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Black Children in U.S. Are Nearly Four Times More Likely to Live in Poverty than White Children, Study Finds

38.3 percent of black children live in poverty.
10.7 percent of white children live in poverty.

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Observations on the 2017 Election campaign thus far… (rima)

Ask David: When is a Bribe not a Bribe?

National has added to it’s list of expensive election year bribes. Not content with offering $10.5  billion on new roads (which is additional to an  estimated $12 billion  to be spent on seven roads in National’s “Roads of National Significance” plan) – the… 2,318 more words

The Body Politic

1.2 million Canadian children living in poverty: census

More than a million Canadian children are living in low-income households, according to census data.

Census information released by Statistics Canada Wednesday shows that in 2015, nearly 1.2 million children across Canada were living in low-income households, representing about 17 per cent of all… 561 more words


Child Homelessness: This is now an Emergency!

Child homelessness has soared and number of rough sleepers doubled since Tories came to power

A damning report has revealed the number of families without a permanent home rose 60% to 77,240 over the past six years… 525 more words


Made in Britain

she lives her lows
as stains on the soul
her lonely gains
for lying with unknown
living without hunger
so she fakes wild,
thinks of the child… 73 more words


Consensual Plutocracy

It means so little to moneyville denizens
Tapping their toes to their tunes
Treating society like their colouring book
Laughing at the poverty cartoons

They know, dignity decays to poverty squared… 49 more words


Poverty in New Zealand - It exists and it's bigger than you think (aka, screw you damien grant)

You want to talk poverty? Don’t compare a first world country – one with numerous cities and on par to huge countries like Australia and United States of America – to a small village in the pacific nations…You don’t compare an apple to orange do you? 1,082 more words