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Ah, Trauma: Fucking Trauma

Anybody else get sick of hearing that word? Of seeing it? Or being categorized by its stigmatizing stench? Trauma.

Write a progress note and give a handful of pills. 288 more words


Q: What’s on your mind?

I want to tell my stories. If I am the only reader, then I got it out of my head and said it so maybe we can find some peace.  297 more words

Woman Accused of Abusing Children, Forcing One to Drink from Toilet

HAZLETON, Pa. — A woman in Luzerne County is accused of abusing children after police say forced four children to live in deplorable conditions.

Police say Shannon Shafer, 32, of Hazleton, threw one of the children down the stairs, made the child drink toilet water, and on one occasion, tried to drown the child in the tub because she doesn’t like that child’s father. 56 more words


My name is Breezy...

Some of you may be familiar with the documentary called “Streetwise” it may have even impacted your life.

It was my life for many years. In many ways it still is. 469 more words


#writephoto — The Asylum Tree

“Look at that tree, Ma,” Alex said, pointing to a tree with limbs and branches covered torn pieces of cloth. “What does it mean?” he asked her. 280 more words

Flash Fiction

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Children in cages never have a nice day and PTSD often lasts a lifetime.

Elizabeth Kirschner: The Story of Benjamin

Early July, ninety degrees in the shade and me in the crook of my mother’s arms. She has her movie star sunglasses on, purple cat-eye glasses with iris-tinted lenses. 1,173 more words

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