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Democrat Child Prostitution Website Shut Down by Feds...

On Friday, the U.S. government seized Backpage.com as part of a law enforcement action by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies after the site came under intense legal scrutiny for allegations of facilitating sex trafficking and underage prostitution.

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A Child Molestor for a Hero

By Kyle B. Stiff

I’ve been doing some research on ritual abuse and I’ve been noticing the very human tendency to cover up this sort of thing, not for fear of being associated with it and going to prison, but merely because it is disturbing. 881 more words

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Molester who claimed 5-year-old girl 'begged' for sex act can't beat his prison term!

A Pennsylvania man who claimed a 5-year-old girl begged him for a sex act has failed to convince a state appeals court his prison term is too long. 160 more words

Scapegoating gay priests is not treating them with "respect, compassion, and sensitivity".

During my lifetime, the single thing that has driven more people from the Catholic Church here in the United States is the scandal about priests molesting children and bishops covering for them. 673 more words


Pennsylvania and Pompeo and the Rest

The big story on Tuesday was supposed to be that portentous special House election in Pennsylvania, but of course President Donald Trump wound up grabbing all the headlines. 1,142 more words


The Catholic Church Has Paid Out $3,994,797,060.10 as a Result of the Sex Abuse Scandals – Friendly Atheist

If this doesn’t make you think twice about sending your little kid into the hands of a Catholic priest, I have no other data for you. 55 more words

Why Do We Think And Believe What We Do?