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Ghoul of the San Juans


In the Colorado Rockies
Where the snow is deep and cold
And a man afoot can starve to death
Unless he’s brave and bold

Oh Alfred Packer…

7,998 more words

Elusive Historical Markers

Meeker Massacre Historical Marker

How many times have you passed a historical marker, thinking that you would stop to see it “next time”, only next time never comes? 143 more words

Western History

The Utes of Ute Pass, Colorado

c 2014 by Jan MacKell Collins

For decades, Hollywood had movie fans believing all Indians were evil savages who ran around killing whites and committing barbaric acts. 1,337 more words

Colorado History

Meeting Chipeta, Part 3

The story that follows appeared in the The American Indian Magazine, a Journal of Race Ideals, Sept 30, 1917. It was written by Zitkala-Sa, editor of the magazine. 582 more words


Meeting Chipeta, Part 2

This is a continuation of a story by Zitkala-Sa about her 1917 visit to the camp of Chipeta and McCook. Read Part 1. McCook then spoke. 218 more words


The Brokenhearted Peacemaker

Chief of chiefs should be said
Leader of a broken people
Reservations calling out
Yet you remained in peace
In the face of pale thieves… 130 more words


Chipeta's Allotment Land, Part 2

On 28 October 1925, Mr. P. L. Hallam, Examiner of Inheritance, took sworn statements from three Ute men regarding settlement of Chipeta’s estate. Hallam’s clerk, Marie Gilbert, served as Interpreter and also witness to the signed statements. 196 more words