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 Répondez s'il vous plaît 

RSVP. Join us as we celebrate…. A little lady is on the way….. Bring a book. Bring diapers. Bring a joyful smile for this wonderful couple who are so deserving of this miracle. 1,841 more words


It is NOT well with my soul

I truly wish I were built like some other women. Other bloggers I follow. Other attitudes, beliefs and outlooks. I’ve even tried. But it was more work than anything positive and though it’s not the work that bothers me, it was the work to portray an image which is not true. 368 more words


Why Women Choose Not To Have Children

Sophie Gilbert wrote a very interesting article about why women choose not to have children and why this choice is perfectly reasonable and not selfish. 97 more words


A Note to Self

Dear Self,

Please don’t forget. You are not living the life you chose. 1,503 more words

Child Free

Vice on Childlessness

How Will I Know If I Want To Be A Mother

Not too long ago, I was at a friends’ house. They have 2 kids. One is about to be 2, the other an infant. 129 more words


"Infertile On Board" is an official product!

Imagine my surprise when I received this comment on my blog:

“Hi Sarah, I stumbled across your link whilst doing some analytics and was quite inspired by your post. 1,024 more words


Happy Fun Time in IF Blog Comment Land

A Satirical Fairy Tail

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a friendly (although at times not so much) neighborhood infertile, to whom we’ll inconspicuously refer as Sarah Chamberlin, was perusing the IF blogosphere. 685 more words

Infertile Perspective