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The Cosmopolitan Divide, part 2

I took a Child Development class for my psychology minor when I was an undergraduate at Berry College.  The course was taught by a just-past-middle aged Jewish man who I wish I had gotten to take more classes from. 72 more words


Trauma and Divorce. Should I wait Until the Children are Older?

Married couples don’t expect to get divorced, but unfortunately, we know that the divorce rate is higher than ever, and with time a significant number of relationships end up in divorce.   1,055 more words


Parental Alienation-A Type of Child Abuse..

Recent research on the effects of divorce on children has indicated that children would rather live with their parents separated, than in a high conflict environment with their parents together.   721 more words

Child Psychology

School Child

What did you learn today, my child,

that you are loving and good?

Teacher says I need to learn

to do as children should.

And did you play and laugh… 46 more words

The Life-Saving Power of Purpose

Nietzsche said, “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Two years ago I tested that theory.

I’ve always been depressed. 1,118 more words

Mommy, my brain is hungry!

Young kids tell you what they want. The iPad. Angry Birds. Skylanders and Lego Ninjago. American girl dolls and My Little Ponies.  A pop tart. 656 more words


How Quitting Facebook Helped My Mental Health

About a year ago, I quit Facebook. It had become a place for me to experience disappointment and agitation. Distant relatives who I haven’t seen in years were messaging me for favors. 1,109 more words