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Jamaica: Chicken Curry

“Some people say they know, they can’t believe…Jamaica we have a bobsled team”

I was 6 when Cool Runnings was released. I don’t think I watched then, because I remember watching with Tom who would have only been 3 at the time…but it probably wasn’t too long after that. 388 more words

Cider-Glazed Pork Belly and Brussels Sprouts

This dish uses a classic flavor combination—pork, Brussels sprouts, and apples—in new ways. The pork is braised and glazed with cider for deep apple flavor and served over a Brussels sprout-apple side dish that’s punched up with Marcona almonds and Gorgonzola. 492 more words

OWPC: Chicken

Looking in the spirit house I saw something strange.  Chicken in the house!  In response to Jennifer Nichole Wells’ one word photo challenge: chicken.


Greek Chicken Baked in Foil Packets

I live for my morning walk, heading out with my music blasting.  I’m one with nature and I enjoy my time alone each morning where I can just think about what I need to complete for the day, for the week, or even the month ahead.   475 more words


Mustard-Rosemary Glazed Arctic Char with Melted Fennel and Leeks

A robust mustard glaze is the perfect counterpoint to rich fish. Buttery sautéed fennel and leeks make a tasty bed for the fillets.

  • 3 Tbs. whole-grain mustard…
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Grilled Chipotle Chicken Breasts with Black Bean Salsa

Two kinds of chiles—jalapeños and canned chipotles—contribute different styles of heat (fresh and grassy and intensely smoky, respectively) to a mayonnaise coating for grilled chicken. If you have leftover chicken and salsa, combine it with the reserved chipotle-mayo mixture for a Mexican take on chicken salad. 440 more words

Lisa's chicken, mushroom and spinach fettuccini alfredo.

I love pasta of all kinds. But anything alfredo is on the top of my list. This recipe includes a nice homemade alfredo sauce that former co-worker shared with my many years ago. 196 more words