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Failure to Make Child Support Modification Retroactive Reversed in Clarksville, TN: Blackwell v. Blackwell

Facts: Mother and Father are the parents of two children. When they divorced, they agreed Mother would be the primary residential parent for their daughter while Father would be the primary residential parent for their son. 405 more words

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"I'm paying Child Support but don't think I am the Dad"

“I’ve been paying Child Support but I don’t think I am the child’s father”. My client had been paying child support for quite a number of years for a child who, for a number of complicated reasons, he had not been having a relationship with. 475 more words

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How LinkedIn pages can be useful in divorce

With the advent of social media, online accounts are becoming more important in family law cases.  From Facebook, to Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Vine and other social media accounts, lots of useful information can be found online that can be helpful in a litigious divorce matter. 356 more words


Quitting a Higher-Paying Job Before Getting Fired Does Not Lead to Voluntary Underemployment in Murfreesboro, TN Child Support Case: Smith v. Smith

Facts: After the parties’ divorced, Mother was ordered to pay child support.

A few years later, Mother petitioned to modify her child-support obligation, alleging that her income had substantially decreased while Father’s income had substantially increased. 595 more words

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5DCA: Due Process for Contempt Charges

Reversing an order finding the husband in contempt for failure to pay temporary child support and requiring him to bring his child support payments current within five days, the failure to afford the Husband an opportunity to present evidence and be heard on the Wife’s motion for contempt deprived him of his right to procedural due process. 21 more words

1DCA: Adjustment for Travel Expenses

An adjustment to the former husband’s child support responsibility based on his estimated monthly travel expenses for visitation, which results in an allocation of approximately ninety-seven percent of those expenses to the former wife, contitues reversible error as visitation travel expenses should be allocated in the same guidelines ratio as govern allocation of the other child care expenses, unless the trial court makes findings explaining why a different allocation ‘is needed to achieve an equitable result.   47 more words

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Are you unable to comply with a court's order?

At the conclusion of a family law case, courts and judges are going to assume that the parties are going to abide by their orders and judgments.   346 more words

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