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A Cock-Fight


On another hot day with a glorious cloudless blue sky, Jackie and I spent the morning shopping for birthday presents for Shelly and for Poppy. 394 more words

Farm Tour 8/27 (tomorrow!)

Tomorrow (8/27) we are hosting a Farm Tour sponsored by the Ashtabula Local Food Council  here at the farm. Come by and check out just exactly what this place looks like.   131 more words


cottage farmhouse we are under roof

The carpenters have finished their part of the exterior work on our cottage farmhouse renovation.  We are officially under roof.

That’s a big hallelujah-Whoot Whoot!! 510 more words



When we lived in Arizona we had ducks and chickens. We loved it! It was a crazy adventure of life, loss, and hilarity. It was one of the things we looked forward to most when we moved to Virginia. 38 more words


chirpy chirpy cheep...

Today we returned from a shopping trip to find our broody has hatched the first of potentially four chicks. No idea yet whether it is a cock or a hen.   99 more words

Self Sufficiency

The Flock(s)

The weather has been SO hot and humid lately. This coldish front coming in is a welcome break for all on the homestead.

Especially the girls…and Pecky. 317 more words


How To Fatten A Chicken (Permagardening, Part 5)

Back in June after three months at site, we left our compound family and their new chicken for a week to go to Addis Ababa for Reconnect Training. 962 more words

Peace Corps