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Not really a Handmaid’s Tale

I cannot have children. I no longer have the biological parts to do so. If our country suddenly decided to adopt the totalitarianism of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian Handmaid’s Tale, I would not be one of the enslaved handmaids (praise be). 763 more words


Maydenhood and Motherhoode

My lord husband and I were watching Michelle Wolfe last night on Netflix. I love the way she talks about feminism and women’s issues, and, surprisingly, I also enjoy her quips about motherhood. 1,127 more words

Family And Personal Life

Isolating Women

I’ve spent all of my adult life trying to foster sisterhood through various means in different settings. Despite it being something I have always craved and needed, it has always been, continues to be, and likely will always be a Sisyphean endeavour. 4,389 more words


The Child-Free Road Taken

I’m 53.

I’ve been trying to convince others that free choice is a right that shouldn’t be taken away.

Only by framing it in the context of reproductive health choices I don’t think a lot of people will ever buy what I’m selling. 196 more words

"Oh dear, you're too young to say that."

You often hear that from people when you say something that you want to do, to be, or decide for your future. It’s as if you don’t know yourself or capabilities. 1,171 more words


Please remove your nose from my womb.

Let me explain (again). I have never wanted children. There may have been an odd moment here and there after a friend has had a child where I’ve considered it and questioned whether I am making the right decision. 1,999 more words

Body Autonomy

Mother's Day without Kids

Today is Mother’s Day and I’m feeling mournful about what isn’t in my life. Once upon a time, I wanted children. I now feel sorrow in recognizing becoming a mother no longer aligns with what I want out of life. 1,243 more words

Narcissistic Recovery