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This Is What Political Correctness Breeds

Why is this going on? Why are the most guilty foreign “imports” yet the media does not report on this? Why are people merely looking the other way? 219 more words

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Dance Instructor Pleads Guilty In Child Sex Case

DOVER, Del. (AP) — A Delaware dance instructor has pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual contact with a teenage boy, just days before his scheduled trial. 136 more words


Lead For Breakfast . . .

20 Years? This vermin ONLY received 20 years? Why not force this despicable piece of crap to eat a bullet instead? We need to enforce ZERO TOLERANCE for child rape. 50 more words

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Put Them Away For A Long, Long Time

How horrible. People MUST work together to put an end to this sickness. This is what happens when you raise generations with virtually no morals, no family values, no guidance, no parental involvement. 135 more words

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