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Quote 160 - Control over child

Narcissist have complete control over their child and will feel resentful, jealous if the child wants to break free from their clutches and create a life of their own.

Dysfunctional Family

Quote 194 - Signs You Grew Up With A Toxic Parent 8

Adult children of toxic parents often don’t really acknowledge that their parents did anything wrong, until therapy.

Dysfunctional Family

Quote 191 - - Signs You Grew Up With A Toxic Parent 5

Put your own emotional needs last – grew up with a verbally, physically abusive parent, or a manipulative one, your own emotional life will always come last in the hierarchy of household.

Dysfunctional Family

Signs of Child Abuse & What to Do About It

Disclaimer: This is probably going to be one of the least fun posts that I will post regarding Foster Care & Adoption but it is one of the most important. 1,412 more words

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Podcast: Falling for the Illusion in Relationships: Narcissist Abuse (E12 2/4) with Dr Nicholas Jenner

Listen to how narcissists create a web of illusion to hook their victims. Learn about the stages of a narcissist relationship and why codependents find themselves so often the target.


Trauma **May Trigger**

A child left alone. An adult who has been assaulted. The survivor of a school shooting. A veteran who just returned from active duty. Everyone of these can develop PTSD. 567 more words

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Think Talking to Your Therapist Online Is A Fad?....Think Again

It is now roughly 10 years since I saw my first client online. I remember it as clear as day. Sitting in my office waiting for my two o’clock appointment, sipping on the tea I had made in the 15 minutes between appointments, I received a panicked call regarding the state of the client’s car. 920 more words