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Gatorland waterski show team unexpectedly revisited

*photo taken by me of me with a piece of tape over my mouth word written “speak” about to be ripped off by me with make up tears running down my face. 1,005 more words

Help for Child Molesters: Understanding Your Great Potential

In this video I explain the basic psychological goal of child molestation, what pitches you into this kind of crisis, and why I love helping people who struggle with this issue.

Child Molesters

Understanding Your Addiction to Deviant Porn: It's About Stress, Not Lust

In this video I explain the root causes of addictions to deviant porn.  Learn about why you are feeling so drawn to certain kinds of images, what causes your need for porn to intensify at certain times, and why you don’t have to overcome your addiction before you can be very pleasing to God.


I Think I May Have Kind of Killed a Man

Rusty Pettis is dead.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Rusty Pettis was the associate pastor at the United Methodist church in New Hampshire where my father was pastor, and he sexually molested me when I was a kid. 1,114 more words

Child Molestation

Valentinian Tyrants

The Valenti family of Italy are a top nobility of the Lombardy region which originated from the Valentinian Dynasty of ancient Rome and Byzantine and are currently headed up by Prince Giberto di Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga. 626 more words

Trump Endorses Roy Moore

While his daughter Ivanka endorsed “a special place in Hell” for alleged Alabama child molester Roy Moore, her father, connoisseur of first-rate pussy… 256 more words


Abby Zimet: The Immeasurable Creepiness of Roy Moore

Because it’s not bad enough he’s reportedly leading in the polls in Alabama, where we’re pretty sure we don’t want to live, and he’s a God-spouting bigot who fetishizes the 10 Commandments and thinks homosexuality should be illegal and believes Sharia law is taking over the country, and he’s a serial child molester in denial who insists people oppose him in the Senate because “they don’t want to hear about God” and in an unhinged speech at a Baptist church just… 720 more words

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