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Postpartum ~ Week Four

It’s been four weeks since baby Elizabeth was born! She will be one month officially on Tuesday. ♥

This past week has been somewhat better as far as recovery goes, but one symptom… 464 more words


My Baby Had a Baby

The last four days have been pretty incredible. My baby had a baby! This child I never knew I needed had a child of her own. 1,219 more words

Taking The Fear Out of Labour

I’ve been a qualified hypnotherapist since 2012 but only trained as a hypnobirthing practitioner after I gave birth myself.  People naturally assumed that I would have a hypnobirth and I had definitely planned to incorporate self-hypnosis into my birth plan.   844 more words


Is it safe to have a baby?-Xochitl D.

As I begun to read Get Me Out I realized how lucky we are as women to be living in the 21st century. Thanks to the medical advances that have been made women no longer have to endure as much pain before, during, and after childbirth. 406 more words

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The Pros and Cons of Freezing Your Eggs

Confession: I’m afraid my eggs will poop out on me before I’m done having kids. But the thing is, I’m not ready to have more children just yet — I want to buy a house, write a few books, travel with only one small human, sleep … so what’s a girl to do? 157 more words

It's my party and I can cry if I want to...

Here is the truth.

Sometimes I feel terribly sorry for myself.

If you haven’t realized that before about me, than you obviously haven’t been reading my posts. 1,226 more words

Watching Mother's Day

“It’s 2016 and dads are cringing at the word tampons? Really? That’s a win for feminism right there.”

Can an all-star cast evoke some deep philosophical thinking about motherhood? 

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