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The Fear of the Dark, by John Cowan

Imagination is a wonderful thing – except when you are three years old in a dark room and you can hear something scraping against the window. 118 more words

Child Advocacy

A new diagnosis

Two days ago, we made the two-hour drive to see the specialists who gave us our youngest son’s diagnosis four years ago.
This time, we were going to see if we could get to a more definitive diagnosis for Speedy, because while we felt like we were standing in the right forest, we definitely were not barking up the right tree… it didn’t seem enough to simply classify it as combined-type ADHD, and we’ve gotten nowhere with medications so far. 240 more words

on a painted life

I turned off the lights and had all of the kids lay on their backs under their desks.  I asked them to close their eyes.  The room was filled with the scent of the cinnamon candles I had burning. 587 more words


on a violated body and inviolate spirit

Dear Little Girl,

Your body will be violated by those you trust.
You will be filled with fear so great it will silence you.
Some days you will fall with the weight of the shame you carry because of your own body. 159 more words


New Parents, new children: raising children in the new century

Times have sure changed a lot over the past 50 years, and the way we see and deal with our children is often a reflection of these changes. 725 more words


What I learn today - May 21, 2017

When your kid is 4.5 years, be ready to have a 6 / home run / goal from them. In case, if you and your spouse, are talking about them specially. 22 more words

Today's Lesson

Socialising Male Aggression: The Role of Fathers

Boys are more physically aggressive than girls. This is a statement that most people, and most parents, would agree with. But do boys’ aggressive tendencies come from biological differences between the sexes, or are we raising boys to be more aggressive than girls? 545 more words