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Body Mechanics- I


As the baby grows in the womb, your center of gravity will shift. The additional weight in the front could create a swayback posture, causing discomfort on the lower back. 287 more words

Childbirth Education

Effects of Tetracycline and Aspirin in Pregnancy


Tetracycline is a wide-spectrum antibiotic. During pregnancy it crosses into the placenta, and goes directly to the unborn child’s teeth. It may continue in affecting the teeth of the fetus causing yellow mottling and staining. 160 more words

Childbirth Education

Big Data Gone Wrong

I’m the only one I know who didn’t get overly upset to learn that the NSA is reading all of our emails and listening to our phone calls. 245 more words

Good Enough Aging

How can I get pregnant soon and how to have a boy or girl?

This question is very important for some women who wanted to have a baby soon.

The following answers are derived from my readings, so please consult your doctor. 248 more words