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Watch how Israeli police drag a 13 year old Palestinian child to military trial

This is a most appalling example of the oppression Palestinian children are subjected to by the illegal Israeli occupation.  Jewish children are treated differently to Palestinian children.   27 more words


Child Prisoners, Gaza Miseries: Censored in The NY Times

So what is happening this month in Palestine? Nothing to speak of, according to The New York Times: A Palestinian newspaper faced complaints about disrespecting the prophet Muhammad, and two lovers… 705 more words


Double Standards

The self-styled ‘Jewish State’ (Israel) holds every Palestinian responsible for the actions of individuals (Cast Lead, Protective Edge, Brothers Keeper; to name the most egregious examples): behaviour which, by the way, is contrary to international law. 95 more words


#Israel halts program to end night-time arrests of #children | Maan News Agency

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli military has shut down a program meant to decrease the number of night-time arrest raids targeting children in Palestinian homes after less than a year, with statistics suggesting that even when the program was active night raids barely decreased at all. 597 more words


Israel Continued Abuse of Palestinian Children in 2014

2014 was a rough year for Palestinian children living under Israeli occupation, according to the United Nations and Defence for Children International. Both these groups have recently come out with reports that show arrests, injuries and maltreatment of minors reached new heights during the past year. 220 more words


Organisers announce "Global Political Prisoner's Day" - 12/12/14

Message from the organisers of the Global Political Prisoner’s Day:

The people’s uprising is not a crime, it is universal justice

The unions, human rights activists, academics and students of Argentina have united with various groups worldwide, including Palestinian human rights organisations, (such as the Free Shireen Issawi Campaign) to call for a day of action for  Global Political Prisoner’s Day, on 12 December 2014. 523 more words


Mental health may be the link for some child cruelty cases

GEORGIA — A couple accused of locking their 13-year-old in a basement for nearly two years have been jailed without bail pending a hearing next month. 568 more words