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On Raising Children + Your Awareness As A Parent

Today I received a phone call from the disciplinarian from my son’s school. “It’s me again…” she said when I picked up the phone. Every time I get a call from his school, it’s either because he’s hurt, or he hurt someone else (by accident). 1,762 more words

Did I raise a bilingual child (or two) myself?

People often ask me if I raised my children bilingually.  I have to say, “No.  I didn’t have my book!!”  Since we were living in multilingual Miami when they were little, I thought it would happen automatically, without my doing anything.  106 more words

My Baby Isn't a Baby Anymore...

Well, he will always be my baby boy. My youngest child.  Today he turns 13! I can’t believe my big baby boy is 13! Where did the time go? 292 more words


Chinese Translation Now Available!

This is so exciting! My book, “Raising a Bilingual Child,” has been translated into (Mandarin) Chinese and was published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press at the end of 2015.   152 more words

Helping Your Child Deal with Grief & the Death of their Pets

In our lives, we will all experience loss.  It is part of the “circle of life”, (yup Disney reference there but we all know how Disney loves to incorporate death in the first 10 minutes of all their animated films).   1,669 more words

Child Raising

It Takes A Village

Last Monday was a hard day in the Topping household. Eggs didn’t let us go to sleep until almost midnight on Sunday night and was up at 4:30 am the next morning. 866 more words

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Why am I so Tired?

I have been super tired today. I don’t know why but it could be the fact I have an active two year old but it could be because I have so much going on in my head. 52 more words

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