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Understanding Labor Pain

I discuss the physiology of pain and ways that people who have been through birth  describe how contractions feel. Given all of the physical changes and challenges of labor, it’s not surprising it is painful for many people. 98 more words

Childbirth Education

Labor Pain Toolbox

Podcast Episode 1: The most common question from people preparing for labor is ‘how will we handle the pain’? This episode provides an overview of all the tools that we can stock in a Toolbox for Coping with Labor Pain. 98 more words

Childbirth Education

How to increase pain in childbirth

Labour is hard work, there is no two ways about it. Even the name of it ‘labour’ tells us that, it is hard physical work. When the work to be done requires so much mental concentration that brainwaves slow down from active Beta to distracted Alpha to turn the focus inwards then labour has truly begun. 904 more words


Early Bird Tip: Nutrition

Nutrition is something that I talk a lot about in my Bradley Method® classes.  I love to teach about childbirth and I love to learn and share about nutrition too.  263 more words


What is Pelvic Health and why is it so important?

Pelvic Health is the best possible functioning and management of the bladder, bowel, and reproductive organs. It is not merely the absence of disease or weakness in these organs.

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Printed Materials and Books

I’m super excited.  Today I received the printed materials for my course (through Childbirth International).  I didn’t buy one for the first module or last module because the first one I have already completed and feel good about just skimming online.   244 more words


New Year, New Website, New Business

Until today, I had been just using an old website in my name as my business website.  Today I decided that it was time to invest in myself and my future business, so that’s what I did.   222 more words