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Empathy for Single Parents

Man all I can do is applaud single parents. The longest I have ever had to watch my daughter without my husband present was four days while he was at a work conference. 303 more words


Are Commercials Evil?

I don’t believe that commercials are “evil” but I do think that they mess with your head. How? Well what are commercial supposed to do? They are supposed to make up unhappy with what yo have been blessed with and want that thing that really you could mare than likely live without. 557 more words

Life Hacks

Encouraging Bilingual Learning in your Child

People think it’s so easy for children to learn a second (or third) language and in some ways it is.  But only if they have a real stake in learning it.  93 more words

On Raising Children + Your Awareness As A Parent

Today I received a phone call from the disciplinarian from my son’s school. “It’s me again…” she said when I picked up the phone. Every time I get a call from his school, it’s either because he’s hurt, or he hurt someone else (by accident). 1,762 more words

Did I raise a bilingual child (or two) myself?

People often ask me if I raised my children bilingually.  I have to say, “No.  I didn’t have my book!!”  Since we were living in multilingual Miami when they were little, I thought it would happen automatically, without my doing anything.  106 more words

My Baby Isn't a Baby Anymore...

Well, he will always be my baby boy. My youngest child.  Today he turns 13! I can’t believe my big baby boy is 13! Where did the time go? 292 more words