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A Child and His Father

If you have ever been around children for very long, this will make sense in the end.

A child is sitting in the floor, sad, because his paper doll is torn. 635 more words


Devotional #27. Mark 10:1-31

Devotional #27 (4/1/13). Divorce, child-like faith, good works and love of riches.

Intro: Last week Jesus taught some interesting lessons like cutting off your own hand if it makes you sin or poking out your eye if it causes you to stumble. 1,372 more words

Child-Like Faith in the Midst of Sheer Evil

Mommy, will those bad guys ever come to our city and do that?

Normally, I don’t let my daughter watch the news, but the tragic events taking place in Paris came up in living color on our screen as Elf finished playing. 825 more words


Childlike Faith

If you are a Christian, you have prayed and asked God for something. You may have asked for healing for a family member, wisdom to resolve a situation, money to pay some bills, or any number of things. 367 more words


Last night before bed Little Miss said her heart hurt. At first I thought like she was sad or her feelings were hurt or something like that but then she said it felt like it was moving or something and it hurt. 391 more words


How to Come to God

These are notes I wrote today for the passage Luke 18:15-30. I hope you profit by them!

Luke 18:15-30

There are two sections here that I’m going to examine, and even though they hold much of the same teaching from the last section, I’m going to look at them together on their own for the time being. 3,010 more words

The Gospel

Give It All to God


“Since I had placed God in a box, I didn’t have a category for him in my pain and suffering. School, love, family, friendships, food, and even pain were my responsibility. 217 more words