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Bokeep File In annual ritual, Delhi struggles with dengue, chikungunya

Metode LPP adalah Metode Latihan Pembesar Penis dalam bentuk video latihan orang Eropa yang telah terbukti ampuhnya, tak perlu obat kimia atau obat tradisional apapun itu, hanya memerlukan latihan dan latihan. 155 more words


Ayurveda and Chikungunya

Chikungunya is known as Sandhijwara which literally means “fever of the joints”. The symptoms of Sandhijwara and Chikungunya are very similar and hence Ayurveda treatment provides relief for the disease. 400 more words


Defend Dengue

For all the mothers ..just go through this whenever you have time..
On 4th September I attended a seminar oh the above subject Fever cure in 72 hours. 645 more words


Olive Oil for Joint Pain

I read years ago that virgin olive oil helps with joint pain.  I even told other people to use  it but I have never done it . 125 more words

Dengue, chikungunya plague New Delhi

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India’s capital is reeling from a double whammy of chikungunya and dengue – both viral diseases spread by the Aedes mosquito which is also responsible for Zika – with hospitals reporting dozens of cases of both diseases. 510 more words

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How To Differentiate Between Malaria, Dengue And Chikungunya

As we know Malaria, dengue, and chikungunya are running as epidemic hit on global level. These are three types of mosquito-borne diseases. As symptoms are so similar between each of the diseases, it can be quite difficult to differentiate between them without laboratory testing. 17 more words


Damn Mozzies!

Damn Mozzies

There is a legend

Of African lore

Of a lying mosquito

Irritating our core

“I have a story

You must heeeeeer!”


The last thing I need… 200 more words