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I took the blue pill...

The below post was written from the very insecure, depressed place of a comedown. I had taken a little something with newlover (the subject of  974 more words

Authentically living a child free existence

I have consciously made the choice not to have children, which is a bold admission in today’s world full of expectation to fulfill the societal norm of having children to further human existence. 821 more words


Why I won't be a mommy (at least for the time-being)

I enjoy mommy blogs. I feel like I can relate to the situations they describe, which is weird (maybe) because I’m not a mother, except to maybe some pets. 571 more words

(random) Thoughts

Kids & Joy & Selfish Me

I don’t have the love of children or given my beliefs, won’t be relying on the longevity of a partner relationship to nourish me so, for survival, I need to seek this from elsewhere. 1,125 more words

A child free night at last!

Hiyyah Everyone!

So we have a child free night tonight, actually let me change that we have a baby free night because my partners brother is still here. 268 more words

Mental Illness

Chapter 7. You're *ucking kidding me

I’m “infertile”.

Go away.

I’ve checked out.

I can’t cry.


Sterilised at 30 - part 3

On 28th October I sat in the waiting room of the Gynaecology department at my local hospital (alongside lots of pregnancy bellies) and I couldn’t sit still. 1,036 more words

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