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Everything in its place

The Easter Chicks are more than happy where they are –but the Turkey House has happy meat chicks in it. Federico has finished The Turkey Brooder House with a circle of windows around the top, so the chicks are draft free down on the floor but well ventilated with pull up sections to let in sun and breeze when they are older.   536 more words


Chicken sitting

We’ve been chicken sitting over the bank holiday weekend. One of Middle Mudlets’ friends, has recently bought himself three chickens. He had saved his pocket money for months and months until he had enough to buy a little chicken coop with enclosed run area and three chickens. 835 more words

.... On Family Life

Hello, we've been here three weeks now

Yesterday marked the chick’s 3rd Week-aversary in our care.

We celebrated the occasion by busting our butts all weekend long (in between baseball games and  everything else we had going on) to get the not-quite finishing touches on their new coop.   566 more words


julz reblogged this on the spare and commented:

I am re-blogging this post because of the enthusiasm of this family and they deserve a bit of support. Unfortunately, its also a warning to newbies in the 'backyard chicken' world, that sometimes, things don't go as you expected - I had quite a conversation with them in the comments section, and it would be nice if others could also offer stories from their own experience - smile!

Part of a healthy connection to the natural world must include an understanding of animals, birds, insects, and reptiles. Children need opportunities to feel another life form’s heart beat and to listen to how it breathes. 226 more words

What the Cluck?

May 4th is “Petite and Proud Day”, a day for women who are shorter than 5’4″.  My wife is taller than that.  But my mother was 5’3″, so today I looked through the photo album of her childhood pictures, from infancy through her freshman year of college.   128 more words

Orphan Chicken

Or this may be better titled, “The chicken we tried to get rid of but it kept coming back.”

You see, last year we had chickens. 420 more words


My, how they've grown.

My middle batch of chickens (the older chicks, that I got in the beginning of March) are enjoying their life out in the coop.  They have grown a lot and some have changed quite a bit since I first got them – it’s really remarkable how much feather color and patterns can change.  400 more words