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Doctor`s clinic

Patient: Doctor, you gave my son a vaccine. we went out, had lunch and returned home. He has a scary rash now.

Doc: Is it? Ok. 29 more words


After not being able to Olivia for the outing, he was definitely sad, but it did not stop him from asking her out the next day. 1,050 more words



So you just said, that you don’t like the RAIN

Literally, it gave God the pain

His beautiful creation,

His all time and patience

Just give rain a simple try… 113 more words

Poem 5

Ode to a child that never was born
Ode to a child that died too young
Ode to the mothers who missed the chance
To hold their child and show them love. 38 more words



Sam was a harbour captain in THE PORT OF ASTAGOA. Ivory was a highly educated woman. She had not taken up a job as her father planned to get her married. 768 more words



Like the hands of a clock,

Stuck in time,

Is the birth of an unloved


A petal pushes through, “a girl.”

Hope, her murmur, for happiness and… 241 more words

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