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Friday, finally

It’s raining! How lovely. I cannot say enough times just how much I love rain. I’ve probably already mentioned this countless times in other posts, but I can never emphasise it enough. 721 more words


Sarah Edwards and I

Sarah Edwards is, along with Susanna Wesley, a woman whom I greatly respect as a godly mother and wife. I have to admit to being overwhelmed when I read about her strength of character and consistency with her children. 1,025 more words


Train Wreck

You guys, confesson time: I did an awful thing.

We went to this gorgeous wedding. The venue was a beaten-up sports arena, and the decorators had done wonders. 943 more words


Raising a child with a minimum restraints.

A child needs a maximum space and freedom to express himself, which bolsters his confidence, and makes him an healthy child in every way. Too much pressure and restrictions will make him weak. 1,136 more words

Making it Work

So here is actually a funny story for today. I know my posts lately have been about loss and sadness, but there is a lot of joy and good going on in my life. 245 more words

"Sensory issues"

I have been teaching a long time, but I first heard of “sensory integration” concerns in Montessori training, not from one of my teachers, but from a fellow intern and mom.   719 more words



America the Great


Now that we have suffered through another massive eating spree, and followed up with massive shopping online spree, what is it about our country that makes it great? 361 more words