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The Simple Life?

As I drove up to our home last evening, I was reminded of the story in Numbers 13 and how Moses had sent 12 men to search the land that God was going to give them. 477 more words

Raising Chickens


Oh Gosh, I’m in the dog-house again! I just can’t help chasing chickens. I know I’m not meant to, and I know I get shouted at, and I know it’s wrong, but the problem is, it’s just SO much fun. 1,791 more words

A place to call home

We moved in a year ago and this is what it looked like. Long grass and lots of lumpy bumpy bits of earth. Since then we have settled in. 84 more words


Chickens, Eggs, and Building your own Coop

After buying a house last winter, one of my first projects was getting chickens. Having grown up on a farm with chickens and fresh eggs, I always wanted to get my own flock. 959 more words


Another Beautiful day up here on our Mountain

Finally some snow up here!  The chickens really appreciated the pathway back to the coop provided by our amazing Farm Help.

Next year’s fire wood slumbering for the fire pit! 48 more words

One Week and Counting

Well, it is official. We only have one week until we place our first order for our meat birds. Thanks to some saving and the arrival of my tax return we have the necessary money for our first order. 993 more words

Going Backwards

I know I already posted about getting the first egg from our hens and having to send Peep back to the farm because she turned out to be a he, but I forgot to post about when we put the nesting box in the hen house. 392 more words

Not Dogs