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These Hands: A Song For The Abused

Over the years I have written songs with lyricist Tom White, who is also my longtime friend and brother in Christ. Even though we are now miles apart we still collaborate on songs through the internet. 466 more words


Quote 143 - Scapegoating abuse

Scapegoating is a form of systemic abuse where a family member is blamed for problem and dysfunction while family system as a whole.

Dysfunctional Family

Borderline & Therapy

WARNING: POSSIBLE TRIGGERS: Domestic Violence and child abuse

Something, I forgot to point out. Not every person, who suffers from Borderline are similar. No two cases are the same. 2,136 more words


Quote of the day # 18 : Build up a Child

It’s easier to build up a child than repair an adult.

Chose your words wisely.

Do you agree it’s much difficult to heal an adult than nurturing a child properly?

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Dysfunctional Family

Psychology # 10 - Child Sexual Abuse

This is an extremely huge / hidden taboos in society.  Seems many people understand what is it about…..but rarely feel uncomfortable to address, admit its existence. 96 more words

Dysfunctional Family

Why Awareness Isn't Enough

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As a counselor, this is important to me because so many of my clients are ashamed or feel “crazy” because of their mental health diagnosis, so having more awareness to decrease the stigma is a great thing. 338 more words

Berkshire County Kids' Place - Raymond James Monopoly Tournament

On Thursday, February 25, Berkshire County Kids’ Place joined forces with Raymond James for the Raymond James Monopoly Tournament at Berkshire Hills Country Club.

Approximately 120 players gathered together in a fast-paced version of the classic game, and fun was had by all. 42 more words

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