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Tennessee Lacks Jurisdiction in Interstate Child-Support Case: State ex rel. Spurlock v. Torres

Facts: Mother and Father are the divorced parents of four children.

They lived in Texas until, according to Father, Mother moved the children to Tennessee in 1998 without his knowledge or consent. 660 more words

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Retroactive Child Support to Date of Birth Affirmed in Elizabethtown, TN: Parrish v. Griggs

Facts: Mother and Father had a five-year relationship. By the time it ended, Father lived in Illinois and Mother in Tennessee.

Mother got pregnant. After Child was born, Father visited Mother and Child in Tennessee on several occasions. 837 more words

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Child-Support Issues Raised in Williamson Co., TN: Sansom v. Sansom

Facts: Mother and Father are the divorced parents of Child. This appeal involved several postdivorce disputes, only two of which are noteworthy:

  • the dispute over what constitutes a “day” for child-support purposes, and…
  • 857 more words
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Tennessee Legislature Changes Interest on Child-Support Arrearages

Those of you who read my yearly legislative-update posts know that I don’t think much of our legislature when it comes to new family-law legislation. So my thoughts on their latest foray into… 618 more words

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Which Version of Tennessee's Child Support Guidelines Are Used to Determine Retroactive Child Support?: Maher v. Woodruff

Facts: Mother and Father divorced in 1998. At the time of the divorce, they shared custody of their two children. Father was ordered to pay $1500 per month in child support. 624 more words

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Third-Party Caregiver's Impact on Child Support Examined in Memphis, TN: State ex rel. Williams v. Woods

Facts: This case involves the never-married parents of Child. The trial court had to determine Father’s retroactive child support obligation/arrearage after Child had graduated from high school and became an adult. 600 more words

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Voluntary Agreement to Pay Private School Tuition Is Modifiable in Chattanooga, TN Child Support Dispute: Ghorashi-Bjaestani v. Bajestani

Facts: When Husband and Wife divorced in 2009, the court entered their agreed parenting plan which provided that Husband agreed to pay the children’s private school expenses through 12th grade. 578 more words

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