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I'm an evil person who has done very bad things. How can I become a better person?

I answered this Question on Quora.

Once you have committed true Evil you can never return to the same state of mind that you were subject to before the act of Evil. 759 more words


Corey Feldman Writes Second Open Letter, Talks About Petition + More

Here is the second open letter Corey Feldman wrote about his battle to out Hollywood predators and make a realistic movie about child abuse in Hollywood. 731 more words

Corey Feldman

How Much Is a Life Worth, Ask Activists Fighting Slavery?

From $7 for a Rohingya refugee to $750 for a North Korean “slave wife,” human rights activists have voiced concerns that it is becoming increasingly easy to enslave another human being as the cost plummets. 516 more words

Crime Against Women

Oklahoma mom arrested for child neglect after feces, urine stains found 'all over the home'

OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities say the home in rural southeast Oklahoma City stood out from the rest in the neighborhood.

An anonymous tip led officers to a driveway covered in shell casings, a front yard littered with toys and other items and a foul stench coming from inside the home, according to KFOR. 175 more words


Angels and Demons

By now, we’ve all heard the allegations against Judge Roy Moore. The charges are monstrous but still, Moore has his defenders, claiming that a fourteen year old is not a child.  378 more words

Bitter Truths

The Life and Times of Tommy Kaos "Raising Hell"

The Life and Times of Tommy Kaos Series was written to bring awareness to abused, neglected and exploited children. T. L. Henry, a.k.a Tommy Kaos was one of those children. 510 more words