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Ask Carolyn: "Who should get the three dependency exemptions?"

Dear Carolyn:

My ex and I share the children fifty-fifty.  We have three children.  I make approximately $25,000 more than the other parent.  I pay child support even though I have them half the time.  499 more words

Carolyn J. Woodruff

Child Support in Massachusetts

Are you familiar with child support laws in Massachusetts?  I invite you to look at my website for information or call me to schedule a consultation to review the specifics of your unique situation.

Child Support

5 Gift Ideas For Dads (Who Don't Make Child Support Payments)

Oh, men are just delightful, aren’t they? Especially the ones who grant you the gift of a child, go on to accomplish their goals and live their lives in pure freedom? 599 more words

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Ask Carolyn: "I read that awful case in New Jersey where the 18-year-old sued her parents..."

Dear Carolyn:

I read that awful case in New Jersey where the 18-year-old sued her parents for child support and college.  What a tragedy!  I have a 16 year old daughter, who paid close attention to this story. 576 more words

Woodruff Family Law Group

4DCA: Reverses Order Domesticating Italian Divorce Decree

Reversing an order on a petition to domesticate an Italian divorce decree and sought enforcement of child support, the Fourth District reversed and held that the Italian divorce decree, on its face, did not grant or deny child support but rather eluded to a separate agreement between the parties and the former wife did not present that separate agreement to the trial court. 21 more words

Child Support

Bare. Naked. Cleansed, fresh, and new...

In the presence of God, bare and naked….. at the center of the four corners of the walls, and down on bended knee and head bowed in prayer, I say “God, what is it that I am to do”, “How should I serve your graciously in your kingdom”, and “Where is my place, home, and destiny” and how can I travel and arrive there?  203 more words

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Gifts from Family Included in Gross Income for Child Support in Sumner Co., TN: Howell v. Howell

Facts: Mother and Father divorced after 12 years of marriage.

The proof at trial showed Mother received eight separate gifts of money from her parents over a seven month period after the parties’ separation. 516 more words

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