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The Accidental Child-Free Man

Declan Fitzsimons is my hero. His piece in The Guardian this Saturday was a fresh voice in the world of being child-free. It made it a male thing as well as a female thing; it countered the prevailing notion that men aren’t interested in children; that not having children when you inherently want them is not just a woman’s issue. 827 more words


Fathers' Day Fables

  1. The tale of the unfortunate flight. 

One day, an adventurous man turned up at the airport with his wife and two children. Utilising his job as an employee for a world-leading airliner, he had booked four standby tickets to Florida for a winter break. 570 more words

The Motherhood Choice

Child free holiday 

I haven’t been the best at keeping up with my blog recently. It’s been tough to keep my focus when stuff with my job hasn’t been great and the blog was feeling a little like a job. 394 more words

3 Reasons I Don't Have nor Want Children.

“You and Dawson will make great parents someday!”

“Why haven’t you had kids yet? You guys would make adorable and well-mannered kids!”

I am flattered, but I don’t think so. 1,887 more words


What I can't say

I didn’t feel ready to talk for the longest time, when family or friends broached the subject I chose to change it or say the smallest amount possible.   973 more words

How To Answer The Question of "Why No Kids?"

You really owe no one an explanation if you do not have children. Even asking the question of someone may be crossing a fine personal line. 397 more words

Notes From The Frogpond

You had me at "I'm Snipped"

Those were not the exact words that Mike used when we first started talking, but knowing that he had a vasectomy was another check mark in the positive column for this guy. 176 more words