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The Death Door by Stephanie Vitarelli

The long and windy driveway trails up a small hill where a colonial mansion stands tall and stands alone, its four massive columns towering high in front of a façade of brick. 2,063 more words

Feature Issues

Smilin’ Jack, Part 3

He never left my mind. Between the first and second time I saw him, I had let him drip away into vague memory. But this time was not like that. 1,444 more words

Teardrop Road

another poem on abuse (a slam poem)



we write poems about love
on making the moon burn in our hands,
we wrote poems in numbers more than we can count. 523 more words

Me Too

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the #metoo movement. It has inspired many women to share their stories of sexual assault and violence. 1,304 more words


feelings bubble
bubble up fast
i wonder to myself
how long can it last?
when will i be free?
when will someone see?
see me? 41 more words


Make a difference

In medical school I made a difference.

I was with two women and two men from class. We’d had a lecture on rape that day. One of the guys piped up, “If I were a woman and I was raped, I’d never tell anyone.” 404 more words

Rural Doctor