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5/20/18 - She Refuses To Acknowledge Her Layoff

This is what is frustrating about Borderlines; they completely ignore anything that damages their ego. As long as they feel they are in control they can handle anything. 361 more words


Nin Chronicles: My Lord

The first book in Nin Chronicles is now published, the first two chapters being posted. Due to the format of the blog, the story has been published through the project feature that does not support email alerts. 342 more words


Millions Tune Into The Royal Family Wedding, When We Should Be Investigating Royal Family Pedophilia…

20 May, 2018 by Arjun Walia

Some ‘dark’ revelations are and have come to light, especially within the past 6 years alone. But the truth is, they’re not really so much ‘dark’ as the human mind likes to label them. 1,310 more words


5/20/18 - In True Borderline Fashion Heidi Fails To Acknowledge The Truth

She gets “laid-off” from QCOM and refuses to tell anyone. The next day QCOM has a personnel requisition for a Senior Director of Global Tax. That was basically her function. 270 more words


How can you miss what you never had?

I miss a loving mother.

I miss a caring extended family.

I miss feeling safe and calm.

I miss feeling included and seen.

I miss my health. 50 more words

Mental Health

The Time I Nearly Died

When I was around 9 years old I was taken ill.

I awoke one school morning with such bad stomach pains I could hardly stand. 1,932 more words

Child Abuse