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Pins are mainly for like pigs, and sometimes a female cow who had just given birth so that no other animal gets capable of hurting the new calf or the mother. 66 more words

What exactly do chickens eat?

Chickens eat the smallest things  which in this case they vary such as corn. Chickens are one of the animals that do not eat a lot yet their food is way different than from that of the cos for they are bigger animals than the chickens. 19 more words

Mind Murmur:   My Office for the Season

(Originally penned around 18th April)

SPRING! Let’s all bellow it together now, SPRING!

Gosh I’ve missed her…

I am a warm bloodied goat-boy so I need to hibernate. 421 more words



A nice bowl of Pho…. think of it as the new chicken soup but it’s better and doesn’t need to be as difficult as you’d think! 255 more words


The Tale of 6 Dead Chickens

We had been talking about getting chickens for a while, because our household consumes a lot of eggs. Four adults eating two eggs every morning means we go through 56 eggs a week, which means we would need 10 chickens just to keep us reliably in stock (most hens lay approximately 5.5 eggs per week). 1,734 more words


Small actions of change: Collecting food scraps for chickens from the classroom

When I was parent helper at The Kid’s school last year, I noticed how much fruit and vegie waste from the classroom was going into the general bin. 329 more words

Reducing Food Waste

The Scariest Bird

What would you say,
Is the scariest bird?
What avian can most frighten,
Without saying a word?

Is it the vulture,
With its bald little head, 115 more words