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Nothing Is Not a Plan: District Court Holds Doing Nothing Does Not Involve Judgment, Strategy, or Tactics

Michael Cadena retained attorney Helen Ogar to represent him in a child custody dispute.  Cadena won custody of his minor son, and was encouraged by the Department of Children and Family Services to relocate for the child’s safety.  328 more words


Future's Baby Mama Sues For Paternity, Child Support

American rapper, Future, is being suit by his alleged ‘Baby mama’ for the paternity of his ‘daughter’.

The alleged ‘baby mama’, Eliza Reign, is also requesting child support from the rapper. 103 more words


3... 2... 1... Hooray its School Time!

As fun as this title sounds, dealing with a Narcissist is not!

Simple Co-parenting can turn into threats, insults and just all kinds of drama! Yep, it continues, not so much fun … maybe I should ask my psychology professor about the brain scans? 609 more words

Domestic Violence

Good bye Summer! Why cant I say goodbye to Drama, too?

Mais Sigh!! … you would think that I would be used to the drama by now …

You would be wrong.

I believe I stated that I’m tired, so so tired of all of it, I just want to co-parent like a normal split couple, yes I do know each relationship is different and has its own difficulties but with a Narcissist it’s a very different set of problems that get intense. 533 more words

Domestic Violence

How Do Unmarried Parents Get Custody And Visitation Rights In Oregon?

The most significant issue to be worked out for separating unmarried parents is generally child custody and parenting time. It is important to legally establish child custody and a parenting plan even if you are on good terms with the other parent. 441 more words

Family Law

Why Settling isn't Settling for less...

Most cases settle. Most cases should settle and “settlement” is not a dirty word.

Court, despite preparations, always has a level of unpredictability. Witnesses who you thought would be great, are nervous and are not great. 103 more words


A Change in the Wind: Surrogacy Law in New York

In layman’s terms, surrogacy is simply arranging a woman to carry and give birth to a child. The contracts that are used between the “intended parents” (or “genetic parents”) and the “surrogate” (or “gestational mother”) are called “ 849 more words