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Going Home to Roost

So I made my first official sale today with this chicken I painted yesterday. And with PayPal no less. This online money tranferring business is like magic. 317 more words

Watercolor Painting

Fantasy Backyard Farm

I keep telling myself I do not need any critter responsibilities.  But my fantasy farm, the one in my fertile imagination, always includes lambs and chickens, with perhaps a cat or two. 291 more words

The first batch

Good morning everyone,

The first batch of chickens have just come back from the butcher. They look great and are ready to go home with you. 114 more words

Are You Garden Ready?

We have had some pretty great weather over the past few weeks.  The spring like days were sprinkled in throughout the weeks and made winter much more tolerable.   398 more words


Green Thumb Thursdays - Dandelion Jelly Review and Updates on Garden and Chicks

This past week has been full of trial (and error). First, I made some Dandelion Jelly which I was really surprised with. First of all, the recipe was easy to make with the hardest part being the collection of enough dandelions and yes, the tedious job of cutting all the flower petals off of the stem. 635 more words


Grandma's Garden

When writing my Blog ‘Grandma’s Dumbwaiter’ it stirred other memories of life at Grandpa and Grandma’s.

My Grandparents farmed, a mixed farm, with both grain and livestock.  428 more words


How much do your eggs really cost per dozen?

It would be very interesting to know how much (or how little) the total cost is per dozen eggs for someone caring for a small flock. 18 more words