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I once had a college professor that said something profound to our class one day that I never forgot. I wish I could remember exactly how he said it and the context within the conversation. 461 more words


Wife of football coach Jerry Sandusky appears at sex abuse appeal hearing to support her husband

Wife of football coach Jerry Sandusky appears at sex abuse appeal hearing to support her pedophile husband despite the fact that he molested their adopted son… 252 more words

Child Sexual Abuse

space travelling {a poem}

i’ve been filling myself up for years
with anything that can let me live
under the illusion that i do not feel empty.

because feeling it means acknowledging… 43 more words


The Deathly Draw of Music

The last three days I have been fighting to make healthy decisions.  But as I write that, I wonder how much fighting was actually going on.  302 more words

Depression Is

I have decided to begin writing a post called depression is. This is where I will post what depression is to me. I believe that depression is often miss understood. 186 more words

Sexual Abuse

The Investigative Challenges Of Live Streamed Child Abuse

Among the challenges facing digital forensic investigators today, the instantaneous nature of online communication is arguably one of the most persistent. Trying to investigate whether a crime has occurred, and if so to bring its perpetrators to justice in a space that is constantly changing, is no simple task. 2,042 more words

Digital Forensics

It is May 1st, and it’s a beautiful day outside.  Earlier this morning I had to smile as I thought to myself that while I was literally removing the weeds from my garden – over the last several years I have been weeding out the negative in my life.  

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Living Life