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What is "Aware Parenting"? By Marion Rose

Marion Rose (B.Sc., Ph.D. Dip.Couns., Dip.Psych., FPCF FPCC Level 2 “Aware Parenting” Instructor)

Marion has two children.  She says, “we are natural learners, we live in a little town in Northern NSW, Australia, and I am passionate about supporting mothers to love their lives, be the most amazing mother that they can be, and share their gifts with their children and the world.” 3,140 more words

Child Advocacy

Brenda Storey

Title: Attorney

Company: The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C.

Location: Denver, Colo.

Having studied child psychology while obtaining a Bachelor of Science at Colorado State University, Brenda Storey began to recognize the effects in youth, and decided that family law was the path she ultimately needed to take as a professional. 193 more words


"Be good, work hard, have fun" by Chris Knopp

Editors’ Note: This is Chris Knopp’s  third article on “The Forever Years”.  To learn more about Chris, see the “Guest Writers” section of this blog. 1,313 more words

Child Advocacy

Puzzles and kids!

 Puzzles are an excellent way to build logical thinking and conceptual knowledge. Do not underestimate the power of puzzles to develop a sharp, smart mind.Begin puzzles for your children as early as 2 years of age. 332 more words


4 year old angst...

So tell me… what is the point of throwing a tantrum 10 minutes before leaving to go do something fun? What, in a four year old mind, says “this is a great idea!” – I am going to refuse to go to the bathroom, refuse to put my coat on, complain of a sore throat, then start crying at the same time as my four month old baby sister… and mommy will still totally want to take me to the bouncy house & trampoline at the gym? 230 more words


Mediation in Oxford: Fast and Affordable: An Outbreak of Sanity for Separating Couples.

Mediation has been around for at least thirty years and is now used by a vast proportion of separating couples. It is actively promoted by the government and the courts as the preferred way for couples to sort out their separation. 606 more words