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Charley Graham's Birth Story

Well first off, I can’t believe it’s already been over 5 weeks since Charley was born! Time really does speed up when you have kids. Second, life with a newborn completely changes the game! 3,303 more words


The Baby

The baby is almost one year old.

Like all married couples, Joey and I tend to “go to bed” and lay down and scroll through our phones for a little while. 364 more words


My First Childbirth ... in Pictures!

Ok, if you’re squeamish, you may not want to continue reading this. If you don’t mind seeing a few blood splatters, and a bit of nudity, feel free to continue scrolling down … … 945 more words

To Be Perfectly Honest...

As a newlywed you get asked the question “So, when are you having kids?” Like constantly. Check out the most annoying newlywed questions >>here… 540 more words


Wordle #220 and Sing Out Your Success | Poetry Prompt 11

Life is so fair that it seems

Sinister at times

Every manner of man exists

And every manner of emotion

Both grotesque and divine.

I am neutral despite… 247 more words


Baby Girl

It was super traumatic finding out I was pregnant with our second a mere seven weeks after our first came home from the NICU. Duh, right? 292 more words


Album Review - Women's Rights / Childbirth

Childbirth’s last album, It’s A Girl, was a punk album that didn’t take itself too seriously. Titles such as ‘I Only Fucked You As A Joke’ and ‘How Do Girls Even Do It?’ could be misread, but it really was a middle finger to masculine punk where men are allowed to describe their primal desires, urges and fears but for some reason women aren’t. 612 more words