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Snow, Thanksgiving and Eggs that say 'Peep'

We’re still reeling a little from last Saturday’s sad, sad events.  I miss poor little Becky a lot.  You would think I wouldn’t notice, given that there are 16 other birds to look after, but I know she’s gone.   569 more words


Robin nesting at Tawharanui

Such a shame newborn birds missed the “cute” gene that kittens and puppies got. Robin nesting is going well at Tawharanui. Most of the 30+ pairs have fledged their first broods and many are onto their second. 70 more words

Sketches of Chennai 4: Pet Chicks, something like a poem (India in 2001)

Me, age 7. My grandmother’s house. I was sitting at the dining table one afternoon,
absorbed in some very serious drawing, when my uncle came in from his outing on the bicycle and wordlessly placed… 802 more words


4 Chicks in a Nest Bento Lunch Box Meal!

I made each chick different with a different hairstyle or hat.

The egg noodles were mixed with butter and peas, sweetcorn and carrot were added for sweetness and colour.


Off To Greener Pastures

In a small, backyard flock, there is only room for one rooster. We learned this lesson before with Pingu and Skana. As the old adage proclaims, there can only be one cock on the block. 752 more words

Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens

Chickens can be as happy in urban flocks as they can on the largest of farms

One of the most advantageous (and fun) hobby farming ventures you can take is creating a backyard flock. 368 more words

Backyard Chickens