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Former Stay-At-Home Parent Not Voluntarily Underemployed in Nashville, TN Divorce: Cain-Swope v. Swope

Facts: After 22 years of marriage, Husband and Wife divorced. Although many issues were raised on appeal, the most noteworthy one, in my opinion, was the question of whether Husband is voluntarily underemployed for… 623 more words

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Conflicts With Court Ordered Parenting Time

It is frequently asked by parents living under parenting schedules ordered by the Court, what can they do to get the other parent to be more cooperative in last minute or long term plans that conflict with the parenting schedule. 466 more words



Dissolution of a marriage can only happen through a divorce decree issued by a Court of competent jurisdiction. However, many states issue¬†“legal separation”, “conversion divorce”or “separate support” judgments– which fall short of a divorce but still address certain marital situations. 477 more words


Agreed Child Support Order Not Void in Memphis Child Support Modification: State ex rel. Rogers v. Lewis

Facts: Mother and Father are the unmarried parents of Child.

All the way back in 1999, the trial court approved the parties’ agreed order establishing… 392 more words

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Failure to Pay Child Support Not Willful in Waverly, TN Termination of Parental Rights Case: In re Michael B.

Facts: Father and Stepmother petitioned to terminate Mother’s parental rights to Child so Stepmother could adopt Child.

The proof showed Mother was a heroin addict. She earned money through prostitution to support her drug habit. 513 more words

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Consecutive Sentence Likely Excessive in Postdivorce Criminal Contempt Case in Murfreesboro, TN: Burris v. Burris

Facts: Father and Mother, the parents of three children, were divorced in 2008. Father was named the primary residential parent, and Mother was ordered to pay child support. 782 more words

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Purfectly Imperfect in Purple Event - Please support Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc...

Please join Sonya Mckinzie the CEO & President of Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc. and our very special guest speakers Lawrenceville Police Department, Certified Domestic Violence Officer, James Howard, and Survivor and Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate and Founder of S.A.V.E.D, … 153 more words