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Keep It Weird...

So I figure the best way to let you get to know me better would be through a proper introduction.

So this is me…

Sarah, 35 years old, married for the third time (yeah we can get into all that later), childfree by choice and by chance, and living in Austin, TX with my amazing husband, Adam and our two cats Macie and Lucy. 406 more words


thoughts and feelings on my recent surgery

This will be a relatively personal post about my recent surgery and the events that led up to it.  I feel like it’s kinda important to share this because there are definitely other women out there dealing with a similar decision and all the feelings that go along with it.  1,633 more words

So you want a baby.... maybe.

Everyone told me I’d change my mind about having children when I turned 30. As though 30 is some magical age where you wake up one morning with maternal instinct and a desperate need for a baby. 667 more words



I don’t have children, and I am in my early forties, which means I don’t plan to have any either. No, this does not mean I am a child-hater or some such thing. 900 more words

Menanggapi Fenomena "Child Free Life"

Semakin tahun, semakin banyak orang yang ingin “Child Free”, yang artinya tidak ingin memiliki anak (kandung), entah mereka memilih untuk menikah atau tidak.

Sebelum dibahas lebih lanjut, saya ingin bilang bahwa saya bukan bagian dari kelompok Child Free, tapi pastinya saya mendukung program-program semacam Keluarga Berencana untuk membantu mengatasi… 976 more words

Renungan Hidup

All The Reasons I'm Not Having Children

“I always say my biological clock must be digital, because I’ve never heard it ticking.” ~Lucy Dillon

Having children is something I’ve been thinking about lately.

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