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Time to Listen to Daddy

“I’m listening,” are the only two words it took for God to completely shake me and change my world in a radical way. Something I have learned over the past years, and especially over the past two months is when the Lord speaks to you to do something you do it and you will be rewarded, and whatever it is will be worth it in the end. 322 more words

Child-Like Faith

Vision & Revision: Part 4 - Marketing

There are often times that we, as business owners, have great ideas and plans for the future that somehow fall by the wayside. We lose focus, finances change or the idea doesn’t take flight the way we thought that it would. 901 more words


It's a Beautiful Hole

God speaks to me through small, unexpected, and seemingly even insignificant moments. I hear him most clearly through the mouths of my children.

Like most everyone with young children, we have baby gates up around the house. 638 more words


The Simplicity Of The Gospel

Sometimes I get bogged down with theology. Ought we to baptize infants or only believers? Have the “ecstatic gifts” ceased or are people who hold to that view actually quenching the Holy Spirit? 1,138 more words


Freely asking: how asking questions allows you to dive deeper

so you know how Jesus talks about the new life that we are born into when we return to him as his beloved child, you know that born again term that gets used with people that accept Jesus as their lord and savior, ya that one that means put on your new life and put aside our old ways. 798 more words

A Lesson From My Sister Debra

Do you remember that plan to organize my time that I talked about in my last post?  Remember how I said I was certain there would be a wrench thrown in there from time to time?   1,057 more words


Child Like Faith

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 596 more words
Growing Roots