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JULY 26, 2017 – Connie Reguli

I had lunch today with one of my favorite members of the Davidson County Bar who also suffers through juvenile court on a regular basis like I do. 1,403 more words

Insider speaks out: Global #Paedophile Ring controls #Satanic #Hollywood @StopRitualAbuse

This is an excellent article from an American perspective – with a lot of shocking evidence of children being abuses – often with a Satanic twist – relating the rituals back to Babylon: 106 more words


Towards 10th #Maddie #McCann Anniversary: American #Paedophilia - prerequisite of wealthy elite? @UKHomeOffice

This article was posted on 09 February 2016:

It is an excellent introduction into having to consider uncomfortable truths: that good is evil and evil is good among those who are in positions of power globally. 177 more words

Historic Deception

Satanic Ritual Abuse #SRA: it's real but it can be healed @RT

Instead of SHARING this article via Facebook or email, I copied it from the remarkable site Humans are Free.  I find the daily postings very inspiring, as they are far ranging. 1,513 more words

New World Order

Sabine McNeill Now Released from Custody

I am in Brittany and just received a message that Sabine McNeill is in custody in some police cell in London.

What for and for why I do not know but if anyone is out there living near Highbury Corner Magistrates for 9.30am please be there. 8,038 more words