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Everything is awesome

I haven’t posted on this blog for three whole months now. Probably because I lost any sense of what this blog is FOR. Partly also because I have just been enjoying other aspects of my life. 883 more words

Ovarian Insufficiency

I’m an only child and although I like to think that I mix well with others (I’m no social butterfly but can just about cope at a party) in all other ways I live up to the stereotype… a spoilt rotten daddies girl who has been known to sulk (and throw stuff) on occasion when things don’t go my way. 1,448 more words

Breast Cancer

I don't have kids but why can't I comment on them?

There’s been an interesting trend in my life the past two years.  Particularly on social media regarding my opinion on having, or in my case not having, children. 811 more words

A very long week 

So in order to have enough leave over the summer holidays our son is staying with my parents by the sea for a week.

No getting woken up in the middle of the night, no stropping in the shops, no mindless tv shows with talking dogs…. 92 more words

Oh. You don't have kids?

No. No I don’t.

But thanks for assuming I do. And/or judging me because I haven’t randomly reproduced.

Yes I know someone my age “should” have had a few by now. 134 more words


When you have zero desire to get married or have kids and you get those looks as if you were suddenly stricken with leprosy

One night in college, I was with a group of girls I had gotten to know fairly well. We were tispy, sitting in a ritualistic-like circle, talking plans for next semester, travel destinations, where we’d like to end up come graduation, and then, I overheard someone say “marry.” Then I heard “babies.” Immediately, I felt myself sinking further back into the couch hoping like hell I’d temporarily become one of the cushions so I wouldn’t have to be a part of one of the many conversation topics that always manage to ostracize me from the group. 1,209 more words