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Running into a desperate Leader-Chick

written by Nikolic

  •           I first got to Downtown Toronto around June 5, 2016. That’s almost 3 months ago. Within a month of getting here, I ran into a manipulator of men and dominator of women — women are much familiar with her type and bow their heads to her.
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Broiler Chicken Update

4 weeks ago we got 11 chicken dinners broiler chickens because they will put quality meat on our table quicker any other livestock. And, by raising them ourselves, we are opting out of the profoundly inhumane industrial chicken-production system. 219 more words


When a Hatching Egg Goes Evil

Long before I started this blog, I was sending out e-mails to our extended family and friends to explain what craziness was the new normal on our farm.   879 more words

Adorable Baby Animal Photos

Pictures of baby animals have to be some of the cutest out there. Of course, they tend to grow up and yes, they can still be sooo adorable. 160 more words

Animals Are Best

Blue cheese, a 70's classic sit-com and an old moped ...

We hoped that we’d have some chicks by now. George sat for another 3 weeks, 6 weeks in total and she’s ropey to say the least, having plucked out most of her  breast feathers and looking skinny due to not eating properly in anticipation of the big hatch. 237 more words

Thebuzzshelter Armathwaite

Video: American Dippers Part 1

The mountain streams of western North America are home to one of the continent’s most amazing animals: American Dippers. At first glace, a dipper is an unremarkable bird: small, plump, and gray. 587 more words

Creature Features

Loving women

written by Nikolic

  •           Was just watching Terminator: Genisys, a story about time travel, the end of the world, and the saving of said world, when I got to thinking about love with a woman.
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