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The Broken Roads New Man, and Jealous Ex .....

Not sure exactly HOW my Ex found out but sure enough a few weeks after me and my Boyfriend started dating he found out …. it was. 683 more words

Boy Mom


Idaho Legal Aid just called! I told them everything and we having a meeting next week with a lawyer!!!!

My therapist at the WCA just called and said the children’s therapist has an opening for Abryn!



Once again, I feel as though I have no voice. I will likely always feel this way with him.

Changes to visitation days, changes to drop-offs last minute, bending over backwards and doing everything so that he isn’t inconvenienced on my time. 638 more words

High Conflict

It's just an insert! :)

I had these made when I first moved into my apartment, I love wolves and affectionately call my Husband a Werewolf ;) …. this qoute then reminded me that I was strong not only for me but my boys …. 48 more words

Boy Mom

Rocio Cervantes: The Solution For All Your Legal Problems

Rocio Cervantes is highly accomplished bilingual attorney in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that focuses on family law at O’Neil Wysocki Family Law.

Being from Mexico, Rocio has deep roots with the latin communities in Dallas. 181 more words

School records, grades and cooperation...

If you’re a parent you are entitled to your child’s school record, grades and information.

This is true regardless of the type of custody or visitation you have. 128 more words