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E-FILE The Bradley Kansas Child Support Worksheet

The protocol for e-filing in Kansas courts requires (with only a single exception) that any document (such as an order or child support worksheet) which needs a judge’s signature to become effective must be filed as a Word* document. 149 more words

Ask Carolyn: "My ex is taking me back for child support AGAIN...I'm broke. Can she do this?"

Dear Carolyn:

My ex is taking me back for child support AGAIN.  All I am currently getting is social security, and I live with my elderly mother.  301 more words

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With all Bradley Software programs, help is just a keystroke away!!  The F1 key (located just to the right of the ESC key on the top row of your keyboard) is the “key” to getting assistance that is “keyed” to your location in the program – we call it “location relevant” or “context sensitive” help. 87 more words

Allocation of Travel Expenses After Parental Relocation Affirmed in Williamson County, TN: Dahl v. Young

Facts: Mother and Father divorced in 2010. Mother was named the primary residential parent and was awarded 223 days of parenting time to Father’s 142 days. 1,017 more words

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2DCA: Demonstrating Inability to Pay Child Support for Modification

A trial court errs by modifying a child support order where the father is in arrears in the amount of $24,000 but fails to allege or show that he was unable to comply with the previous support order. 26 more words


Ask Carolyn: "Who should get the three dependency exemptions?"

Dear Carolyn:

My ex and I share the children fifty-fifty.  We have three children.  I make approximately $25,000 more than the other parent.  I pay child support even though I have them half the time.  499 more words

Carolyn J. Woodruff

Child Support in Massachusetts

Are you familiar with child support laws in Massachusetts?  I invite you to look at my website for information or call me to schedule a consultation to review the specifics of your unique situation.

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