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Are you feeling limited by traditional therapy? Do you feel pulled to explore other methods and REALLY enjoy major progress and breakthroughs with your clients? 34 more words


The Importance of Self Control: See How a Marshmallow Test Shaped Up Child Development Psychology!

Experts say, exercising self-control is the key to success. Ever thought over, why you fail to resist and your willpower couldn’t stretch you longer, just when you need it most? 873 more words


child psychology

”   The child intuitively comprehends , that although these stories are unreal , they are not untrue “.—–Bruno Bettleheim

I’ve been reading The Uses of Enchantment  673 more words


Undoing Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Part One: Adults

If I were a betting man I’d wager that there isn’t one person out there that doesn’t have some kind of negative baggage from their childhood, in varying degrees. 769 more words

Child Psychology

चाँदनी अौर साल्मन ( बाल कथा -बाल मनोविज्ञान ) Chandni and Salmon -story for children, based on child psychology.

स्कूल बैग बालू पर फेंक कर वह एक चट्टान पर पर जा कर बैठ गई। उसकी आँखों से आँसू बह रह थे। उसने स्कूल के कपड़े भी नहीं बदले थे। उसके आँसू समुन्द्र के पानी में टपक कर उसे और भी खारा बना रहे थे। समुद्र की चाँदी जैसी झिमिलाती लहरें चट्टान से टकरा कर शोर मचाती वापस लौट रहीं थीं।

CHILDREN’S BEDTIME ROUTINES... making treasured memories

When it comes to bedtime routines with children, every parent has their own opinion.  Some are on the go and a strict bedtime routine isn’t part of their day, and others see it as a sacred ritual. 907 more words


Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life

From Goodreads, “The first parenting book to bring the science and psychology of children’s behavior together to build brain/body awareness for self-regulation and success.” Visit Goodreads for full review. 147 more words

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