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The Harm We Cause By Bringing Children Into This World

If children were brought into the world by an act of pure reason alone, would the human race continue to exist? Would not a man rather have so much sympathy with the coming generation as to spare it the burden of existence, or at any rate not take it upon himself to impose that burden upon it in cold blood?

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Social Critique

Kristy #FlipsTheScript

Kristy is a fabulous blogger, she tells it like it is, but I didn’t meet her online. We met at our local Resolve infertility support group where I quickly discovered that she is relentless in her dedication to support couples struggling with infertility. 1,717 more words


Who Is a Woman Without Family?

Single. Estranged. Childless/child-free. No one word sums up my experience living as an adult woman without being in relationship with my family of origin, a romantic partner and without having had a child. 797 more words

K is for Kids and Why I Chose Not to Have Them

My husband and I used to have a cat named Hermes who didn’t get high from catnip. He’d watch our other cats go crazy, licking up and rolling in the herb. 1,336 more words


My Complicated Journey to a Child-Free Middle Age

When I was 12 years old and my little cousin Morgan was two, we took a walk on my uncle’s farm. There was an electrified cattle fence — a wire, really — that wound around the property, some distance from the house. 2,260 more words

Personal Essays

Child-Free in the City

Last weekend, my life turned into a real life episode of Sex and the City, far more so than when i’m actually at home in London, when life is never even remotely glamorous enough to compete. 902 more words


Flowers and Freedom

On Saturday, I went with a friend to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  On my own.  Child-free.  No clock-watching or pressure of time.  It was an absolute luxury.  727 more words