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Childbirth Education

Baby Wearing - Part 2

Why would it be of benefit to you as a mother to carry your baby, using any method?

It would assure you that continuity is available for your baby.  341 more words

Childbirth Education

Baby Wearing - Part 1

Baby Wearing

1950s – American Woman Carrying a Baby

Many cultures have used baby wearing for a variety of reasons.  Some cultures have lost the wisdom behind its use, and many have gravitated to more modern ways, such as the use of a stroller or pram to bring babies along with them on walks and to the store. 341 more words

Childbirth Education

Anovulation and Irregular Cycles

No two females are the same.  Women have cycles that vary.  It is dependent on if she is an adolescent girl, just coming off the pill, breastfeeding, or is approaching menopause. 773 more words

Childbirth Education

Natural Contraception - Part 3

The Four Rules

  1.  First Five Days Rule

You are safe during the first five days of the menstrual cycle if you have had an obvious temperature shift about 12 to 16 days prior. 685 more words

Childbirth Education

Natural Contraception - Part 2

The Fertility Awareness Method works as a contraceptive only if you choose to either postpone intercourse or use a barrier method when you are fertile. You should be aware the method is most effective when you abstain. 396 more words

Childbirth Education

Pain in Childbirth - Part 2

What contributes to PAIN in labor?


Muscles that are stretched, hurt. The muscles of the uterus work faster, the blood and oxygen flow is lessened. 879 more words

Childbirth Education