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TOWARDS the FINAL HEARING regarding CUSTODY over the #whistleblowerkids on 05 August

I’ve been thinking about priorities for the next weeks before the final hearing regarding the fate of Alisa and Gabriel:

  • our supreme challenge to WIN THIS CASE by NOT letting Pauffley give custody over the children to the father whom they accused…
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Child Sexual Abuse

DEJA VU: SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE (#SRA) in Report of ROYAL COMMISSION Police Service New South Wales

In August 1997 it was published: the report by the Royal Commission into the Police Service of New South Wales. Six Volumes which I obviously hadn’t read from cover to cover. 445 more words

Sexual Abuse

Related Family and Criminal Proceedings: Nice Words, Harsh Realities #whistleblowerkids #forcedadoption

The network of committed and dedicated ‘online activists’ is remarkable:

  • Hampstead Research does online what Barnet Police omitted to do offline: investigate the 70+ abusers, the 8 schools and the 1 church regularly abusing 20 children…
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Barnet Police

How PV rape test shows the finger to the victim

Rnn Live

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Rape is not just a physical assault; it scars the mind, body and the very soul. Wracked by a million questions and doubts, it takes a survivor all she has got to face the situation and confide in somebody she loves and has complete faith in. 531 more words


Six Flawed Reasons Christians are Defending Josh Duggar

Once again it seems I find myself spinning in a vortex of sorts. A whirlwind Christian onslaught of defense for yet another child predator. This time the abuser is a public figure, someone who has convinced a large majority of the religious population that he is holy and righteous because he plays that on TV. 2,009 more words