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Chidori Netsuke

Earlier this year I started a small netsuke based on the traditional Japanese Chidori motif.  Chidori are a small plover bird and simple designs of them can be seen on modern and antique Japanese goods.   131 more words


Nobunaga no Shinobi: Episode 4-5

Ah none so great a tale as an idiot and their unrequited romances. In this case there’s two.

  270 more words


Nobunaga no Shinobi - 01 (First Impressions)

Nobunaga no Shinobi is, literally, a short format anime about Nobunaga’s 2 young ninjas Chidori and Sukezo. Chidori is a sweet but no nonsense murder machine and I keeping… 93 more words

Anime Reviews

Series Review - Kiznaiver

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of Studio Trigger

Studio Trigger has garnered a reputation of being the studio that produces some absolutely insane anime.  As with many other fans, my first introduction to this studio was with the excellent series… 889 more words


Kakashi Hatake by Gecco

Gecco have made a fine statue of Kakashi Hatake in 1/6 scale,  the fully posable statue features interchangeable arms and heads including a cool Chidori Arm with LED. 23 more words

Sixth Scale

Spring 2016 - Anime Recommendations Part 2

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of Project I.G, Studio Trigger, and Studio Bones

Last week I covered three recommendations for the spring season.  So now it’s time for the second part where I cover the last three shows that I am currently watching.  557 more words