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America the Great


Now that we have suffered through another massive eating spree, and followed up with massive shopping online spree, what is it about our country that makes it great? 361 more words

How to Grieve a Miscarriage With a Child in the House

I have to say these past few days have been rather crazy. I am still recovering from my D&C and my husband and I are trying to work out our feelings about the loss of our baby. 1,008 more words

On the Conservation of Mothers, An Excerpt

I have been traveling the last week or so and have just returned to my desk, my books, and my notes. My mother is staying with me awhile, so what better time to consider Emilie Loring’s second book, … 1,666 more words

Emilie Loring

I Miss VHS and Cassette

Being a 90s kid, I remember VHS and Cassette Tapes and therefore I remember when DVDs  and CDs came out. They were supposed to be these awesome things for movie goers and music listeners because they didn’t take up much space on the shelf and they could have hours of extras of bonus material that had been possible before on a VHS. 585 more words


Parental Leave blog days 7-11. End of level boss defeated.

Perhaps the greatest tribute to how handover week went is to say this: we survived our first day of parental leave. I am not sure I’d say we thrived but we (little A_ and I): 459 more words

Raising Godly Children: Susanna Wesley

Susanna Wesley, mother of John and Charles Wesley (a preacher and a great hymn writer, the founders of Methodism ) is someone I look up to a lot, especially as I enter a new season of motherhood. 453 more words


It's Quiet in My House

My house is quiet tonight. Now as a mom, if your house is quiet with your kids in it, that could be a bad thing. I know when my daughter is quiet normally it is because she has gotten into who knows what and is doing who knows what with it, but not tonight. 320 more words