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Chidambaram Shatha Rudreeya VarnakramaParayanam

As part of Kumbabishekam event, shatha rudreeya varna krama parayanam has been planned in Chidambaram starting from April 15th to 30th. Attached is the invitation in Tamil & Sanskrit. 61 more words


Chidambaram India - Natarajar Temple City - CAB - Car Hire

Our address is:
Sri Rajaganapathy Tours and Travels
Mariamman Koil Street
Chidambaram 608 001
Tamil Nadu State

Choose your car within vehicles we have: 55 more words


A Tour of Tranquebar

A tour of Tranquebar

‘A rare Indian colony of the Danish empire. A place that fostered the modern printing press and Protestant Christianity in the subcontinent. 295 more words

Heritage Walks

Alone in a crowd of sheep

Latter Dec was spent on Revamp , First, second week of Jan – island fair and I had just three weeks left before plunging into mundane-ness, all I wanted was to fully utilize those three weeks and travel hard. 1,036 more words


अभिषेकप्रियः - Shiva

मौलौ गङ्गाशशाङ्कौ करचरणतले शीतलाङ्गा भुजाङ्गाः
वामेभागे दयाद्री हिमगिरिदुहिता चन्दनं सर्वगात्रे ।
इत्थं शीतं प्रभूतं तव कनकसभानाथ सोढुं क्वशक्तिः
चित्ते निर्वेदतप्ते यदि भवति न ते नित्यवासो मदीये ॥

Calendar - वर्षपदम्

Explore. Dream. Discover.

One of the cool December nights I declared I was heading to Pondy!

The idea was to go on a trip. And a solo trip was a little more than an idea by this time; the yearend of 2014. 1,524 more words



Ivan and I took a bus from Pondicherry to our next stop in Chidambaram.

The bus was thiscrowded. I am thankful I got a seat. 29 more words