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Poor people – let them eat cake; grow veges; not breed; and other parroted right wing cliches… (part rua)

When the so-called “reforms” of Roger Douglas – lovingly referred to as  “rogernomics” – swept the country; privatising publicly owned assets; cutting state services; introducing user-pays; down-sizing the state sector; closing post offices in small towns and large cities; and witnessing the wide-spread creation of Food Banks for the first time since The Great Depression, we were told that the restructuring of our economy would pay off with a higher standard of living. 1,146 more words

The Body Politic

‘That’s the rules’: Responsibility and the State/Household Analogy

On last week’s Question Time, an audience member contributed: ‘I don’t pay my mortgage, I lose the house, that’s the rules’. This is a statement that has been recurring under various guises recently. 1,199 more words

Stop Cameron From Making Cuts to Child Tax Credit

Poverty is the worst form of violence.
Mahatma Gandhi

Please sign a petition:
George Osborne: No more kids in poverty.

Scroll down for more actions to take. 619 more words

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Opinion - Greece and the Curious Case of Disappearing Democracy

As it so often does, a recent Waterford Whispers News article made me laugh out loud: ‘Nation With 220,000 Children Living in Poverty Tells Greece Austerity Works.’ This got me thinking about the situation in Greece and here in Ireland. 840 more words



It has been over four days since Hastings Council tried to close down Love Kitchen, a group of people giving free clothing, support and food to Homeless people and anyone who needs help, since February. 659 more words

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