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NYPD Source: Weiner Laptop Has Enough Evidence “to Put Hillary ... Away for Life”

03 November 2016 by  Selwyn Duke

Sex crimes with children, child exploitation, money laundering, perjury, and pay to play, reads the partial list of crimes that, say New York City Police Department sources, could “put Hillary and her crew away for life.” 994 more words

Tack för kaffet jag är glad att vara här

Translation: Thanks for the coffee, I am happy to be here


I remember the first time I wondered what the word ‘virgin’ meant. 899 more words

Should we care when Paedophiles are murdered?

Over the weekend I got into a little fight on Facebook regarding everyone’s favourite boogie man, the paedophile. I was shocked to see just the amount of people who, out of anger, were calling for the brutal murders of people for being a paedophile. 1,067 more words


If You Change a Baby’s Diaper in Arizona, You Can Now Be Convicted of Child Molestation

Sept 16, 2016 By Mark Joseph Stern

This could be a crime in Arizona.


The Arizona Supreme Court issued a stunning and horrifying decision… 928 more words

#SafeSchools my arse

Children are being groomed for sexual exploitation in Australia by sexual deviants and miscreants.

If you are a parent or a grandparent or an auntie or an uncle, you need to heed this and protect your kids from these fucking rock spiders. 92 more words