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Will the Court listen to a child’s preferences when deciding custody?

In South Carolina there is no magic age when a child can decide where they want to live.  The court looks at every case differently.   When making a decision on who will have custody, the court must determine what is in the best interests of the child.  329 more words

Do women get custody most of the time in South Carolina?

No. In the past there was a set of laws called the Tender Years Doctrine in which there was a preference for awarding the mother custody of a child when the child was of the age of tender years. 127 more words

Finding of No Material Change Reversed in Nashville, Tennessee Child-Custody Change: In re Jonathan S. jr.

Facts: Mother and Father, the parents of Child, never married, and their relationship ended several months after Child was born.

Several years later, they entered an agreed parenting plan that allowed Father to have parenting time one weekend per month and for extended periods during school holidays. 749 more words

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Not Enough Parenting Time in Loudon County, TN Divorce: Neveau v. Neveau

Facts: Father and Mother married five months before Child was born.

After Child was born, Mother served as the primary caregiver. Father showed little interest in interacting with and had little involvement with Child. 541 more words

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Child-Custody Change Vacated in Columbia, TN Postdivorce Dispute: In re Gunner F.

Facts: Mother and Father divorced in 2012. The court approved their agreed parenting plan designating Mother as the primary residential parent while awarding each parent… 640 more words

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Relocation cases are difficult

Child custody cases can be difficult enough, but when relocation issues are involved, these cases can become extremely complicated. In these cases, the parents often dig in where one wants to move and the other wants to prevent it. 351 more words

You don't know them like I do...

Although not one of them would admit it, and you’re to self-absorbed to realize it, you don’t know your own children. You may have carried them inside you and gave birth to them, but you don’t truly know them. 930 more words

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