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Washington to North Dakota well how about Oklahoma?

Four Weeks ago I left my job as an Autism Interventionist.

Two Weeks ago we left North Dakota to start an Adventure in Oklahoma as my boyfriend moves up in the car business. 263 more words


My Magic Glitter Wand

Today I’ll be sharing another tool that I have in my trusty distraction bag. My special, amazing, magic wand!

Yes, this is actually what I often tell my preschool patients sometimes. 233 more words

Child Life Specialist

What's In Your Bag?

Hi everyone, Happy Sunday! As you’ve probably noticed, the amount of therapeutic activities that I’ve posted have slowed down as of late. This is partly due to the area that I currently work in at the hospital. 724 more words

Child Life Specialist

Enthusiast in Life.

If you are anything like me, you might be sitting there, putting off some sort of task you should be doing for summer classes or work or some other obligation wondering, “How the heck is it already mid-July, and where did my summer go?” You might be thinking, “Oh my gosh this is my last real summer break because I graduate next Spring and then will be launched into the real world.” This is terrifying. 602 more words

Holding On.

I’ve worked hard yet I’ve seen no progress. When is it okay to give up. Do I keep dreaming? Or do I move on? I knew it would be hard I had plenty of professors and advisor tell me too but I thought I could prove those people wrong. 207 more words

Bringing the Leaders to Child Life

There was a great video posted recently about how a hospital CEO sat down and learned some of the things child life does with patients and families. 57 more words

Child Life Specialist

The Real Meaning of Relationships

I wanted to share with you all this wonderful and thought-provoking article I read about how one child life specialist sees her relationships with her patients and families. 145 more words

Child Life Specialist