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Episode 14 - Misfits


CAUTION FEELS: Katie and her friend and colleague Kaitanya have a laugh and an unexpected cry about what we’ve learnt from life, beautiful and ugly friendships, parenting and sad thoughts.


Two Weeks Without Internet

So we have been in our new house for two weeks and we have a funny story. So after a couple days we had our internet provider appointment and he came out to find that the cable to the house was bad and it needed to be replaced. 287 more words


Teaching Responsibility

We all need to feel needed, and that we are a contributing part of the family. Expecting your child to be helpful teaches responsibility. It promotes good self-esteem. 397 more words


Looking to the Future

So a few months ago, I wrote a post saying we might have mold in our rental. Well we did and in the process lost 99% of our possessions. 631 more words


Please Stop Crying

Crying can drive any parent crazy. There are many reasons your little one is crying, and it is your job to understand what they are trying to communicate to you. 382 more words


Bathing Baby

Your first baby’s first bath can be intimidating.  Where? is the first question.  Hopefully you have a plastic tub you can use.  Put it on the sink, not in the bathtub, it’ll save your back. 544 more words


Vegan mothers need to take a stand.

Baby death by veganism“, “”Vegan breastfeeding kills baby“, “Baby fed raw vegan diet dies of malnutrition” – reading these titles we have to assume that veganism is life-threatening, right? 238 more words