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What do we mean by Learning Style? Learning styles according to Wikipedia is nothing but different ways by which a person can learn. These are the ways a person picks up information from their surroundings, understands them and retains the information. 2,277 more words


Staying calm and connected through tantrums for older children who are pushing your buttons

Another day another argument. Let me describe for you what I’m thinking about. A child is playing a play station, father walks up and says, ‘time to get off’. 1,068 more words


Handling lack of attention in young kids: Triggers, Strategies & Red Flags

As a parent, it’s perfectly alright if you are worried with your child’s inattentive behavior.  If you feel that your kid is giving you a hard time in terms of paying attention to the assigned tasks or during home or school activities then your mind is probably wandering and your thoughts are racing just to know the reasons or triggers behind lack of attention on the part of a kid. 1,721 more words


parenting: the good parent

The most difficult thing now a day is to parent a child, giving birth seems to be easier than being a parent.

Parenting is more of an art rather than a skill and you know why because even after some common don’ts, what to be done may vary from child to child. 447 more words


Handling lack of attention in young kids: Part 1

Today’s topic on Child Rearing and Parenting theme is Handling lack of attention in young kids. The reason behind choosing this topic is obvious as most of the mommies at my discussion group have requested to discuss it. 533 more words


Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a psychologist when you first meet?

Have you ever wondered what going through the mind of a psychologist when you’re in a session? Here’s what I’m thinking about when I see a new client and their family. 387 more words