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Jerusalem In Jeopardy

About that same time some Pharisees tried a new tactic to get rid of Jesus (136).  They said to him, “You need to get out of here and go somewhere else, because King Herod wants to kill you!” 140 more words

Chick Box, continued

Here it is. I abandoned the floorboard box disaster and created the upside down table disaster. The upside down table seems to contain the chicken and hasn’t injured anyone yet. 159 more words


A Visitor Intensifies

It took her two days to go from “I will be in your city” to “By the way, would you be open to having sex with me?” 18 more words


First Taste of Fresh Air

Fresh air in their lungs, blue skies over their heads and green grass under their feet.  It was a time of firsts for the older chicks! 409 more words


How I am Raising My Chicks

How am I trying to raise my chicks all natural, organic, GMO-free, and antibiotic free?

Why I feel it is important to start my chicks off as natural as possible? 1,003 more words


Beginning Our Chicken Adventure

Since we are buying the house we are currently living in, we decided to finally get my chickens. This is our first time raising chicks, so we have no idea what we are getting ourselves into. 1,152 more words


A Visitor Announces Herself

Some Female Online Friend just sent me a message.

“Hey Secretgeek, sorry for not e-mailing you in a while. I just wanted to let you know I will be in this summer, and by the way it’ll be my birthday then. 57 more words