and chickens into the goat run. For one, we hated the thought of two sheds and a large, lovely pen sitting empty. 434 more words

Our Chicken Coop and Run

About a year ago, my boyfriend, Colton and I made the huge leap to build our very own chicken coop and adopt a few pullets. Upon making this decision, I knew that Colton would be building the coop… with very little assistance from me! 426 more words

Chicken Wire

Sarah Jenkins (velvethadrian), 2017.