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Tennessee's "Maximum Participation" Provision and Right of First Refusal: Roland v. Roland

Facts: Mother and Father, parents of two children, filed for divorce. During their separation, they took turns having the children stay with each parent for a week at a time. 738 more words

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Tamar Poladian Perron, Esq. Teams Up With California Cognitive Behavioral Institute

Tamar Poladian Perron, Esq. is working together with the California Cognitive Behavioral Institute to enlighten law enforcement departments, civic leaders and the public regarding the “Cultural Veil” that shields police officials from the very communities they serve.


What Do You Need To Know Before You Go To Court For Custody

By: Leigh B. Sellers, NC Board Certified Specialist in Family Law

Licensed in North and South Carolina

When parents of a child (or children) are not together as a couple anymore, there can be a lot of conflict about the roles each will play in the child’s life.  1,285 more words

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Anti-Parental Relocation Provision in Parenting Plan Ruled Unenforceable in Fayetteville, TN: Self v. Self

Facts: Mother and Father, parents of three children, divorced in 2009.

They agreed to a parenting plan awarding 182 days to Father and 183 days to Mother based on an alternating week-to-week schedule. 1,276 more words

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How Do Minnesota Parents Split the Tax Dependent Exemptions in a Minnesota Divorce?

The process of mediation doesn’t have to be confined to the big picture in a divorce or after a divorce.   Parties can attempt to resolve any dispute through mediation.   455 more words

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Does a Child's Best Interest Constitute a Material Change of Circumstances?: Canada v. Canada

Facts: Mother and Father are the divorced parents of two children. When they divorced, the trial court entered an agreed permanent parenting plan granting equal parenting time to each parent on an alternating week basis but designated Mother the primary residential parent of both children. 1,070 more words

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Modification of Custody Appealed in Clarksville, TN Post-Divorce Trial: Burnett v. Burnett

Facts: Mother and Father are the divorced parents of five children.

At the time of divorce, Mother was designated the primary residential parent for two children who resided with her in Tennessee. 834 more words

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