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Date Night

Now we have had nights/Gone out without the baby separately, while the other was on Willow Watch but we hadn’t ventured out the two of us without a child in tow since her birth. 268 more words


When Cheesecake Is More Than Cheesecake

Today, Mother’s Day 2017, I went to lunch with some people from church.  I was the only non-mom female adult in the group.

It was wonderful catching up and spending time with this group of people.   464 more words


The Most Important? The Hardest? Umm, notsomuch.

“And unlike most professions, mom enjoys a very high popularity rating. The world is your public relations team. Nary a television commercial or Oprah segment passes without someone giving props to Mom.It’s like being an astronaut or animal rescuer: You’re automatically beloved. 1,179 more words


Going Out In the World An Iffy Bet For Infertility Survivors

Long Island, New York. We’re in the living room of Sarah Chamberlin, child free not by choice survivor of infertility, as she ponders this upcoming Mother’s Day. 3,187 more words


Babies babies everywhere

My social groups have always been primarily child-free or, if there were kids around, they were older. Between Dec 2015 and Jan 2016, three sets of friends had babies.   699 more words


All Those Shoulds

I keep meaning & wanting to post a blog post, but every time I set aside time to write one, I feel like I should… 531 more words


Why I don't want kids

I went through a brief period of time recently where I entertained the idea of producing children. PP husband is not opposed to the idea and even mentions wanting them once in awhile. 510 more words

Peasant Food