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What's Different About MamaWise?

MamaWise is a Holistic Childbirth Education series that is different from your “average” childbirth ed course for 4 reasons.

  1. It’s Holistic, which means we look at the WHOLE picture.
  2. 431 more words

Two Important Things You Should Be Doing In Labor To Alleviate Pain

Labor for the most part has many stages and transitions and at some point the sensations get stronger and some describe them in terms of pain. 366 more words

Birth Doula

Gift the gift of a doula!

Some partners are concerned that having a doula will mean they will have no role in their baby’s birth. This is not true! A doula can help give you the confidence to be a fantastic supportive birth partner. 93 more words


Tetap Bugar selama Kehamilan dengan Prenatal Yoga

Siapa yang kenal baik dengan saya, pasti tau kalau saya itu jarang sekali berolah raga. Saat sekolah dulu, paling frustasi kalau ada pengambilan nilai lari selama pelajaran olahraga. 1,061 more words


I have very mixed feelings here after watching the above post. How sad that a newborn has to ask its paretns to understand and have patience with it’s state of normal infnacy and dependance? 319 more words

Parent Education

The Ten Rights of Medicalized Fiction (Part 4): The Right Disease.

The Right Disease: Physical and Mental Illness.

Abnormal appearance (See Richard III and The Hunchback of Notre Dame) or psychopathological behavior sets fictional characters apart. 1,445 more words

Pengalaman Mengikuti Childbirth Education Class di Nujuh Bulan Studio

Nujuh Bulan Studio merupakan studio yoga dan childbirth education center yang terletak di bilangan Bintaro. Studio ini memiliki concern untuk memberikan support kepada para orang tua, khususnya wanita baik sebelum maupun sedang hamil, dan pasca melahirkan. 1,256 more words