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No more money for child poverty reduction because… — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

When I saw this headline it was just begging for a finish the sentence competition. The Prime Minister says the Government doesn’t have any money for additional child poverty reduction measures outside of its Families Package.

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50% Child Poverty in our parish

50% of children living in the Rusholme, Ardwick and Longsight wards – the area closest to our church and schools, are living in poverty.

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Thought for Today...

I’ve just spent an hour going over the expenses claims of the Tory MPs who voted to take free school meals from the poorest children in the UK.

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One and a half million children will fall into poverty due to Conservative welfare reforms

One and a half million children will fall into poverty due to Conservative welfare reforms, finds report. Women also set to lose out ‘considerably’ more from cuts to tax credits and benefits than men, suffering losses of about £400 a year, compared with £30 for male counterparts, analysis shows… 1,207 more words


IPPR report on child poverty

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) Scotland have published a report that aims to outline a real-world analysis of the financial cost of reducing relative child poverty in Scotland. 70 more words

Scottish Health & Social Care

Vulnerable children forced into homelessness as local authorities routinely ignore child protection laws

Exclusive: Families forced to spend nights in A&E waiting rooms, night buses and police stations after being denied emergency housing by local councils

Vulnerable children are being forced into homelessness because local authorities are routinely flouting child protection laws, lawyers and charities have warned. 1,106 more words