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The Children in Our Lives

“The world needs aunties and stepmoms, uncles and stepdads, who are willing and able to step up and be part of the village it takes to raise children, regardless of their own parenthood status. 588 more words


#WorldChildlessWeek Day 4 WORDS THAT HURT




#WorldChildlessWeek Day 4 WORDS THAT HURT

20% of our female population over age 45 worldwide does not parent.

As many as 90% of the world’s child free population has been found to be child free NOT by choice. 560 more words


A woman of a certain age

The catalyst for my desire to travel more was when B approached me about getting a vasectomy.  I’ve talked about this decision in drips and… 2,342 more words


I Actually Want To Do Something

Trauma’s lethargy finally cracks

Inertia. Indifference. Strangulated passion. Latent drive. A void of direction. An arduous and unchosen reconfiguration of self. All of these things are going on, or as it can feel like, NOT going on post life altering traumatic loss. 2,052 more words


If, Not When: Is Parenting Right For You?

A few years ago, I discovered THAT term: childfree.

Until then, I just assumed I’d be a mom someday. I viewed parenting as part of life’s ideal progression, not a decision to be made. 710 more words


Summer Reading

The most illuminating book for my process so far

I’m recalling those days of summer reading. From the dank public library basement children’s section in northern Massachusetts to propping myself up with a book in my bed, in a tree, or on the back porch. 2,422 more words


A Year of Dates

I'm very excited to share a little delivery that arrived today….

My new date jar courtesy of a fab mum-run business, A Year of Dates… 98 more words