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Lesson 1260 - The lot of the tiny ones

One of our new chicks died this weekend.

We knew it was coming. By Saturday night, she was wobbly and had difficulty standing. She wasn’t eating or drinking. 368 more words

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Lesson 1254 - Mother's Day with the flock

What a fun-filled Mother’s Day.

On Sunday I drove to Norwich to bring one of our chicks home for the summer. Alas, with that trip ends all of my “Good Year” jokes – my only consolation is that he may be living in Dodge dorm again next year so at least I can take up where I left off with the “Get out of Dodge” jokes. 201 more words

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Lesson 1253 - It's MORE baby chick(s)!!!!

They’re here, they’re here!

Our spring chicks have *finally* arrived! (I was having such chick envy every time I saw everyone else’s photos on Facebook.) 437 more words

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Lesson 1238 - Those darn, darn birds of prey

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Yesterday morning, as I was walking by a window, I saw and heard a great commotion with our chickens. Wings were flapping and the birds were sending out a clear distress signal. 471 more words

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Lesson 1236 - Using red with chicks

As we all start thinking about baby chicks (and I know some people have already gotten theirs and oh, do I have chick envy) I want to remind you of this very important bit of information. 301 more words

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Lesson 1234 - Chick season

Thank you all for your wonderful and supportive comments regarding my father, each one has touched me. The funeral will be this weekend and while it will be sad, all of my brothers and sisters will be there, along with my mother. 540 more words

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