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Your Pregnant Belly, A Love Story

I stood on the beach not far from you, but enough so I thought your glow couldn’t physically touch me. I knew that the rays would burn if they grazed my arm. 199 more words


An Unexpected Night Without the Kids

Being child-free for a night…

What does it mean to you?

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Sinful Sunday

The Worst Day

It was yesterday. But not present yesterday. Yesterday one year ago yesterday. 365, now 366 yesterday’s ago that was what I’ve come to call “The Worst Day.” As if I’d need a reminder, it’s even in my calendar as such. 433 more words


Pain In Progress (Part 1)

Now What?

In the ether between excitement and despair there is a deep ravine. A ravine where you can lie dazed as a weighty inertia engages its claws with a Venus fly trap like cunningness. 1,877 more words


A Child-free Happy Life

How do you measure satisfaction? What makes you you? How is your life defined? I often ask these questions to myself. The best answer is that my life is defined by my choices. 1,013 more words


Interesting Show - SBS Insight

Last night on TV, I watched Insight on SBS which is a weekly discussion on various topics. Last night, the topic was Child Free – Why are more men and women choosing a life without kids? 852 more words


Do I Stay Child Free

The older I am getting the desire to have children is waning. There were times where I would feel giddy with feeling clucking and my eyes misting at the thought of how wonderful it would be to raise a child. 939 more words

Child Free