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Laughing Eyes #OctPoWriMo

I look in my son’s laughing eyes
His smile invigorates my soul
I look in my son’s laughing eyes

Possessing a gift to console
Even though he is unaware… 95 more words


I Just Want To Be Alone.

On my own.
All alone.

I imagine alone as a mom of three little ones.
Physically alone.
I crave alone.
Peace and quiet. 225 more words


Out On The Balcony

Annie was watching Tony play with his new ball drop toy and started thinking of how her life would change if he were suddenly gone. Tears started to drip slowly down her cheek. 198 more words


Dealing With A Child's Temper Tantrums

Let’s be real! A child’s temper tantrums are not just frustrating but embarrassing as well for most parents. Dealing with a full blown terrible temper tantrum can be exhausting. 828 more words


When I was a Child

People may call it naive, or innocence, but

when I was a child, I always thought that the world is alongside me:

The Moon follows me.

72 more words
Human Behaviour

12 Tips to Boost Your Child's Self-Confidence

The world can be a confusing and challenging place. This is especially true for a child. Children don’t have a lot of control over their lives. 573 more words