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5 Tips for Choosing Child support lawyers

Couples with youngsters who decide on separation not just need decent child support lawyers advisor to speak to them, yet additionally a tyke authority lawyer rehearsed in ensuring the privileges of the kid or kids included. 354 more words

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When You Twin Wrong|~2.75 mins

Twins. Oh, the joys of having two babies at one time. They can be girls, boys, or a girl and a boy. They can be identical or fraternal. 557 more words


Higher Education on the Broken Road!

The first bit after having the baby was a bit chaotic, I had a limited amount of time before I had to go back to work… my Ex wanted to make his “Business ” legit … something he could build and leave to his son (later all 3 sons) , so we made a decision for me to apply for a Pell Grant and then Applied to the local Technical College down the street …. 878 more words

Boy Mom

Here’s What’s New

  • Taxes
  • Just enough money to keep the courts off his ass
  • 401k still floundering
  • Still waiting on the state even though I don’t think it’s going to help…
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Saskatchewan ombudsman says an income assistance rule is not fair

Social services benefits are typically tied to income, but what if money being counted as income never reaches you?

Saskatchewan’s ombudsman, Mary McFadyen, considered a legislated rule for income assistance and child support unfair in her annual report. 280 more words


The Care And Feeding Of Your Own Personal Ex-Spouse

If you’re divorced with kids, you’ve got one. They lurk around the corners of your life, not quite touching your personal space, but somehow part of it nonetheless. 592 more words


Vlog: New York Alimony and Child Support Basics

This Vlog is a short chat about the basics of Alimony (called “maintenance” in New York) and child support under the statutory framework. Keep in mind that these are quick explanations of complicated areas that have many exceptions. 45 more words

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