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I made a floorless chick pen!  It’s pretty simple.  Four uprights, the same size, and then eight horizontals, made of lath.  It’s two feet tall, and I know that because I used one continuous piece of three foot (1/4″) hardware cloth, slit the corners up 12″, and folded them out.  161 more words


Chickens, mice and more

The last few days have been a bit of this and a bit of that. I started the patchwork for my farm quilt. So you can see the start of my rainbow borders and I gave my hen some chicks. 56 more words

New arrivals

And finally the much anticipated “chooks” part of my url have joined our family. Our school’s after school care programme had some eggs/chickens for a few weeks. 613 more words


Hatching a Plan

See what I did there?

Deciding to get chickens was a loooooong time coming. When I first purchased my home 2 years BC (Before Chickens), it went something like this “OMG I can totally have chickens! 419 more words

Nesting Box Nuances

7:33 pm

I went out t’night to take care of the evening chores. As I was feedin’ the clamoring brood, I glanced over and found these two vying for room in the same durned square foot of territory. 559 more words


New nuggets

Although it is late in the year our momma hen has hatched another 4 chicken nuggets. It is so amazing that within 4 days she already had them out exploring the world.

Feeding Chickens Compost

I’ve played with this a little in the past.  Sure, some of the conversation is weird, but the base of the conversation is great.  Totally worth the watch.   15 more words