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A Mother's Joy

This is a blog post that my wife wrote about two years ago for our old, family blog page and I thought I would bring it over to this one. 305 more words


A Gospel of Gems

Back in March God started the arduous process of tilling the earth of my soul. His spade pierced my hardened ground, slowly overturning things that had not seen the sun in a long, long time. 1,621 more words

Relationship With God

He will be our peace.

Being home has been so beautiful and peaceful. There really is no place like home. My favourite part of being home however is that I get to share the precious word of God with my mother. 848 more words


Jesus Lived by Faith!


The Lord is correcting our understanding of the word “faith” and what it means. Despite what the world has taught; there are not “Many faiths”. 2,155 more words


Disheveled Disciple

I consider myself a spiritual person.  I mean, Jesus healed me! I mean, I had a real encounter where he healed me from permafry 20 years ago! 232 more words

Trust and Obey

What does it mean to have a child like faith. We often marvel at the trust of a child. We all start out helpless and fully dependent. 686 more words

For Better or For Worse

The stage is set. Its 2:30am and my child is currently calm after her 2 hour night-waking escapade. I’m waiting in the living room to see if she will wake herself up again. 1,215 more words

Relationship With God