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Breastfeeding- The Ups & Downs Told By a Kids Tummy Doc

Breastfeeding is the recommended form of sole nutrition for babies until 6 months of age. Once the baby starts solids it is still recommended that breastfeeding continues with the solid foods until at least 1 year of age. 1,059 more words

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If We Don't Have Children while Alive, Will We Be Able to Have Children in the Afterlife?

Here is a Spiritual Conundrum submitted to Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life by a reader named Giselle:

If we don’t have children while alive, will we be able to have children in the afterlife?

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My son’s iPhone saved my mornings.

If your child is anything like mine, they have a slight to major device addition. Like literally they can’t function unless they’re attached to something that requires either charging or batteries. 1,032 more words

Back To School

When Should I Call and When Can It Wait??

Answers to Your Questions About Your Child’s Tummy Aches

It’s been a busy week for everyone.  My Facebook feed is flooded with back to school pics of their kids holding the cute back to school signs.   994 more words

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Coconut Breaded Chicken Nuggets - Gluten Free and Dairy Free

I can not tell a lie.  My kids prefer to eat the typical toddler foods.  They love pizza, hot dogs, french fries and chicken nuggets. I had to spend ALOT of time to find a recipe for chicken nuggets that taste as good as their favorite frozen nuggets.   257 more words


My New Fav- Fair Life Milk

So I wanted to share with you a new product that we started drinking in our house.  Its called Fairlife milk.  My kids love drinking it and it keeps mommy and daddy happy knowing how transparent they are with their methods of filtration and dairy farming. 257 more words

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Sunday Morning Inspiration

When we think of Jim Carrey, we think of the slap stick comedian and actor best known for Dumb and Dumber, the Mask and Ace Venture:Pet Detective.   349 more words

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