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We Are Getting Chickens!

Well… by early 2016, Crystal’s Urban Oasis will house 6 to 8 chicks. At the risk of prolonging the wait, I refuse to order the chicks until we have a garden that is producing food for both the chicks and the fam bam to grub on. 118 more words


I don't want to talk about it.

By Lauren

No really, I don’t want to talk about it. Just the thought sends the feeling of creepy crawly bugs all over my skin and I want to run screaming  tearing cloths off as I go.   922 more words


Phat Tuesday

Smokin’ ass bitches, so delicious.


MFC Monday - Miss_Bee

Alright, I gotta come up with a new name for MFC Monday. Lately, Chaturbate is blowing MyFreeCams out of the water, with few exceptions. Today’s beautiful lady is Miss_Bee. 43 more words


Thong Thursday

Eatin’ ass and smokin’ grass. Here’s some thongs.


Phat Tuesday Part Deux

You’re all in luck. I stumbled across a ton of hot ass chicks today, so you’re getting a second helping. Enjoi!


Whack Off Wednesday - Delta White

Mmmm, this week’s pornstar hottie is Delta White. Tight ass body from the UK with that sexy ass British accent. I’m tryin to get up inside of this chick, for real, but in the meantime we will have to settle for these pics.

Twitter: @Deltawhitexxx