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Raising Parents: Attachment, Representation, and Treatment

Helping troubled parents to raise their children adequately is of crucial importance for parents, their children and society at large. Distressed parents have themselves often been endangered and, as a consequence, sometimes endanger their children either through maltreatment or through the effects of parental psychiatric disorder. 157 more words


#ChildAbuse and its Long-term Effects (#Blogathon Post #2)

Nandini and Mithilesh were one happy couple everyone among their friends and family knew. Their family includes their parents and two sons. People were envious of their understanding and compatibility. 1,110 more words

Parenting Lessons Learned

Non-Abusive Issues that Mimic Abusive Head Trauma

Among our many new and upcoming titles is the Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma Pocket Atlas Series.  Consisting of two volumes, this series joins our other Abusive Head Trauma related titles in helping to identify Abusive Head Trauma, and to rule out abusive trauma in cases where medical issues and head injuries may emulate the effects of abuse.   276 more words


Memories of Codependency

I was a codependent. It looks strange when I see that on paper. Codependency is not a recognised disorder nor does it make you ill in a true sense but my experiences and the experiences of countless others (many of my patients too) tell me that it can be just a devastating as a clear […]


A brief history of child abuse in the USA

Animals were protected from abuse before children.

In the United States, animals became protected from abuse in 1866 through the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals… 329 more words

Child Abuse

If we do Nothing Else, we must protect our Children

The world is in a dangerous place at the current time and many people are worried and nervous about their daily lives. Given recent events, this is understandable and it is easy to predict catastrophic scenarios about the future of the world and indeed our own. 746 more words