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Guess What...

We got new baby chicks… (yes mom we did ;) )

It wasn’t planned really as we thought we were done for a while with chickens, but these girls are addictive. 102 more words

Every Day

Building The Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop…. just those words is like teeth grinding or the high pitched squeal/scream of a three year old that hurts your ears so bad your eyeballs feel like they shrivel and ear drums explode in repercussion. 1,078 more words

Backyard Homestead

House Wrens are complicated, mysterious cheaters

I got my start in ornithology studying the love lives of House Wrens. House Wrens pair up to raise their babies in a manner compellingly analogous to the human “nuclear family;” but, like most birds, both partners also often “cheat” on each other (i.e., copulate with other birds). 911 more words


The Awkward story of the Phantom Cock.

So this is a bit of an odd blog to write, it isn’t travel related, It isn’t even really about me. Technically it is about a bad choice I once made which actually became a really good one.  752 more words


To Sleep in Peace

Welcome to Post #2 of my little spring series. :)

A little more than a week ago, my family got baby chicks. Four little balls of fluff small enough to hold in one hand, and… 564 more words

Elisabeth Elliot

Late Update: Eggs Arrived

I’m awful at keeping up with what’s going on in my own life.  907 more words



I’ve never been one to keep a journal, and when I’ve tried, I failed miserably. Maybe this could be a “public” version, that seems to be all the rage now. 82 more words