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Guest Post: Fiction Funding a Brighter Future with Robert Eggleton

Child Maltreatment Can Be Prevented!

In Real Life, Not Just by Fictional HEA Endings

Thanks, Sally, for the opportunity to tell your readers a little about me, my debut novel, and the nonprofit child welfare agency to which author proceeds have been donated in support of the prevention of child maltreatment. 1,833 more words

Science Fiction

Smack your child ? You are an Abuser

Do you smack your children? If so, you could soon be punished by law if lobbyists in EU have their way. (READ MORE). Let me pitch in. 822 more words


New approaches to divorce with children: A problem of public health

A Hopeful New Approach To Divorce in 2017

Here we are in the middle of December and Canadians are dealing with snow from coast to coast to coast. 741 more words

Parental Alienation

What Can We Do to Prevent the Abuse of Children with Disabilities?

By Elizabeth Mazur, PhD (Associate Professor of Psychology, Penn State University)

In February 2016, Ethan Okula, a 10 year-old child in foster care for three years, died from a bowel obstruction after numerous adults neglected to drive him to the hospital emergency room or call 911. 657 more words

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Relationships : Why we Focus on our Partner's Past

We all have a past. When two people come together and try to form a relationship, the experiences gained by both play a role.  How much of a role depends greatly on the people concerned and the experiences they gained. 439 more words


WHO reviews fact sheet on child maltreatment

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reviewed its fact sheet on child maltreatment.

Background Information:

Child maltreatment is the abuse and neglect that happens to children under 18 years of age. 560 more words