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Transformation Tuesday: Ariel Winter

Hi Friends!

I’ll be honest, I’m seriously crushing on Ariel Winter. But since it’s Tuesday and Tuesday’s are for transformations and not crushes, It’s only natural and of course, my duty to provide you with how much Ariel has transformed in her 18 year old life. 377 more words

1968: Oliver!

– For your talent is employable, so make your life enjoyable. A world with pockets open wide awaits your whim to grope inside. – Fagin discusses career options, … 870 more words

X Child Stars: Where Are They Now by Kathy Archer and Fred Ascher

X Child Stars: Where Are They Now by Kathy Archer and Fred Ascher explores the lives of numerous child actors who appeared on some of our favorite television shows beginning in the 1950’s through the 1990’s. 517 more words


Civil-rights activists owe to Malcolm X

What today’s civil-rights activists owe to Malcolm X.

Thandisiwe Jackson-Nisan thinks Malcolm X’s political legacy doesn’t get enough recognition. She’s hoping to change that. “We hear about Martin Luther King a lot but we don’t hear as much about Malcolm,” she said. 659 more words


#24: Michael Jackson - 'Childhood' (1995)

Michael Jackson’s tragic life is only the most famous cautionary tale of what happens when you rob a kid of his childhood, thrust him in front of the public eye, and force him to perform out of fear. 495 more words

Babies, Back To One

I recently worked with a set of little girl triplets that set my heart on fire.

I didn’t see them come in, with their minute Irish mom they were the spitting image of, trailed by two doting nannies. 502 more words


Citizen Kane: Fictional Biopic Masterpiece

Citizen Kane is a movie that I’ve heard about for many years. It left an impact in the pop culture consciousness that resonated down the decades.  1,010 more words