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Imaginary Friends? All part of growing up...

Last week my son discovered something. A friend that woke him up while he slept. A little boy who hangs out in his room. A friend we have not seen or heard. 322 more words


Babies aren't just 'a clump of cells', says science


These are findings from child psychology, which includes the latest addition of fetal psychology now imaging tech is sufficient not to harm them (which would be… 281 more words


This Month's Inquiry Learning: Stages of Self-Awareness in Young Children

This month at Creative World School, we are exploring all of the wonderful, amazing, beautiful things that make us unique!

Teaching your child self-awareness promotes empathy and kindness as well as a high self-esteem. 235 more words


Parenting is a Quest

Hello & Welcome!! I am beginning this blog to share thoughts on parenting, children and the interesting world of child psychology/therapy. I have over 20 years of working with children and adolescents as a therapist (and as old as that make me sounds, I feel defiantly young!). 725 more words

Child Psychology

Giving a Moment: Gifts from the Heart.

Remember childhood? Remember those times when you longed for the attention of your parents, hoping that during their daily hustle they would somehow take a moment to simply engage your interests with undivided attention? 1,059 more words


On Hoping For The Miracle Of Precocity

A few days ago, I met some neighbors, out for a walk with their son (who was riding in a stroller.) As we chatted, they turned to their son and asked him a question or two. 508 more words


Disciplining your Rowdy child

Is you child overtly defiant, rowdy, loud, whiny, and over annoying. Does he con constantly misbehaves in public or private or in plain simple words, is he just- rude. 687 more words

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