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Towards 10th #Maddie #McCann Anniversary: American #Paedophilia - prerequisite of wealthy elite? @UKHomeOffice

This article was posted on 09 February 2016:

It is an excellent introduction into having to consider uncomfortable truths: that good is evil and evil is good among those who are in positions of power globally. 177 more words

Historic Deception

Satanic Ritual Abuse #SRA: it's real but it can be healed @RT

Instead of SHARING this article via Facebook or email, I copied it from the remarkable site Humans are Free.  I find the daily postings very inspiring, as they are far ranging. 1,513 more words

New World Order

Sabine McNeill Now Released from Custody

I am in Brittany and just received a message that Sabine McNeill is in custody in some police cell in London.

What for and for why I do not know but if anyone is out there living near Highbury Corner Magistrates for 9.30am please be there. 8,038 more words

Access To Justice

Child snatching in the UK, a business worth billions

photographs of an advertisement placed on the back of local buses by Norfolk and Suffolk county councils. “New challenge,” it reads. “Have you thought of fostering? 439 more words

Corrupt Social Workers