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America’s Foster Care System is the Pipeline for Child Sex Trafficking

By Isaac Davis | Waking Times

Child sex-trafficking is an epidemic today, and while most people would find this crime to be right up there with homicide, the culture of permissiveness and lack of moral leadership tacitly condones the sexual abuse of children, while the media remains largely silent. 694 more words


CPS Corruption and PizzaGate Documentary

Mr. Gunk

Senator Nancy Schaefer spent four years researching CPS corruption and her findings cost her, her life. Her research is finally leakining and the Child Protective Services are being exposed for money laundering, human trafficking, and child abuse. 136 more words


Donations Are Needed for the MS Department of Child Protection Services

There are many needs in our county and state for children in the foster care system. The Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services could really use donations. 120 more words

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Alex' view - Child protection services

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I have decided to write my view on the child protection services, because these kind of organisations should protect children, but they rarely do. 404 more words


NLD is more than school

The term nonverbal learning disorder/disability is unfortunate because it gives the impression that this mainly affects the academic domain. Difficulties learning is of course a part of the big picture, but it’s about so much more. 968 more words


Mother's Boyfriend Beats One Of Her 6 Kids To Death

I am very critical when I talk about the decisions that single mothers make that can affect the well-being and security of their children or child. 139 more words