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Spring !!!

Spring is something which retaliates when released after compression and same the child psychology. The psychology of the child can be understood very well by taking the example of a spring. 263 more words


Παιδιά και διαταραχές

Πώς έχουν επιδράσει οι κοινωνικές συνθήκες στην ψυχολογία τους;

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Γράφει ο Δημήτρης Καπετανόπουλος

Σε αυτό το τεύχος, το EThe Magazine… 15 more words


To Spank or Not To Spank

I confess, as a mom, I don’t always know what in the hell I’m doing!

There is no manual (that I’m aware of) and no one pulls you aside during pregnancy and gives you the 411 on the proper protocol for all those situations you’re going to encounter once your baby arrives and hits the terrible 2’s. 609 more words

Professional Mom

Multilingual exposure improves children’s social abilities

Note: This piece first appeared in the New York Times on March 11, 2016, as “The Superior Social Skills of Bilinguals”.

Being bilingual has some obvious advantages. 789 more words

Virtue, Happiness, & The Meaning Of Life

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Child Psychology

Do Babies Know Right from Wrong?

For years over, experts have failed to agree on why and when children develop morality and, specifically, whether or not babies understand right from wrong.  This article explores the question of “if” and provides suggestions for how to develop a young child’s moral sense.

This article is available here.


The Transformative Power of Storytelling

Stories do more than just entertain, they transcend and transform. For this reason, storytelling can be one of the most powerful parenting tools.  Unpack Jung, Campbell, Plato and recent scientific research on how stories can impact morality and child development.  This article is available here.