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In recent times, news of fathers raping their daughters or the young daughters of neighbours or friends has filled my ears and heart with disgust and repulsion. 632 more words


"Child Molester" Lena Dunham Lectures About Sexual Abuse

Proving leftists speak out of both sides of their mouths on any number of issues, Planned Parenthood spokesmouth and actress on some kind of show Lena Dunham was invited to lecture Democrats about sexual abuse. 1,028 more words


Dennis Hastert Wants His Victims' Hush Money Lawsuit To Be Dismissed

Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has responded from prison to a lawsuit that claims he should be held to his end of a $3.5 million deal to keep silent a man he sexually abused. 266 more words

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Myth #1: Child Molesters are Strangers

One of the most common myths about sex offenders is that they are all monsters lurking in the parks or driving by schools disguised in clown suits. 75 more words

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LA police catch 238 cyber child molesters in 2 months, adds to over 1,000 arrests across US


Nearly 240 alleged child molesters have been arrested in Southern California in just two months. It came as part of a nationwide crackdown on child sex abusers that netted nearly 1,400 predators, including a religious official and white-collar businessmen. 82 more words


This is what happens when Assbakistanis come in…


Police: Iraq, Sudan Immigrants Allegedly Sexually Assaulted a Five-Year-Old Idaho Girl

by KATIE MCHUGH – 21 Jun 2016 61 more words


Grandson of Sigmund Freud: Raped Multiple Kids, Did He Kill Madeline McCann?

by Eric Striker

Britain is on the brink of yet another pedophile scandal. While the full extent of just how many child-molesters dominate Britain’s business class, bureaucracy, and aristocracy is not known, it is obvious that Westminster is micromanaged by many underworld deviants being cherry picked for the purpose of blackmail by Jews and other forces that have ruled the country uninterrupted since the age of Cromwell.  685 more words

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