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No Material Change in Postdivorce Child Custody Dispute in Hohenwald, TN: Kelly v. Kelly

Facts: When Mother and Father divorced, they entered an agreed parenting plan giving Mother 285 days of parenting time and 80 days for Father.

Ten months later, Father petitioned to… 765 more words

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Flexible Parenting Schedule Rejected in Favor of Structured Schedule in Memphis Child Custody Case: In re Cannon H.

Facts: Mother and Father are the never-married parents of Child.

Father is a pilot for FedEx. His job requires him to travel approximately 15 days per month, and his schedule varies from month to month. 630 more words

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Material Change Questioned in Columbia, TN Child Custody Case: Williamson v. Lamm

Facts: When Mother and Father divorced in 2011, they entered an agreed parenting plan they gave them equal parenting time and designated Mother as the primary residential parent. 941 more words

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Extracurricular Expenses for Children

Are you paying or receiving child support?  Do you ever wonder whether the other parent of your child needs to be paying for the extracurricular activities of your child?   20 more words

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Reasonable Purpose Leads to Parental Relocation in Lewisburg, TN Child Custody Dispute: Slavko v. Slavko

Facts: Mother and Father, the parents of two children, were divorced in 2012. Mother was designated the primary residential parent. Father received 119 days of parenting time. 828 more words

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No Home State? No Jurisdiction in Memphis, TN Child Custody Dispute: In re Devin B.

Facts: Unmarried parents moved to Texas shortly after Child was born. When their relationship ended in 2010, a Texas court entered a parenting plan and set… 829 more words

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How a paternity test can sometimes complicate a custody case

The reality is that the paternity of a child can be a real issue in some child custody or support cases between unmarried parents.  These cases are commonly referred to as paternity cases. 555 more words

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