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Can't wait to butcher pigs!

I’m so sick of pigs! They get out everyday breaking fences and doors. Today they raided the chicken coop’s eggs. There were bloody egg shells and the hens were fighting over who gets to sit on the eggs the pigs didn’t get. 357 more words


Frantic Friday at the farm...Nancy is tired girl

6 am, feed dogs, get am drink for me, empty and reload dishwasher while supervising dogs… Apollo is greedy… and get dressed.
Flag is out    God Bless The USA. 327 more words

Are chooks easily offended?

Here’s a news item from UK that might appeal to the chookwatchers.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent a letter to the oldest bar in Britain on Monday demanding that it change its historic name because “Ye Olde Fighting Cocks” is offensive to chickens. 361 more words


Poor Chicken

One of our Buff Chickens has a hurt leg…

We don’t know how it happened and only can assume it may have happened when she jumped off her perch one morning. 60 more words

Every Day

Friday 22.05.15

Really didn’t want to wake up this morning, had coffee and then cycled out to the RAF Memorial and checked on Skye, when home I found our chickens had laid some full size eggs, mmm egg on toast for breakfast and Lynne’s egg had a double yoke, had a fairly busy day in work and decided to have a take away for lunch which left me very sleepy this afternoon, came home had dinner which was all ready and prepared by Lynne, Cameron has gone camping for the weekend so it was just Heather and I this evening till Lynne finished work, we had a glass of cider while we chatted about our day and then got a early ish night

Every Day Stuff

Feeding my chickens; Scratch, Sprouts, and Fodder

You can research yourself to death as to what is the best thing to feed your chickens. You get a million opinions and very rarely any actual facts. 396 more words