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To Have or to Have Not

It was 11 o’clock in the night as I sat on the bed stroking my two-year-old daughter’s hair as she lay in a deep slumber beside me. 875 more words

And the tubes have been tied. Part 3.

On January 23rd at 8 am, I walked into a clinic in Reykjavík, and two hours later I walked out with my tubes tied. I’m a single, childless woman in my late twenties. 1,756 more words

Shakespeare Sunday | 280118

“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!” King Lear by the Great Shakespeare.

Children. I dislike them. Then there are times I hate them. 95 more words

Shakespeare Sunday

Baby Fever

I don’t want kids.

I repeat, I do not want kids.

I can already guarantee that there are women reading this who are nodding their heads in agreement to that statement, while many are struggling to overcome their disbelief. 877 more words

I'm Not Baby Crazy

Babies just aren’t for me.

This doesn’t mean I hate children, nor do I mind them. I used to work at an ice cream stand, and kids were often my best customers. 861 more words

Mother or no?

It’s natural. To have a child. To reproduce. Humans making humans. There isn’t anything abnormal in this. Institutions such as marriage, relationship status’s, emotions such as love and all others walk in, surround and play their respective roles in making another human but it’s all so very natural. 371 more words