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Ocean Currents, Unhurried Time.

At the southern tip of South Africa, Cape Agulhas, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean meet with the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The two bodies of water are of an entirely different nature and do not mix easily, causing turbulence and strong currents.  303 more words


Virtual world

It seems to be one of the most famous place for people to be now a days because ultimately everybody is falling into the trap of virtual world irrespective of their age and skill even us “THE READER” is also a reader and also THE AUTHOR, BLOGGER, WRITER are existing because of this virtual world only. 204 more words



Oh! Your daughter has severe problem you immediately go to a diagnostic center and get an MRI, CT scan and a few blood test get done. 896 more words

Special education: most lovely encounters

In my five years of experience I have worked as a special educator and counselor both and the most beautiful about this field is the opportunity to talk to most purest lobby of human beings and that is children. 276 more words


Test Bank for Abnormal Child Psychology 5th Edition by Mash Wolfe

Test Bank for Abnormal Child Psychology 5th Edition by Eric J. Mash and David A. Wolfe

Instant download Abnormal Child Psychology 5th Edition by Eric J. 420 more words


Genetics versus Environment

There are plenty of studies about how much each of these two factors can influence our personality, our behavior and who we are in general. Genetics play a great deal, but the environment where we grow and develop ourselves has a lot of say in our… 776 more words