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For Little Girls Turned Women

I rise
In answer to the cries
Of the innocent, the fragile
Too young to understand
Yet never too young to know pain
Borne from the cuts of society… 197 more words


غريبن جا ڏسي گهرڙا اندر ۾ گهاء ٿيندو آ ـ شاعري ـ حافظ نظاماڻي

غريبن جا ڏسي گهرڙا اندر ۾ گهاء ٿيندو آ
ٽپيو جنهن ۾ پون ٽرڙا اندر ۾ گهاء ٿيندو آ
ٻاراڻي وهي کان ٻالڪ اچي بيٺي ٻني ۾ آ
نياڻي پيئي سهي نرڙا اندر ۾ گهاء ٿيندو آ
وڃائي وهر ڇو ڇوري مجيري پاڻهي ماريندئي
ايئن ڪمدار ٿين ڪرڙا اندر ۾ گهاء ٿيندو آ
ڏهيسر پٽ ڏاڍو ٿيو چٽي ۾ چار نياڻيون ويون
اميرن جا ڏسي ارڙا اندر ۾ گهاء ٿيندو آ
ڀلي بنگلي جي ڀر ۾ اڏيل جنهن جي ڀنگي آهي
هلائي سوئي پيو هرڙا اندر ۾ گهاء ٿيندو آ
انڌن ۽ احمقن اڳيان اها حالت ڏٺي حافظ
ظلم ڪئين پيا سهن ذرڙا اندر ۾ گهاء ٿيندو آ ـ


Wedding Ring

Her wedding ring felt heavy,

Not like ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers!’,

Non-metaphorically heavy.

Surrounded by liars

The 12 year innocent cursed

The bleeding goddess,

And her parents, lost her… 52 more words


Dispatches From The Front Line

Frontline is going video-less. More accurately, PBS’ long-running and award-winning documentary series is launching a podcast called The FRONTLINE Dispatch.

The first episode is out and is titled “Child Marriage in America.” Here’s what… 128 more words


The fight to end child marriage in Lebanon

In Lebanon, there’s no legal minimum age for marriage. Some laws allow girls younger than 15 to marry. According to UNICEF, 6 percent of girls in the country get married before their 18th birthday. 139 more words

Politics And Society

​Today is my marriage…yesterday was my doll’s

“My name is Rani, I am twelve years old…and today is my wedding day…

I wed my doll with my friend’s he-doll yesterday…we had lots of fun…we cooked our own food…we made new clothes, for ourselves and for the groom and the bride… 412 more words


Child marriage in Iran forces girls into a life of oppression

Girls in rural Iran are often forced into marriage at a young age. Protected under Iranian law, the practice is leading to broken families and a generation of children lacking prospects or perspective. 1,219 more words