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Painted Swiss roll/Bánh Bông Lan Cuộn

I have always wanted to try and make these cotton soft fluffy roll swiss rolls but was very reluctant due to its challenging nature. The base is chiffon sponge cake, a type of foam cake that relies on the airation in whipped egg white to rise, and as with all sponge cakes, no baking soda was needed, just pure airation. 336 more words


1-DAY SPECIAL DEAL - Code: R2911 - Stripe Top with Tie-Back

Stripe Top with Tie-Back

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Measurement: Length – 64cm, Bust – 110cm, Shoulder to Sleeve – 21cm, Waist – 80cm, Hem – 122cm

Material: … 39 more words


Failed Files: Lemon Chiffon Cake

Another failed file! This chiffon was fine until my handheld mixer broke down  while beating the egg whites. What luck T.T I continued whisking the whites by hand and I almost died from  exhaustion. 138 more words