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Chicken (oops I mean dinosaur) invasion

We finally got dinosaurs in our back yard. Finally we have chickens (oops i mean dinosaurs). Finally we don’t have to pay for eggs (after two more week’s). 82 more words

Chicken Butt Surgery

Yes, you read that right. I am sure my daughter never thought she would sew back on a chicken butt, but she now has thanks to YouTube, and because chickens are just gosh darn ruthless. 446 more words


Yes, you read that correctly.  Sweat.  The stuff that drips from your forehead, dribbles down your back, and coats your body as you work on a sultry summer day.  464 more words

Life this week

Hiya! How was your week? It seems disingenuous to say I hope you had a wonderful week, although I do hope you did. But in light of what is happening in our world, I just want to share that while I am deeply concerned about the state of our country, I created this space to celebrate the good in the world and to spread some positivity. 634 more words


Po has a brother to play with!

Po is the rescue kitten we’ve had for about a month.

He’s a crazy kitty, overflowing with manic kitten energy. He enjoys playing with flirt poles and laser pointers, but he gets bored quickly. 380 more words


Bed and Breakfast in Scotland Has Its Chickens Wear Little Safety Vests

Safety first!

A bed and breakfast in Perthshire, Scotland, has given their hens safety vests to wear while crossing the road. Apparently a few of them like wandering about town. 66 more words