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It beats me, I wouldn’t know if I should term it feminism or recklessness.

I¬†was on a commercial motorcycle on a major highway and a salon car sped by, in the corner of my eye, I saw a lady driving…..wait a minute…I think I saw her with a kid on her laps. 137 more words


"I don't want a haircut, mummy!"

Until I became a mother, I never realised how intrinsically linked a child's hair is to their gender identity. I had no idea that a boy wouldn't know he was a boy if he had long hair. 1,182 more words

this is mama.

dropped off the family entries

to the library’s annual lego building contest

there were so many good ones to see

¬†elaborate, creative, funny, scary, lovely, colorful, detailed… 98 more words


How I Got Started.. (Part 1)

In June of 2017, I was 8 months pregnant, working 2 jobs and really the epitome of a workaholic. I was 2 weeks from going on maternity leave, but imagined myself likely working until I gave birth. 212 more words


Little Voices Magnified

Yesterday, as I watched the mini-bus full of our Redwood team pull out of the preschool on their way back to California, I felt the tears welling up. 429 more words


Tree House

The tree house sits on a giant Kottang tree in the backyard.
A playhouse, a play pen for a little child

And a gadget-rich den for inner-child. 220 more words



A moment so precious

Child scurrying about

A daughter yanking

Pulling me around

Yelling “Play with me!”

I pounce to the ground

“Better run,

Because..Here.. 33 more words