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Flowers and Freedom

On Saturday, I went with a friend to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  On my own.  Child-free.  No clock-watching or pressure of time.  It was an absolute luxury.  727 more words

Child Free Weekend! 👌🤗

So the weekend that just passed was the first weekend that Paul and I had been away since his birthday last year which was in May. 719 more words


To Have or to Have Not

It was 11 o’clock in the night as I sat on the bed stroking my two-year-old daughter’s hair as she lay in a deep slumber beside me. 875 more words

And the tubes have been tied. Part 3.

On January 23rd at 8 am, I walked into a clinic in Reykjavík, and two hours later I walked out with my tubes tied. I’m a single, childless woman in my late twenties. 1,756 more words

Shakespeare Sunday | 280118

“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!” King Lear by the Great Shakespeare.

Children. I dislike them. Then there are times I hate them. 95 more words

Shakespeare Sunday

Baby Fever

I don’t want kids.

I repeat, I do not want kids.

I can already guarantee that there are women reading this who are nodding their heads in agreement to that statement, while many are struggling to overcome their disbelief. 877 more words