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Short and sweet

I'm quiet I know, in the summer the farm is my full time job. I have little time to do anything crafty and as I have previously mentioned, any crafting I have done cannot be showed until after my best friends bachelorette party. 161 more words

Common Gallinule with Chick

In my hunt for the Purple Gallinule, I have come up blank thus far, but this was a nice find.  The mother in this photo was not happy with my presence and was making her way towards me in a very aggressive way.

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Sony A55

Scenes of Summer

Walks through the daisies.

Cooling off in the lake.

One batch of new chicks.

Three weeks later, another batch.  Eight new chicks in all.

Garden flourishing. 56 more words

hop on pop: a guest post from ron

There is a well-known children’s book featuring the Berenstain Bear family where the little bears run around the house hopping on things–most notably… Pop! That popped (pun intended) into my head when our little lamb Crescent decided it was fun to jump up on my shoulder when I was petting her head. 587 more words

Back with a bang!

After a manic two weeks at work, we are finally within shouting distance of the end of term. This means freedom and lots of time to spend down the allotment to make up for abandoning it these last couple of weeks. 241 more words

Snowy Plover & Least Tern nesting update

We are still taking donations for the additional costs incurred by the unexpected nestings by Snowy Plovers at three Los Angeles County location, and the Least Terns at Malibu Beach. 1,908 more words



Our black Easter egger hen has been missing. Naturally, there was some concern about this. I said she was probably fine. Actually, I believe my exact words were “I wouldn’t be surprised if she shows back up with a bunch of cherps in tow.” 8 more words