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"Sir, Yes, Sir." The Military is Respected in Custody Courts.

Our Military service personnel deal with serious family law issues which can be made more difficult due to their military service.  Being subject to activation, deployment, required training, frequent moves and dangerous activities add to making circumstances more difficult. 172 more words


Severe Limitation on Parenting Time Affirmed in Murfreesboro, TN Child Custody Dispute: In re Emily M.

Facts: Mother and Father are the unmarried parents of Child. Once paternity was established, the court approved their agreed parenting plan that provided for equal parenting time… 574 more words

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The Secret Superpower of a Shared-Custody Kid

This article by Rachelle Bergstein in The New York Times may be of interest.

The Secret Superpower of a Shared-Custody Kid

At 5:25 p.m., my mother pulled into our driveway. 1,114 more words

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Award of Child Custody to Nonparent Reversed in Crossville, TN: Vinson v. Ball

Facts: Mother and Father are the unmarried parents of two children.

The parents eventually separated, and Father returned to his family home in Louisiana. An agreed order was entered naming Mother the primary residential parent. 870 more words

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Best Interest Assessment Reversed for Abuse of Discretion in Chattanooga, TN Child Custody Case: C.W.H. v. L.A.S.

Facts: Mother and Father, who were never married, entered an agreed parenting plan establishing a long-distance parenting schedule because of Mother’s relocation with the children to Ohio (and later Nevada). 984 more words

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No Material Change in Postdivorce Child Custody Dispute in Hohenwald, TN: Kelly v. Kelly

Facts: When Mother and Father divorced, they entered an agreed parenting plan giving Mother 285 days of parenting time and 80 days for Father.

Ten months later, Father petitioned to… 765 more words

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Flexible Parenting Schedule Rejected in Favor of Structured Schedule in Memphis Child Custody Case: In re Cannon H.

Facts: Mother and Father are the never-married parents of Child.

Father is a pilot for FedEx. His job requires him to travel approximately 15 days per month, and his schedule varies from month to month. 630 more words

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