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The extinction of the dinosaurs

Adapted from an article in the LA Times (July 15, 2016):

A layer of soot deposited after the K/T extinction event may explain why dinosaurs but not everything else died. 282 more words

08. Pluto, Comets, And Space Debris

Tectonic Shifts, not Meteorite behind the Dinosaurs Extinction, says new evidence

Dinosaur extinction has been one of the world’s most dramatic mass extinctions. Though there have been many theories about their possible cause of extinction, it is still a matter of debate with no clear consensus.   441 more words


Connecting the late Cretaceous mass extinction with the Maya collapse and the Spanish conquest

My article “The Chicxulub impact and its different hydrogeological effects on Prehispanic and Colonial settlement in the Yucatan peninsula” has been accepted for publication in… 131 more words


Geologists reach rock layer in crater of dinosaur-killing asteroid

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Geophysicists announced this week that they have successfully collected key samples from the site of the asteroid strike that likely wiped out the dinosaurs.

493 more words

Dinosaurs Doomed Before the Asteroid

How did the dinosaurs go extinct? Well, most people have been told that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs. And here’s an article I found in… 894 more words


The Latest News About Our Ancient Past

News Roundup, December 2015

As readers of this site know, I’m convinced that the asteroids cluttering up our solar system are shrapnel left over from the accidental obliteration of a planet between Mars and Jupiter— 2,505 more words

Physicist's radical theory on why humans exist

Where do we come from? There are many right answers to this question, and the one you get often depends on who you ask.

For example, an astrophysicist might say that the chemical components of our bodies were first forged in the nuclear fires of stars. 75 more words

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