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The Blessings in Forgotten Dreams

I went home this past weekend and in driving around I passed the house of an old high school crush.  I’d passed the house hundreds of times before, but for whatever reason when I looked at it on this particular occasion I began to remember all my old dreams.  502 more words


Night is time for the stars to shine. For friends to gather in loud, fun places.

Night is late dinners, later movies and frozen yogurt. It is time to kick back, be lazy or even prepare for the next day. 71 more words


Failure to Launch

This week my mantra has been “I am failing at life”.  In hindsight that’s a bit dramatic, from where I’m sitting (on the couch with a wine), there’s not enough collateral damage to classify this as life failure, just a failure to launch. 1,011 more words

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I made it! (Surviving to 40)

To me, 40 was the stereotypical 50.  The border between childhood and adulthood.  The midlife checkpoint.  40 has been such a psychological barrier that I wasn’t sure I would live to see it.   209 more words


Women without children must stop apologising

You may or may not have seen in various press today, reports about comments that Kim Cattrall made on Women’s Hour.  She has recently spoken out about her feelings towards the term, ‘childless’, saying she feels that it suggests that women who don’t have children are somehow missing something.   1,123 more words


Pain In Progress (Part 2)

A flashback to this past June, I guess this should have been part 1. But that’s not how I roll.

This past late spring, a peculiar thing started to happen. 4,081 more words

Infertile Perspective

Under pressure

Small Girl started school last week.  Aside from some tears on Monday morning, and the usual complaining about having to get up in the morning and not being allowed to wear pyjamas all day, she seems to be enjoying it.  1,263 more words