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Quote 118 - Signs of Narcissistic Parent 17

Never wrong.  Even when they made a mistake or treated you in an unfair way, they never apologized for their mistakes.

Dysfunctional Family

NSPCC publish study - Economic cost of child maltreatment

The NSPCC has published the results of a preliminary study estimating the lifetime economic costs of child maltreatment. The research, conducted by University College London (UCL) on behalf of the NSPCC, was based on economic analysis of existing UK longitudinal datasets and gives a conservative estimate for the financial costs of child maltreatment in terms of: health care; social care; education; the criminal justice system; the impact of lost productivity on the economy. 37 more words


Chapter 5: Stuffed With Pills

I was my mothers scapegoat. It was easier to blame me then to take any responsibility for all the troubles in her life:

Lived in poverty. 360 more words

My Story

Chapter 2: That's Not The Way To Manage Things


This is one of the most difficult chapters I will write because it is the hardest to admit.

A few years ago I met my biological father. 655 more words

My Story

Chapter 1: You Should Be A Stripper

I was 9 years old when my mother said that I should pursue stripping as a career. “It is the only way you will make a lot of money,” she told me. 364 more words

My Story