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Where Does Your Child Live? Child Custody

“I have Joint Custody.”

I hear this often,”…but I have Joint Custody!” However, the Court Order determines what you have.

There are 2 types of Custody in Mississippi Law. 173 more words


No Automatic Entitlement to Federal Tax Exemption in Chattanooga, TN Divorce: Bidelman-Dye v. Dye

Facts: Mother and Father divorced in Chattanooga.

Mother was designated the primary residential parent for Child. Husband was ordered to pay child support.

Many issues were disputed and appealed. 370 more words

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Court Divided (Again) Over Whether Parenting Plan Modification Must Address Child Support: In re Gabrielle R.

Facts: Mother and Father are the parents of two children. Father paid court-ordered child support.

Later, Father petitioned to change custody. Immediately prior to the trial, the parties announced they had reached an agreement changing the parenting schedule and the amount of each party’s parenting time. 790 more words

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Trial Court Reversed for Failing to Award Attorney's Fees in Nashville Child Support Modification: In Re Jasmine G.

Facts: Mother and Father are the unmarried parents of Child. When they separated, Mother was designated the primary residential parent and Father was ordered to pay child support. 737 more words

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What can bank statements show in a divorce?

In a divorce, there is a lot of information and evidence that a court may look at in terms of helping insure a just result.  One piece of evidence that can become important is bank statements. 290 more words


How to get your kids' school records if divorced

This was recommended by David Bambic and Heather Stern – activists trying to reform family courts and make them follow the law!

Help with getting School records here is the format that is used at any and all schools works in 50 states. 477 more words

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Child Support Obligation Automatically Ends When Child Becomes Adult in Sevierville, TN Child Support Case: Mitchell v. Hall

Facts: Mother and Father, the parents of three children, divorced in 2003. Father was ordered to pay $1400 per month for child support until the middle child turned 18. 650 more words

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