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A quite a bit of time has passed since I have posted here.  I guess that’s how time works.

It’s passing.   And at an alarming speed for this single mom.   424 more words

Single Mom

Fighting Toddlers

Fighting is a  natural instinct. All children need to learn to express their rights in non-combatant ways. They want what they want, and they have not learned how to resolve their problems. 394 more words


Good for You

Rant time. Hope you don’t mind.

Since becoming a parent, I’ve encountered a lot of other parents with other styles, philosophies or priorities. Of course, to each their own. 1,108 more words

New Mom

Teaching Your Toddler

Most parents want their child to be smarter and more advanced than their playmates. They can’t wait to teach the alphabet, and push their child to spout off a myriad of facts that they have taught them. 438 more words


Little Yellow Balloon

A couple weeks ago, Emma had her first real tragedy. It happened after her first dental cleaning and it will change her life forever. She learned what it feels like to feel loss which is a normal thing for adults to feel on a regular basis but there was always that first loss that starts it all.What was so terrible that Emma didn’t know how to react. 669 more words

Key Things I learned From the First Parenting Book I Read

Sometime in July, I borrowed a stack of books from the library that is quite close to my workplace. Being in downtown, the branch is definitely one of the largest ones – it is the main one actually. 1,087 more words

A Sweet Moment Sewing

I know it has been a few days since my last post, but I have a really cute one to share with you today. I have been finally able to get my sewing machine out since we moved into our new house and I have been having a lot of fun. 341 more words