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Quote 176 -Types of Emotional Child Abuse 16

Inappropriate control – parents exercise overcontrol – which robs children of the opportunities for self-assertion and self-development.

Dysfunctional Family

Quote 126 - dysfunctional family scapegoat 5

The scapegoat is blame for family’s problem, the rest of its members are stay in denial to their own contribution to this¬†affairs.

Dysfunctional Family

Quote 90 - Narcissistic Family System 3

Even if you’re empathic towards family, you are accused of being uncaring for not putting others, especially the narcissist first.

Dysfunctional Family

Quote 116 - Signs of Narcissistic Parent 15

Reacted to any form of criticism in an extreme way.

Narcissistic parent would scream at you and likely physically hurt you through smacking or some other method.

Dysfunctional Family

Abusive Head Trauma/Shaken Baby Syndrome, A Survivor Story About Awareness and Hope

As a Sergeant in the United States Army station at Fort Bragg, NC and a single mother, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Kimar on August 20, 2007 at 33 weeks weighting 4lbs 4oz and 18in long, she was a healthy premature baby girl and stay three weeks in the NICU.  957 more words

(April 28) Vol. 7, No. 13

Tiny Thoughts

I wrote a poem for Child Abuse Awareness month. As you all may be aware, I mentioned wanting to do a piece every week, but I decided that I just didn’t know enough on the subject to do so. 834 more words