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Wellingtonians say; "Everyone deserves a home - no more homelessness!"

“Housing is a basic human need and access to decent quality, affordable and safe housing should be seen a human right. This means that our society and more specifically the State has an obligation to ensure that everyone living in New Zealand always has access to adequate and secure housing.

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The Body Politic

How About We Stop Moralizing and end Child Poverty Tomorrow? - By Philip N. Cohen

How much would you pay to stop having to listen to rich people tell poor people how to run their families?

If my calculations are correct, we can end child poverty for $62 billion per year. 1,248 more words


Nearly 1 in 5 Canadian children living in poverty: report

Canada — a wealthy nation with an abundance of natural resources — can’t seem to put a stop to child poverty, according to an annual report examining children’s welfare in the country. 365 more words


11. David Cameron's England

Here are some things David Cameron and his government have done which I think you should be appalled about regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, and who you voted for. 1,284 more words

Operation Christmas Child: interview with Dunedin Representative Kirsteen McLay-Knopp

Today Kirsteen McLay-Knopp, one of our editors here at “The Forever Years” was¬†interviewed by our local TV channel about “Operation Christmas Child”, the project¬†organised by… 76 more words

Child Advocacy

Opinion: Immigrants, Refugees, and Terrorists

“I don’t mind stealing bread from the mouth of decadence, but I can’t feed all the powerless when my cups already over-filled … and I’m goin’ hungry” — Chris Cornell (Hunger Strike) 962 more words