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You don't know them like I do...

Although not one of them would admit it, and you’re to self-absorbed to realize it, you don’t know your own children. You may have carried them inside you and gave birth to them, but you don’t truly know them. 930 more words

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Exposure to Domestic Violence Leads to Child-Custody Change in Gallatin, TN: In re Ashton V.

Facts: Mother and Father are the never-married parents of Child.

After they broke up, the juvenile court designated Mother as the primary residential parent and awarded Father parenting time every other weekend and additional time on Wednesdays. 568 more words

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Tennessee Supreme Court Redefines "Reasonable Purpose" in Parental Relocation Cases: Aragon v. Aragon

Facts: This is a parental relocation case where the Court of Appeals split 2-1 over what is meant by a “reasonable purpose” for a parent’s relocation. 1,036 more words

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Superior Parental Rights at Issue in Pulaski, TN Change of Child Custody: Holley v. Ortiz

Facts: Mother is the biological mother of two children aged 3 and 4. At the time of their births, Mother was unmarried and resided with her parents, the children’s maternal grandparents. 927 more words

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How to prove parental alienation

Parental alienation is a term in which more people are becoming familiar. In lots of situations, individuals might allege when parental alienation is taking place. 368 more words

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Change of Child Custody Reversed in Nashville, TN Parenting Plan Modification Dispute: In Re Braylin D.

Facts: Mother and father are the never-married parents of Child. A parenting plan was entered designating Mother as the primary residential parent and granting Father 103 days of parenting time. 749 more words

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Custody Awarded to Father Despite Separation of Siblings in Covington, TN Child-Custody Dispute: Grigsby v. Alvis-Crawford

Facts: Mother and Father, the parents of one child, never married. Mother has one child from a previous marriage.

While Father was at work one day, Mother moved out of Father’s home and took their child. 839 more words

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