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Two forgotten facts while preparing for a baby

Alhmadulellah, I’m 24 weeks pregnant! And ever since I’ve found out, I’ve been devouring every pregnancy guide/app/video that I could find. With all this research I found little to no Islamic guide for this miraculous journey, and I felt like I couldn’t be the only one struggling with this. 847 more words


Coping with the challenges of singlehood is tough. It is tougher on the children who struggle to find answers to questions beyond them, questions which only adults have answers to. 356 more words


after ten years

Ten years have passed.

This is what I had said to Geetha Rao, a reporter with The Times of India, in Jan 2007.

What has changed since? 456 more words


Bath Tub Bucket

As I bathed my two small children in a bucket while holding a flashlight, I thought, This is not real life. This isn’t really happening. Soon, I will wake up and this will all be over. 584 more words

Life On The Ranch

Friday, finally

It’s raining! How lovely. I cannot say enough times just how much I love rain. I’ve probably already mentioned this countless times in other posts, but I can never emphasise it enough. 721 more words


Sarah Edwards and I

Sarah Edwards is, along with Susanna Wesley, a woman whom I greatly respect as a godly mother and wife. I have to admit to being overwhelmed when I read about her strength of character and consistency with her children. 1,024 more words


Train Wreck

You guys, confession time: I did an awful thing.

We went to this gorgeous wedding. The venue was a beaten-up sports arena, and the decorators had done wonders. 931 more words