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Integrating Your Youngin's with the Big Boys

At one point your young chickens are going to need to start living with bigger birds. You may grow them up all the way before integrating, but you still have to make sure they are cool with each other before completely trusting them to behave. 365 more words


Joy and Disappointment

Yesterday I was excited to find out that one of our hens we thought had been victim to a predator was actually alive. Not only alive, but she’d been hiding a nest in the barn loft and had hatched 6 chicks! 478 more words


Just Us Chickens

Just Us Chickens

A.V. Walters

I’m not one much given to ‘cute.’ Never have been. We got chickens because we prefer the taste of fresh eggs, and we like to be able to ensure the quality of the food we eat. 612 more words


Conventially Raised Chicken vs. Organically Raised Chickens- a little discussion

I sent my meat birds into the butcher a couple of weeks ago.

Thank goodness.. That was a tough run, to be honest. Problems galore!! 862 more words

Chicken Keeping

Top 10 Ways to Show What a Nice Guy You Are

By Geoffrey P. Baron

Everyone seems to be talking about the bad guys lately, but what about us Nice Guys™? It’s as if we don’t get any credit at all for doing the bare minimum of not aggressively assaulting every woman we meet and treating women as if we consider them to be human beings! 396 more words

Impress Her

If you are thinking about having kids and want some advice... ask me next week.

There is a fine line between sharing frustrating things that kids do and straight up complaining about them…. I promise, I love my kids with every single ounce of my heart. 549 more words