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Child Poverty In Mexico - Shocking Statistics

Today, millions of children live in poverty and danger in a world where there is more than enough to provide safety and security for everyone. It is both shocking and sickening to read or hear of how children are forced to sleep on the streets or live on rubbish dumps as others spends thousands on luxury accommodation. 78 more words


Feminist Approaches to Welfare

  • Feminists’ argue the welfare model is engineered to support patriarchy
  • historically the welfare system was constructed on men being the breadwinners with women financially dependent on their spouses…
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Poverty Line

  • It is important to remember the composition of the poor is not static but fluid.
  • In 2014 Gordon conducted more research into poverty on behalf of the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research at the University of Bristol and found:
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Children's Commissioner promoting ideology not well-being

According to Children’s Commissioner, one of the keys for the Government’s proposed new strategy on child well-being is ensuring its serves all children – including those of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity. 337 more words

Ewen McQueen

Children Who Starve And Children Who Suffer - Who Can Turn Away?

The following short clips looks at the reality for many children today that sees them hunger, and often die, from a preventable lack of food. In some nations excess food is thrown into bins. 212 more words