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25/3/17 - A Mother's Tale


Day 231


Parenthood. There’s countless articles & books, they all tell you how to do it right, and they all tell you different things. 579 more words

Love..I just wished..

I so wished to be loved
I was not entitled to..

I have been a lonesome boy
I had none to call mine 137 more words


Recomposing the past

In a way I’m recomposing the past. All my life I’m stuck in my childhood and trying to figure out what it is about. It’s about my friend Alex, about my mother, about me. 348 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Amazed child towards camera lens !🙄

Camera : Canon Eos 1200D,

Focal length :55.0 mm,

White balance : Auto,

Aperture : 5.0


7 Remarks You Need To Stop Saying To Women Who Don't Want Children

We Heart It I am a woman who doesn’t want to procreate – not now, not in five years, not in 15 years, not ever. End of discussion. 31 more words


My Best Year In School

Life in school is often regarded as the best any person can have. School life is carefree and filled with joy, fun and activity. It is that period in our lives where we meet friends who stay with us for an indefinite amount of time, being there through thick and thin and to witness everything, like forming a rebellion when one gets good marks or being the best man/maid of honour when one gets a romantic partner. 882 more words


You're in control now. 

We’re conditioned by our upbringing at an early age. Whatever life was like growing up, will tend to follow suit into adulthood. This can be a serious problem if you ended up adopting destructive habits. 86 more words