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Guest Poet Charlotte Land, 11


A lion is a big cat,

A cat is a pet,



Lions are big cats!

Can’t have pet lions! 120 more words

Guest Writer...A BIG well done as he is now 8 yrs old and was 7 when he wrote this!

Robbers: New City


The robbers were arrested and were taken on a plane,

The cops wanted to kill them!

The clever robbers knocked out the arresting cop, 253 more words

My 5 YR old is an Author!!!

Well i guess it goes to show aye, if you truly put your mind to it..no matter how young or old you are, you can succeed in being what you enjoy! 378 more words

Phantom Worry

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The city that I live in seems to be in a competition with Chicago for the title of “Windy City.” We regularly get high winds blowing in over the flat prairie. 387 more words

Intentional Peace

The Story Behind Harry and Larry

My daughter Zoe wrote a book. She is ten years old. Knock me over with a feather! I knew she was a bit addicted to typing on her computer, but when she told me she had written a whole book I was quite surprised. 230 more words

Intentional Peace


Here is something new: my first guest writer. It happens to be my wonderful son, Eli. He is 12 and wrote this at 1 am after I forced him to play cards with me for hours (after I drank two Bloody Marys). 355 more words