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A Mother's Influence

This message was delivered at Hillcrest Baptist Church on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2015. This message deals with the difficulties and competing influences which mothers face. 1,077 more words


Plutarch's Pre-Mother's Day Advice for Fathers: Be A Good Example

Plutarch, On the Education of Children 20

“Once I add a few more things, I will complete my proposals. Beyond all other things, it is necessary that fathers, by avoiding transgressions and doing everything that is required, offer themselves as a clear example to their children, so that when looking at their father’s life as if in a mirror they may turn away from shameful deeds and words. 74 more words


On the road again!

I am traveling for the next 2 weeks. I am taking my book and CD to Europe and I get to teach in Prague. I am in a state of gratitude as I see life at work. 752 more words


Modern Milestones: Part One – Parenting and Childhood

Old Milestones New Milestones

Get pregnant Check fertility window with ‘Maybe Baby’
Prenatal classes: breathing No breathing; problem solve crying doll in class
No drugs… 386 more words


Dan's leg and a guilt that won't go away

We’d lost Dan by the time he was six; even at that age I reckon he’d already decided society really didn’t have much to offer a kid who had to wear an iron and leather calliper on one leg and who, if he couldn’t keep up, then no-one was going to wait for him. 2,382 more words

"Violence is a preventable brain disorder"


“The love and affection of the adults are literally growing the empathy centers of the brain.” A conversation about brain chemistry and physiology and peace and violence.


Baby Scarlett Grows

5 Months

Our Scarlett Rose is 5 months today. This sitting pose is new. She also gets a big kick out of standing on the floor with hands on the couch as I help her balance. 1,406 more words

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