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Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

This is a remarkable Museum that details the history of the Yucatan peninsula beginning with the Chicxulub meteorite room.  The building itself is an incredible looking modern edifice, that appears to be wrapped in ribbons.  214 more words

GSST: Impacts on Hydrocarbon and Ore Exploration

After spending several years in the petroleum and mining industry it becomes obvious to anybody that structural geology is the α and Ω of exploration, because structural geology gives the platform where all the results of various analyses can be integrated. 973 more words

Global Strike-slip Tectonics

K/T Boundary Session

This morning’s extinction session at GSA 2014 brings together geologists, including Gerta Keller and Walter Alvarez, trying to decipher the timing and cause of mass extinction events, including the demise of non-avian dinosaurs. 37 more words

Vertebrate Paleontology

The Bad Luck of Extinction

Bad genes or bad luck? That’s the subtitle of ExtinctionDavid Raup’s romp through Earth history from his viewpoint as a preeminent palaeontologist. Raup (along with colleague Jack Sepkoski) became somewhat well known for their theory that… 899 more words


Mass Extinction, Pt 1 of 3: What Killed the Dinosaurs?

For drama, you can’t beat that one explanation of the K/T extinction: A giant asteroid smacks into the Gulf of Mexico, causing the equivalent of our greatest fear (global nuclear war, minus radiation) and knocking over the dinosaurs like so many bowling pins. 2,217 more words


Catch A Falling Asteroid...

NASA plans to catch an asteroid and tow it into orbit around the Moon.

Whatever for? What are asteroids anyway? Won’t it crash into Earth? 1,407 more words

Ad Astra

It just doesn’t get better than this…

My very best days in Yucatan have been full of friends, lots of family and a “good reason” for a party. The first day of March filled all that criteria and then some. 601 more words

Family And Friends