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Natural Contraception - Part 3

The Four Rules

  1.  First Five Days Rule

You are safe during the first five days of the menstrual cycle if you have had an obvious temperature shift about 12 to 16 days prior. 685 more words

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Natural Contraception - Part 2

The Fertility Awareness Method works as a contraceptive only if you choose to either postpone intercourse or use a barrier method when you are fertile. You should be aware the method is most effective when you abstain. 396 more words

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Childfree By Choice: An Open Letter

To Whom it May Concern:

I find it funny that being a straight woman of childbearing age, I am told I will never know what real unconditional love is if I do not choose to bring a child into this world. 356 more words


Pain in Childbirth - Part 2

What contributes to PAIN in labor?


Muscles that are stretched, hurt. The muscles of the uterus work faster, the blood and oxygen flow is lessened. 879 more words

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Pain in Childbirth - Part 1

Biological Purpose of Pain

The human body responds to pain with either the response to flee, or the response to stand and fight. Some responses are automatic, such as the immediate withdrawal of the hand when burned accidently. 533 more words

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Body Mechanics- I


As the baby grows in the womb, your center of gravity will shift. The additional weight in the front could create a swayback posture, causing discomfort on the lower back. 287 more words

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