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Child Marriage: How is this still a thing?

Iraq just tossed women’s rights under the bus, throwing human rights and women’s rights back half a century.

I thought we agreed, globally, that kids getting married is not a good thing. 804 more words

Women Should NOT be Married at Age 10

It has been brought to my attention that a woman going by the name “Dana” has been attacking other Christian bloggers that support this blog falsely claiming that I am… 1,949 more words


Child Marriage The Burden Of Childhood

Child Marriage The Burden Of Childhood

బాల్యానికి బరువు గా మారిన పసుపుతాడు

బాల్యం అంటే ఆడుతూ పడుతూ సంపూర్ణంగా అనుభవించకముందే పెళ్లి అనే బంధంలో బంధించి, తెలిసి తెలియని వయస్సులో మా మెడకు పసుపుతాడు తో మూడివేసి వంటిళ్లు అనే చీకటి గదికే పరిమితమైపోతున్న మా జీవితలను రక్షించుకోలేక, జీవించలేక, ఆద్డంతరంగా ముగిచిపోతున్న ఈ బాల్య వివాహాలు అనే సమాజం నుండి బయటపడటం కోసం ఎదురుచూస్తున్న బాల్యం. 7 more words

Child Journalists

Child Brides in Nepal

Contributor: Ilham Ezzamouri*

Child marriage has been illegal in Nepal since 1963.[1] Still, many children continue to marry, with approximately thirty-seven percent of girls marrying before their 18th birthday. 1,374 more words

International Human Rights

Was Roy Moore violating Biblical commands in dating teenage girls?

Does the Bible condemn the practice of older men dating teenage girls? With the revelations in the news about Alabama Republican senate candidate Roy Moore having dated teenage girls decades ago when he is was in thirties this question has been raised amongst Christians. 5,502 more words


Do You Find This Happens All the Time?

Roy Moore and the Persistence of Regional Folkways

Every once in a while all the weirdness converges at once.  When it does I reach for my social science toolkit. 1,065 more words

The American Scene