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Chickens Be Crazy

Well, that escalated quickly.

Chicken coop mayhem!  Apparently, chickens go mental at the sight of blood.  Cannibalistic, even.  Well, so I’ve heard…and read.  I’ve never really witnessed this firsthand.   175 more words


Two men and the Ladies.....

 We chose to buy a straight run of chickens this spring. We were interested in a few laying hens, but this was the least expensive way to purchase chicks through the mail. 282 more words


The P-Force

Pah!  Must I wake from this lovely dream where the cast of characters are actually doing labor around here??

I won’t lie… My kids occasionally have their super helpful moments, however, the majority of their moments are spent being normal kids.   552 more words


A Garden Grows

How our garden grows, and feeds our chickens as well as ourselves, in a series of time-lapse photos.

We now have beans, swiss chard, and cucumbers ready to eat, as well as early potatoes.  401 more words


Starter Egg

SOMEbody’s a late bloomer.

One of the “new” red hens, just coming online.  The Silkies lay bigger eggs (but not by much).


They Must Have Heard Me

Egg-laying hens are amazing creatures. And surprising. Until you have them, you have no idea how ravenous they are. How vicious they can be toward one another.  205 more words


Bunny Chases And Chicken's Ruff Day (Part Two)

After seeing the hens being chased into the neighbor’s yard, I raced outside as quickly as I could. Everything was a Rhode Island-reddish blur, but I did know that it was a large dog, and the chickens looked (and sounded) terrified. 517 more words