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The Pecking Order

I’ve heard about the “pecking order” all my life and never really gave it a lot of thought.  Until I saw evidence of just what it really is.   1,204 more words

My Qualifications

☦Well, Christina, that is an excellent question.  As a matter of fact we recently invited my Uncle David and Aunt Donna over for dinner and were discussing that very topic.   224 more words

This 'n That

The chickens are starting to lay eggs! I’m having so much fun gathering them. So far they’re laying all different sizes. Even though all my chickens are standard sized, some of their eggs are still “banty sized.” The big ones are double-yolkers!! 623 more words


Chick Update @ 8 Weeks and the Beginning of Winter Prep

We are wrapping up the “adventure” with the meat chickens for this year, and we are beginning the process of getting things ready for winter.  Enjoy the video of the 8 week check on the meat chickens and see the very beginning of winter prep. 56 more words


More Pics

Our Saturday afternoon with Mike and Barb’s grandkids was so much fun, Cyndie and I keep finding ourselves bringing up memories of the day. There were so many wonderful moments, the photos spill over from yesterday’s post to today. 12 more words


In the sunbeam

“BuGAWK! I thought this was a private beach!”

“Buck buck! Who let that cat in here?”

“Brrrawk! Why is she staring at us?”

“Buck-a-buck! What’s the matter, furface? 8 more words

Chickens in the snow?!

My old chickens would not set foot in the snow. The young ones just jumped right in it.

Chicken prints in the snow.

Then even Helga decided to join them.