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Devasting Consequences For 15 Million Girls

Dear Friends for Life:  Wow! Can you imagine girl-child(ren) forced into marriage, the psychological fear, the unspeakable suffering, the small bodies not fully developed yet to give birth and the limited mental capacity to comprehend what is happening. 697 more words


My Resolution

I could easily have kept quiet about it and I would have stayed in the library reading and probably playing games, it was all there for me. 224 more words

Child Abuse


Salam my friends!!! I hope you are well. After a long period of absence I decided to start posting new articles about our big love, IRANIAN CINEMA. 643 more words


बाल विवाह : 2 साल का कारावास, एक लाख का जुर्माना

विदिशा, (राकेश जैन): बाल विवाह एक बड़ा सामाजिक अपराध हेैै, और इसको करने वाले के साथ ही उसमें प्रत्यक्ष व अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से सहयोग करने वाला भी बराबरी का दोषी है। बाल विवाह में शामिल टेंट, लाइट, प्रिटिंग प्रेस, घोड़ा ,बग्गी वाले भी अपराधी माने जाएंगे। स्वामी शिवोम तीर्थ हायर सैकेण्डरी स्कूल में महिला सशक्तिकरण महिला […]

MMDA: Personal laws at the expense of fundamental rights?

Given the division within the Muslim community with regard to reforming the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act of 1951 (MMDA), I thought I’d put down something as well to add to the discussion and also specifically after having listened to a few ladies share their experiences in the jury of a particular Quazi court (in the capacity of counselors of sorts). 1,687 more words

Diary of a mothering worker. November 30, 2016.

Post 227.

A bill now before Cabinet proposes to raise the age of marriage for girls to eighteen years old. This is because the Children’s Act (2012) defines girls under this age as children, for whom marriage and motherhood constitute a violation of rights. 625 more words

Momentous Trivialities: Diary Of A Mothering Worker

Theresa Kachindamoto... and yes, more about Snifficus

Same thing as last time, if you would like to miss the political rant, feel free to scroll down to the heading THERESA KACHINDAMOTO

Saturday night I head out with a friend to prop up the bar at Taix, a French restaurant in the Echo Park/Silverlake neighbourhood that’s been around so long even the French would refer to it as historical. 1,046 more words

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