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Baby Chicks

This adventure started with a plan to have 10 chickens. However, the minimum order from the hatchery was 15, so we went with that…10 females, 5 straight run Easter Eggers. 45 more words


Happy Hour

Chicks ask me what I do

or homosexuals

I tell them I am a poet.

They ask me if I make any money from my poetry

and I reply



September Chicken update

Our orpington hen was in bad shape when we got her. If you don’t know over crowding and too many roosters can lead to problems. This poor girl, which my children have named “Charlotte The-Robot-Chicken”, had a huge bald spot on her back as well as missing and damaged feathers on both her neck and wings. 259 more words


Guide to Raising Free-Ranged Chickens

Have You Ever Wanted to Raise Your Very Own Chickens?

Do GMOs, hormones, herbicides, pesticides, and a plethora of unknown chemical substances in your food make you hesitant every time you enter the grocery store? 867 more words


The Flipped Chick Curled Feet Gender Identification Method

I am obsessed with chickens. I have never had chickens before. In fact, I have never even been close to a live chicken before this spring. 592 more words


Ask this Asian Chick: Her GBF

Hey Asian Chick,

My girlfriend has this best friend who is a gay dude. Whatever, I’m cool with that, I guess. Every time she hangs out with him, I swear she comes home and nags me about something. 344 more words