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Warm winter day...

This weekend was so incredibly warm, I couldn’t pass up some sprucing up around the farm. I spent Saturday cleaning up outside, Sunday cleaning up inside and Monday working on my online classes. 80 more words


Musing and Visualizing

We have been blessed with some very warm temperatures for the past week. As we had unseasonable freezing temps early in the winter, we seem now to be experiencing unseasonably warm temps. 1,120 more words



I forgot to coup the chickens last night.

After the original escape attempts by the blondies fiasco, I had to coup the chickens for a few weeks before sundown, just to teach them where they were going to sleep. 1,169 more words


Are You Chicken?

I remember as a small child, searching my Uncle Alfred’s hen house for eggs. I was afraid to reach under the hens, but I enjoyed gathering the eggs from the nest boxes without hens. 618 more words


Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are

Once again a slightly misleading title. Sorry.  OK, not sorry at all.  There are no pigs, but there might be Lambs, goats and chickens.  Might be? 185 more words


Perching hour

Perching hour is the peaceful time in the afternoon, when the birds are in siesta.  Giving those feathers a good going over, generally finding a high place to perch, on all available surfaces,or a nice handle to grip. 62 more words