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Happy Fun Time in IF Blog Comment Land

A Satirical Fairy Tail

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a friendly (although at times not so much) neighborhood infertile, to whom we’ll inconspicuously refer as Sarah Chamberlin, was perusing the IF blogosphere. 685 more words

Infertile Perspective

Rest & Relaxation

Today I am child free and celebrating my dear friends 40th Birthday at Champneys Forest Mere Looking forward to some much needed rest & relaxation including an energising lime body buff, sauna, steam room, swimming oh and best of all afternoon tea. 6 more words


Names and Children

I’ve been asked if I wanted children more than I’ve been asked if I wanted to get married. When I say, “I realized a long time ago that I don’t want children”, except a time with one of my aunts, I always get the same response: 520 more words


Small House Movement Investigation: A Whidbey, I Want for Me

Disclaimer: This blog post is an investigation into the Small House Movement and my personal musings about it. I do not condemn anyone who wants or has an opulent lifestyle, wants or has an big house. 927 more words

Small House Movement Investigation

Why It's Okay When Couples Don't Want Kids

This topic is something I feel passionately about, so excuse me if I come off as blunt. It is intended.

This past week my husband and I went to dinner at Chili’s with some friends. 826 more words


The insecurities of having a fertile spouse...

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA and missed Thursday’s post but Hubby’s grandmother was in the hospital and it has been a little hectic. SO here is Thursday’s post just a little late. 811 more words

From The No-Shit Sherlock Files: Parenthood Isn't For Everybody , And That's A Good Thing

Given my advancing age (I’m turning 39 in August), people have asked if I am looking to have children as soon as possible. A part of me doesn’t understand this line of questioning, given what these people know about me. 682 more words