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Future Generations

Proudly (yes, proudly!) passing on our infertility experience

“This possibility was never mentioned” my husband would often mutter in the days and months after we lost our children. 1,143 more words


Someone You Used to Know




Dear Friend of Mine,

There is no kind way to say this, but when you told me you’re having a baby, I was sad. Hopefully I said the right words, gushed appropriately, paid careful attention while you talked about your upcoming foray into parenthood. 2,196 more words


Should you have children?

Periodically we get to hear the perennial debate between those who glorify parenthood and children, and those who defend their child-free life. There’s never a winning side: it’s like having a priest and an atheist… 253 more words

Against Inspiration

Childlessness does not equal selfishness

Life-long singledom and childlessness – two still questioned, somewhat feared lifestyles are enjoying a rare media spotlight due to two U.S. publications: Selfish, Shallow and Self Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Decision Not to Have Kids… 49 more words


A Mishmash of Thoughts Around Mama, Mommy, Motherhood and Blogging

Last Monday I stumbled across Elissa Strauss’ Longreads piece titled “The Rise of ‘Mama.'” An entire 4000-word piece on a term that is very common in the South? 1,355 more words


What having a newborn is like

I wasn’t one of the those girls who always dreamed of having children. I dreamed of getting married but I didn’t picture a baby carriage shortly after “I do”. 395 more words


Coming Out The Other Side

The majority of the blogs I follow tend to have babies and young children as the focus. A lot of the content centres around sleep (or lack of!) and trying to juggling everything with a dependant child. 233 more words