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#BelieveInMe- a new direction for child poverty campaigning?

“Flies in their eyes” imagery has long been a staple of child poverty campaign adverts. The image of a malnourished child in a barren landscape or a scared and lonely toddler in a darkened room is all too familiar. 627 more words


Is There Anything Left of the Republican Party?

9 November 2016, San Francisco

Now that the detestable Donald Trump has at last been slid off the speaker’s platform, we are free to wonder whether it will be possible for the Repubs to regain some semblance of normalcy and decency after eight years of blatant racism and hate. 970 more words

Political Trends

"Comfort in Legal Struggle" by A. Sangrey

This is an update from Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia (CLCP) http://www.clcphila.org/, a volunteer organization that has long been close to my heart.

Philadelphia has the highest rate of  “deep poverty” of the nation’s ten largest cities [1].  377 more words


Hillary Clinton is gaining momentum—and she's seizing the moment to make her agenda even more progressive

As Donald Trump’s presidential campaign unravels, Hillary Clinton’s electoral prospects are looking increasingly rosy. And she’s taking advantage of the momentum to stitch together the most ambitious anti-child poverty agenda since the Great Society of the 1960s. 795 more words

Poor parenting not confined to poor people

Police Minister Judith Collins says many of the problems of child poverty can be blamed on poor parenting:

. . . Ms Collins responded by saying the government was doing a lot more for child poverty in New Zealand than the UN had ever done. 275 more words


Just more money isn't enough

Judith Collins has stirred up a storm with her parental responsibility comments.

“It’s not that, it’s people who don’t look after their children, that’s the problem.

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Child poverty target versus targets

There has been an ongoing argument in Parliament this week about how to target child poverty after the Children’s Commissioner suggested an overall target of reducing it by 5-10% in a year. 1,020 more words