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Syphilis – Queensland, Australia

Three Aboriginal children have died from congenital syphilis in Queensland’s worst outbreak in 30 years.

Since 2015, 167 new cases of congenital syphilis have been diagnosed in North Queensland, prompting Health Minister Cameron Dick to announce on Wednesday a five-year $15.7 million plan to tackle the sexually transmitted disease. 133 more words


From Long Ago: "'Dandy', dengne, dengue - or was it really chikungunya?"

My mother is a historian, Dr Joy Lumsden, and she has always shared that passion and perspective with her family throughout her life. Her interest is wide-ranging, though she has a focus on a particular period of Jamaican history. 271 more words


Bite Me!

The absolute second I heard about this new Zika virus, I knew I simply HAD to have it! I mean, I’d already had the Chikungunya virus and one simply can not be fashionable without the pair! 565 more words

Lone Star Green: Global warming driving 'neglected' tropical diseases our way

The deadliest creatures on the planet don’t consume their prey outright. They sip them. These stealthy meals are hardly felt at all—until the itch sets in. 635 more words


New recovery milestone from Chikungunya (or Zika or Dengue)

My recovery from whatever mosquito-borne virus got me at the end of last year hit a new milestone.

I recently managed to jog five miles for the first time since falling ill in Tulum in at the end of November 2015. 535 more words

Beach Life

I never thought I'd say it, but I actually appreciate the mosquitoes back home

I have despised mosquitoes for as long as I can remember, and when I find myself on mosquito hunting grounds at dusk, I tend to curse loudly about my sweet blood and leap about like a fool trying to get away from them. 660 more words


Travel Health Update: The 2 Viruses You Should Know (That Aren't Zika)

There are always reasons to be scared off from traveling, if you look hard enough. And these days, for better or worse, you don’t even have to look hard. 749 more words

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