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A Tour of Tranquebar

A tour of Tranquebar

‘A rare Indian colony of the Danish empire. A place that fostered the modern printing press and Protestant Christianity in the subcontinent. 295 more words

Heritage Walks

Alone in a crowd of sheep

Latter Dec was spent on Revamp , First, second week of Jan – island fair and I had just three weeks left before plunging into mundane-ness, all I wanted was to fully utilize those three weeks and travel hard. 1,036 more words


अभिषेकप्रियः - Shiva

मौलौ गङ्गाशशाङ्कौ करचरणतले शीतलाङ्गा भुजाङ्गाः
वामेभागे दयाद्री हिमगिरिदुहिता चन्दनं सर्वगात्रे ।
इत्थं शीतं प्रभूतं तव कनकसभानाथ सोढुं क्वशक्तिः
चित्ते निर्वेदतप्ते यदि भवति न ते नित्यवासो मदीये ॥

Calendar - वर्षपदम्

Explore. Dream. Discover.

One of the cool December nights I declared I was heading to Pondy!

The idea was to go on a trip. And a solo trip was a little more than an idea by this time; the yearend of 2014. 1,524 more words



Ivan and I took a bus from Pondicherry to our next stop in Chidambaram.

The bus was thiscrowded. I am thankful I got a seat. 29 more words



Chidambaram, Thanjavur, and Madurai, India

Upon Uncle’s recommendation, Therese and I headed for three cities and three temples in three days — one per morning, before the heat makes it uncomfortable. 1,125 more words

* Subcontinent

Expressions of Faith

We were on our way to the Vaitheeswaran Temple, when we decided to take a short detour. The magnificent gopuram* of the ancient temple was visible from afar, and it was on an impulse, that we decided to visit the Chidambaram temple. 418 more words