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Mom Body

It’s a thing. We all know it. Whether that thing is, “How will my body change after a baby?” or “I’m trying to get back into pre-pregnancy jeans,” or “My body is lumpy but it’s amazing and I have so much respect for it!” or “What’s YOUR excuse?” from the hard-ab’ed woman surrounded by toddlers. 1,018 more words



Happy Independence Day! Deep gratitude for our beautiful country and those who serve it. Thank you.


How are you honoring Father's Day?

Today, I reflect on the men I’ve had in my life as this day is dedicated to fathers. It brings up strong emotions as how does one celebrate abusive fathers and men? 347 more words


First blog post

3 Vital Positions to Practice for Early Labor

So, you’re at or near your due date, filling your time with projects while you wait for baby to come. 556 more words

Birth Doula

Prenatal Classes Begin Thurs, 6/29/17 & Sat, 9/09/17 

Spots are available for Bradley Method® classes beginning on Thursday, 6/29/17 & Saturday, 9/09/17. Register Today! Your referrals are appreciated & rewarded with a free AromaTouch® Technique or Emotion Code® Session for their enrollment! 11 more words



This seems to come up a lot when women tell me their birth stories. I cringe inside, because the majority of the time it ends up with a c-Section. 235 more words

Childbirth Education

Can It Get Crazier?

This was a question that has been like a mantra the last few months. My phone started degrading, and not functioning well.  So my daughter gives me her old iPhone. 173 more words

Childbirth Education