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This past week and next week I’ll be pretty busy with family visits so grabbing a blog post wherever I can find it will be my rule of thumb. 71 more words


My Sons First Word

Now I’m not totally sure if this counts as the first word technically. But it was just so funny and cute, my husband and I decided it was worth considering as his first word. 276 more words


Shit My Kids Say, Part 3

So me and the Jules are in Walmart earlier and this is our conversation:

Juli: “Mommy….”
Me: “Yes, sweet, lovely child of my heart?”
Juli: “I…i….” 70 more words

Shit My Kids Say, Part 2

Juli: (looking at me and laughing)
Me: “what’s so funny?”
Juli: “my body just felt like laughing at your face”

Thank you, cornchild.

Shit Said to Our Children

Stuff Travis Moses and I have said to our children in the last week (many of these in the past hour):

Shut up and sit down. 170 more words

Shit my kids say, Part 1

Juli “when do cops sleep, Mommy?”
Me “well the ones that work in the day sleep at night, and the ones that work at night sleep during the day” 12 more words