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Don't like it? Break it and make it better.

I’m a great believer in not just leaving things alone – if something’s broken I like to fix it. In this case, this:

The Silje jacket… 169 more words


#SelfLoveSaturday : Forgive And Try to Forget!

Close Your eyes.(Well ,not now but right after reading the next sentence or paragraph .)Think about that one Girl or Guys,maybe from you childhood maybe from you current adult life,that been a real Poop to you.   155 more words


Pokie & Monster

Blonde hair and sweet blue eyes.
When they smile at me, I feel it to my toes.
They dance and they play, and they laugh. 136 more words

Brighten up a Child's Life With Good Education

There are no two opinions on the importance of education. While it can happen throughout our lives, it is all the more important for children. It transforms lives. 513 more words


Thank you!

This is my very first attempt in blogging. Inspired by many mothers so share their experiences so beautifully. I will take time to write the way they do, but then a mother’s feelings doesn’t need words or sentences which need to be googled for meanings later! 573 more words