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Sunday Sundries ... OH !

Courtesy: Freshie

It was a rather quiet weekend. The weather has been iffy all day/evening long. It has been spitting rain on and off for a few hours now. 713 more words


Chicken feverĀ 

we got 13 more chicks… Let’s just say my husband isn’t the happiest but I assured him that they Are dual purpose birds we can eat themšŸ˜‰… We will see about that. 43 more words


1 Month Chick Update

Well, the chicksĀ  from the first hatching are now 1 month old and they have grown quite a bit! I actually hadn’t noticed that they were that big until the chicks started hatching from the second hatching… wow, the new chicks seem so tiny!Ā  207 more words


New Chicks!

Hey there! About a week ago, another brood of eggs hatched. Our whole school day was disrupted by it, as we wanted to see one hatch….we didn’t, but the chicks are sooo cute! 12 more words

Admiration For God's Creations

Eggs in the incubator

Our chickens have been with us a week now and we had our first breakfast of fresh home laid eggs yesterday morning, they were great. Now to get enough to make ice cream, quiche, custard and lots lots more can’t wait. 109 more words


Introducing Sparkle and Scratchel

We have chickies! Sweet three week old little chickens. The lighter one is a cream legbar that Owlet named “Sparkle” and the darker one is an isbar that Platypup named “Scratchel.” 78 more words

Mere Existence

First of the Season

The first of the Season for the group have appeared at the same eyrie yet again (they like to get it done and dusted early it would seem) 405 more words