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The kid thing

This weekend we had a guest. Our 13YO neighbor, who we’ve watched grow up since she was less than a year old, needed to stay in town for gymnastics while her parents had an out of town conference to attend. 1,555 more words


You'll be the first to know

I dream of constant sleepless nights

of endless noise and filfth and tears

of never having any peace

of swapping calm for endless fears.

Of babbling like an endless stream… 77 more words


Update on Tubal Ligation at 23

Hey! So, I left off on Monday. I believe it was Wednesday night, I could finally sleep on my belly (my most comfortable position). It had been difficult to sleep, because the muscles under and around the uterus and ovaries are active when you’re trying to move around at night, so I basically stuck to sleeping on my belly and my back at that point. 550 more words

The Kid-Free Weekend Begins!

I should probably start this post by making my adoration of my girls clear. I think my kids are pretty much the coolest. Even starting to talk about them is a wee bit dangerous because I’ve been known to gush when it comes to how hilarious, talented, kind, dynamic, interesting, resilient, courageous, and delightfully odd they are. 474 more words

In This Together

A Response to Pope Francis for his Labeling of Child-Free Couples as "Selfish"

I would like to take an opportunity to reply to the pontiff’s remarks yesterday whereby he declared that “The choice to not have children is selfish.”. 653 more words

Political Commentary

Riding the Waves of Grief

Reflections on my latest infertility survivor undertow

It is one thing to search for answers and fix and define. It is entirely another to be present for that which you can’t. 1,245 more words


Child-Free and Happy No Matter What Others Think

I have to start off with saying that writing about not having children under the heading of “Divergent Lifestyles” is more than a little ridiculous. It was also ridiculous when I saw that it was the subject of a… 1,943 more words