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The Great Barrier Relief

My battles with weeds and gophers have prompted multiple solutions, but I’m happy to report that a 2-part solution that has had the most staying power for these problems involves barriers, namely chicken wire and landscape fabric. 265 more words



Small signs are beginning to show that spring is near:  Longer days, warmer afternoons, and evidence of melted snow (however small).

Since it is my habit to look closely (not to mention my desperation for the end of winter to arrive), I have noticed these details.  52 more words


Rustic Distressed Hutch

Great vintage find by ProvisionsNJ (600.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1DVJlOU

I Love Lucy

Dear Flash,

I was so proud of you, buddy!

You tackled the hill at Camel’s Back Park like a champ.  Though the wind was blowing (with all the intensity of a stiff breeze), and the storm clouds loomed (three thousand miles away in Boston), you waddled your way to the top.  131 more words

Chainsaw Massacre?

Plans for the spring include getting more hens.  This time we will house them at the end of the cow stall, in an area of the garden which has for some time been fairly derelict.  870 more words

Gardening Times

Protect your Investment

Soft, furry and fluffy. Love the new babies, love all the animals. Feeding, cleaning pens and stalls, watering. Love the eggs, love the milk. Homesteading is living the life. 396 more words

Make Shift Jewelry Holder

I saw an idea on Pinterest for a driftwood jewelry organizer and had to have on for myself. Strolling through TJ Maxx like I frequently do as a bad habit I found what I think was a cutting board that looked like a piece of wood. 143 more words