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How a paternity test can sometimes complicate a custody case

The reality is that the paternity of a child can be a real issue in some child custody or support cases between unmarried parents.  These cases are commonly referred to as paternity cases. 555 more words

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Is it worth applying for Child Support?

An enquiry came into Family Law Results’ website that was similar in theme to other enquiries we regularly receive about child support:

“I need financial assistance for my children from their father, my ex husband. 609 more words

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Paying child support before the entry of an order

In many child custody and support matters between unmarried parents, it can be some time before the parties are able to get their matter before a judge to enter an order as to custody and child support. 444 more words

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Child Support Includes Upward Deviation for Educational Expenses in Nashville, TN Divorce: Thayer v. Thayer

Facts: Mother and Father are the divorced parents of an autistic child. When they divorced, they agreed that Father would pay the tuition for the child to attend a special preschool for autistic children and that any other fees would be divided between them. 425 more words

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Failure to Make Child Support Modification Retroactive Reversed in Clarksville, TN: Blackwell v. Blackwell

Facts: Mother and Father are the parents of two children. When they divorced, they agreed Mother would be the primary residential parent for their daughter while Father would be the primary residential parent for their son. 405 more words

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"I'm paying Child Support but don't think I am the Dad"

“I’ve been paying Child Support but I don’t think I am the child’s father”. My client had been paying child support for quite a number of years for a child who, for a number of complicated reasons, he had not been having a relationship with. 475 more words

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How LinkedIn pages can be useful in divorce

With the advent of social media, online accounts are becoming more important in family law cases.  From Facebook, to Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Vine and other social media accounts, lots of useful information can be found online that can be helpful in a litigious divorce matter. 356 more words