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Believing prostitution is inherently harmful to women isn’t sexist, it’s proper recognition of their emotional lives.

Speaking with my friend A, she told me how her own writing on some feminist issues was making her uncomfortable. She is writing about women who are trafficked from poorer circumstances to rich white ones, and forced into domestic labour such as caring for others’ children and households. 1,010 more words

Feminism And Gender

She Said Yes; Part Two - Sterile at 30. 

Earlier in the year my own GP said “no chance” when I first inquired about being sterilised. I left it a good few months, booked an appointment with a lady GP who dealt with my Mirena Coil and broached the question with her. 175 more words

Child Free by Choice (with kids)

Recently a popular article on the benefits of being child free has been recirculating among in my social network. I liked it and began to comment that  1,073 more words

Foster Parenting

On Not Having Children

I have a sneaking suspicion that I should want a child more than I want my next travel adventure. As I have never wanted to be pregnant, give birth, change diapers, or go to school plays more than I have wanted my next trip to London, Tokyo, or even just Denver, I think not having children was probably the right decision for me. 1,478 more words

Horse Sense

Sweden, kids and apple trees

Sometimes it looks like my itchy feet open doors for more traveling even when money is scarce. But it is really friends that are crucial in sailing the seas of nomadic life. 418 more words


Child-Free, That's Me

I’ve known for a few years now that I am child-free by choice. Not many other people know this other than my parents, and a few close friends. 464 more words


Child-free by choice

I want to explain the phrase “child-free by choice” that I use on my “about” page.

That is a phrase that women who don’t want to have kids have adopted for ourselves, because “childless” sounds like you’re reproductively challenged or some such. 539 more words

Co-Parenting With A Narcissist