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Bird brains

One of Hugo’s chicks jumped out of her brooder and took her good self for a walk into the glass house yesterday.

These chicks who I purposely bred with one of the new dappled roosters, are so pretty and robust. 257 more words


Introducing Chicks To Coop

The once precious little fuzz balls have matured into awkward looking teenagers and it’s time to move them into their big chicken coop or pen. First, be sure they are around 8 weeks old or so and have developed most of their real feathers to protect them from the elements. 393 more words


Broody Hen

When a hen sits on eggs, refuses to move, makes noises you’ve never heard before and pecks you very hard when you try to get her to move, that hen is broody. 309 more words

Country Life

Chicken Grow Out Pen

You may find that you need a grow out pen after the brooder stage but before introducing your chicks to their outside coop. They may outgrow the brooder but not be feathered out enough to move outside. 330 more words


A Cornish buzzard study

In early August this year I finished five months of fieldwork studying the breeding biology of the common buzzard. Over this period I located the nests of 36 buzzard pairs and followed their fortunes through the breeding season until they either failed or fledged. 870 more words


Victor Cruz keeping it 8 more than 192 with his chicks

200 side-chicks though? TWO HUNDRED?!?! This man needs an award of some sort for balancing his schedule so greatly! This man is the king of time management skills, and his fiancée is obviously, scheduling his appointments with these females, because if you haven’t already heard, Cruz’s fiancée, yesterday, sent a mass text message to all 200 side-chicks to let them know that even though they have been told by Cruz that he don’t love his fiancée, his fiancée on the other hand is letting the side chicks know that he don’t love them hoes either. 482 more words