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The Girls

My hens are a joy, they are getting older now and don’t lay as regularly as they used to but we still get two or three eggs a day which is more than enough to still justify having these amazing birds in our garden. 383 more words


Building A Chicken Coop - A Family Project

Its done. We’ve finally finished! It took us a while but we have completed our chicken coop and the girls have moved in.

If you’ve read my post on  820 more words


A bit of background

Upon returning to Colorado in 2014, we decided to make an effort to provide for ourselves in as many ways as possible. We have always kept a garden when living conditions allowed. 274 more words



Before we get too far into this whole “Hobby Farm Blog” type of deal I want to make a couple things clear. More accurately I want to wax philosophical and rant a little bit. 839 more words


Broody hen

Broody hens can be useful or a nuisance. “What’s a broody hen?” you may wonder. For those who are unaware, when a hen decides that she wants to hatch a clutch of eggs and proceeds to sit on the eggs day in and day out, THAT is a broody hen. 795 more words


May 2016 City Council Update

Council’s next regular  meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 9th  at 7:00p.m. at the Municipal Building. Significant items include:

  • A contract award to TML for property, liability and workers comp insurance for $884,744.
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Oak Ridge City Issues/Updates

Chickens Behaving Badly (but still adorably)

When I last wrote about my hens, I was complaining because they didn’t seem to want to be mums.  I thought perhaps they wanted a larger clutch (more eggs in the basket).   509 more words