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Four Feather Babies

Well, Ashley pushed the last egg out of her next this morning, walked around and made an attempt to convince her babies to follow her outside.   139 more words


BLUE TIT : Some Extra Photographs

I received a very positive response from the post on the little blue tit I posted about a couple of weeks ago. A lot of people really like them. 180 more words


Miracle Max

So this feather baby is the only one who has a name right now.

Miracle Max. Or Maxie. If it’s a girl.

My poor little miracle baby somehow managed to wander outside while Ashley was sitting on the last unhatched egg. 103 more words


First Look at the Babies

Yesterday, Ashley the Australorp became a mother.

I wound up with a fourth chick as of last night, also yellow with black spots.  Two more eggs to account for, but today is the actual hatch date, so it could take a day or two for them to hatch. 150 more words


We've Got a Sitter

Frodo is sitting on eggs once again. It doesn’t take long to get that hen broody! This is her third broody phase this spring already. When she lays, she lays very well. 1,127 more words


Growing up fast

I tell you, for having bought this place sans livestock just a few short months ago, it’s getting very busy here!

The turklets are transitioning outside this week. 162 more words


Cat Eggs

I knew it. I knew they were hiding their eggs somewhere! They always do it. Our chickens don’t lay in their nestboxes, as other, politer hens do. 281 more words