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My ex went for a residence order to enable him to take the children on holiday without my permission, he then used the residency order to move back into the marital home and basically take over. 202 more words

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Ask Carolyn: "(My ex) posted my little boy 'buck naked' on the beach on Facebook..."

Dear Carolyn:

My ex is all over Facebook about what she did with the kids during Spring Break.  She apparently took some young woman with her to babysit so she could spend more time with her boyfriend on the Florida beach.  700 more words

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Despite Material Change, Change of Custody Not in Child's Best Interest in Brentwood: Zahn v. Logan

Facts: When Mother and Father divorced, they entered an agreed parenting plan designating Mother as the primary residential parent of Child and awarding Father 100 days of parenting time. 484 more words

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When Child Custody turns ugly

Divorce is rarely easy. Occasionally there will be a tale of couples who amicably splits their assets, share their children, and are successful in co-parenting and raising children who are psychologically sound and happy. 83 more words

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Ask Carolyn: "I'm so stressed over losing most of Spring Break with my children!"

Dear Carolyn:

I am so stressed out over losing most of Spring Break with my children.  Under our custody order, I get Spring Break with my children in even years.  629 more words

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Liar, Liar

“If her lips are moving, she’s lying.”

That’s what my husband told me about his ex-wife pretty early on in our relationship. He didn’t say it with malice, just stated it as fact. 661 more words

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Family Law Bill of the Day; What Are They Thinking

Yesterday was about a proposed change in Fault Grounds in Mississippi law. Today is about a far different change…

House Bill 714, hb0714in, seeks to declare a presumption that a child’s best interests is NOT served by being placed in the custody of a homosexual person, even if it’s the biological Parent. 328 more words

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