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The Final Piece of the Puzzle!

Since my first born was a toddler I knew there was something different about him. His behaviour was always so challenging and he couldn’t handle his routine being changed. 1,350 more words


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Psychological Disorders

Parents are the ones who first recognize that their child is experiencing some kind of problem when the behavior of the child changes. 493 more words


Qualities to look for in a child psychologist in Wollongong

A decent child psychologist needs to have specific accreditations, and they are not about their accomplishments in a college. Notwithstanding, before we begin of this article legitimate on the things to pay special mind to in a decent Child psychologist in Wollongong… 213 more words

Child Psychologist Wollongong

Kindergarten here we come!

Summer 2015

My daughter is at the same preschool for the whole summer and she is doing excellent, as good as all other kids. I am so, so proud of her! 113 more words

Child Not Speaking


Next came dancing/exercising at zumba class.

Then she started participating a little during the music class, but no singing.

Christmas came, and the school organized a Christmas show. 49 more words

Child Not Speaking

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Saya sedang menertawakan diri sendiri karena baru menulis tentang topik ini pada urutan kesekian dan bukan yang pertama. Padahal, judul di atas maksudnya adalah selamat datang! 144 more words

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Find A Vancouver Psychologist For Your Child

There might be behavioral issues that surface in your child. While most of the behavioral tantrums are usually dealt with in a firm manner and usually go away with time, some parents face issues with their children that could be indicative of a deeper disorder, either of the emotional development or linked to the mental development of a child. 248 more words