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Harrison, Arkansas becoming child molester's haven?

After last year’s first “Pride Fest” to push LGBTQwxyzstickagerbilupyourbutt values in Harrison, Arkansas, more registered and unregistered sex offenders moved from other parts of the state, and from out of state, to Harrison. 239 more words

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The pedofication of John Lang, Fresno activist, and police corruption critic. [part 1]

John Lang was a former marine, a father, a son, and and anti-corruption activist who criticized the  Fresno, CA police department headed by Chief Jerry Dwyer. 648 more words

This Is A Battle Against Psychopathic Child Molesters

Alex Jones contains his frustration long enough to explain how the Globalists are mentally deranged, power hungry, and pedophiles.

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Child Molesters

I am telling your secrets.

I used to watch myself. I would be SCREAMING at me “SPEAK,” but I never did.

I didn’t speak when my babysitter used to throw me in the weeds in the lake and laugh because she knew it scared me. 849 more words


*lots of bad language, raw, real, triggers for abuse and rape*

I coped by complete avoidance for most of my life. Avoidance meant minimizing. Avoidance meant ignoring my own mind and my own body. 1,742 more words

I'm not a fan of secret rooms. 

*child abuse triggers.

11 years ago I drove my daughter to my dad’s house for his birthday. It was a day on the lake with my daughter in the boat with my father’s wife’s family. 1,397 more words