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WHO reviews fact sheet on child maltreatment

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reviewed its fact sheet on child maltreatment.

Background Information:

Child maltreatment is the abuse and neglect that happens to children under 18 years of age. 560 more words


The Psychology of Sex Offenders

Psychology attempts to understand, change, and predict behaviours including abnormal behaviours such as sexual deviance. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR; American Psychiatric Association, 2000), people with paraphilia’s have recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges or behaviours that generally involve (1) nonhuman objects, (2) the suffering or humiliation of oneself or ones partner, or (3) children or other nonconsenting persons. 1,287 more words

Child Maltreatment

Trauma Can Be Perpetuated By Toxic Triggers

Whether you have survived childhood trauma from sexual violence or child maltreatment (abuse or neglect), you never truly heal from those scars.

What is even worse is that some families continue to perpetuate the cycle of trauma by poorly handling the truth about the past.

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Child Maltreatment

How Childhood Trauma May Be Surmounted

by Julia Newman ’19

Past studies display that children exposed to traumatic experiences, such as death of a family member, are prone to developing not only mental issues, but also issues concerning their physical health. 145 more words


Raising Parents: Attachment, Representation, and Treatment

Helping troubled parents to raise their children adequately is of crucial importance for parents, their children and society at large. Distressed parents have themselves often been endangered and, as a consequence, sometimes endanger their children either through maltreatment or through the effects of parental psychiatric disorder. 157 more words


#ChildAbuse and its Long-term Effects (#Blogathon Post #2)

Nandini and Mithilesh were one happy couple everyone among their friends and family knew. Their family includes their parents and two sons. People were envious of their understanding and compatibility. 1,110 more words

Parenting Lessons Learned