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Badvertising Part II

In this blog’s (much) younger days (as in, 7 years ago), I wrote about ridiculous advertising practices.  In that post, I mused about how ironic it was that I was writing a post slamming various advertising tactics when we had just gotten finished approving the final draft of our own very first advertising campaign. 694 more words

Rants / Criticism

In Line

Of all the available people who can hear the screaming, she looks at me, because we are of similar child-bearing age and the assumption is that I know her situation. 43 more words

Musings From the Middle

In both disenfranchised grief and resurrection, it is hard to know where you are. And often times, it feels irrelevant. Post life altering traumatic loss Road is perpetually foggy, no doubt. 904 more words


The changing rooms of life

After the decision I felt lost, I was left bruised and battered with no hope for the future. I lived my life in a kind of limbo, with no hope or desire for the future, battling through pain and depression trying to find any hope or happiness without desire is hard. 422 more words

Five Stages of Grief: The Infertility Addition

1. Denial

When we were in the diagnostic part of our infertility journey we were told things like ‘you don’t ovulate,’ ‘you have scar tissue, cysts, swelling etc’, my Dr called my insides ‘a bit of a mess,’ But I was young, I was told there’s no need to remove anything yet, age was on my side. 521 more words

Over and done with?

Our struggles are in the past, it’s been 6 years since we started, a year and a half since my last operation, just over a year since we got off the fertility treatment train. 427 more words

Busy day

I’ve had a busy day today. Mother-in-law said that she would look after the children, which has been great because that means they have had a day playing outside in a large garden and I had a day where they have given me some peace! 278 more words