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If we do Nothing Else, we must protect our Children

The world is in a dangerous place at the current time and many people are worried and nervous about their daily lives. Given recent events, this is understandable and it is easy to predict catastrophic scenarios about the future of the world and indeed our own. 746 more words


Judge Joe Brown on 5-Day Jail Stint: I Did It

via Judge Joe Brown on 5-Day Jail Stint: I Did It .

According to Wiki, Joe Brown was, “Raised in South Central Los Angeles, Brown graduated at the top of his class at Dorsey High School, then in 1969[1] earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and in 1973 a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree at UCLA.” 769 more words

Child Abuse

Video Archive - American Men & Women Sharing Thoughts About Some African American Women & Moms

Generally, I do not admire or encourage those who engage in angry, rude, nasty name calling.

However, there are instances when I recognize genuine emotional pain many YT broadcasters are passionately sharing. 773 more words

Child Abuse

Author Mr. Ta-Nehisi Coates vs US President Mr. Barack Obama

Yesterday , the president addressed Morehouse College’s graduating class, and said this:

“We know that too many young men in our community continue to make bad choices.

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Video - Moms Angry & Upset When Food Stamps Are Not Available

With all due respect to my American neighbors of African descent I believe what I am witnessing in this video are depressed females responsible for perpetuating and fueling America’s expanding and shameful… 963 more words

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“Black Revenge” More Important than Post-Racial Harmony?

Black Revenge More Important than Post-Racial Harmony, Black Lives Matter, Obama,

Canadian Free Press reports: It seems like just yesterday that a young, clean-cut, articulate Democrat senator from Illinois captured the imagination of the nation and the entire world with ringing oratory and powerful promises of “hope and change.” 731 more words

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Former school principal jailed for sexually abusing 14 children, Emotional Child Abuse

Former school principal jailed for sexually abusing 14 children
5 Oct 2015

A former school principal in Tasmania has been sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing 14 children. 364 more words

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