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Naked in the Locker Room

The women are crowded into the dressing room, peeling wet swimsuits from their rounded bellies. An unusual cross-section of women – a technology specialist for the school district, a yoga teacher recently moved back home from life in the tropics, a couple of my high school classmates. 354 more words


The Platform Lovers - Hard Labour?

The Platform Lovers – Hard Labour?

The labour unit was not decorated in the pleasant pastel colours of the maternity ward two floors above.

The harsh green walls and stark fluorescent lighting  gave a sense of practicality,  of purposefulness,  that they had seen their share of action over the years. 899 more words


I Got My Pre-Pregnancy Figure Back in 8 Weeks

This week on the Sunflower Zone Blog we are speaking with Shakira Akabusi, new Mother, founder of The Natural Health Company and daughter of former Olympian Kriss Akabusi. 1,155 more words

New Motherhood

The Sticker

When Big Man was in the NICU, we were encouraged to bring items from home and make his space his own. A stuffed frog went with him on day one, to quickly be followed by a few other stuffed animals. 424 more words


a baby story -- part 2

Monday, November 3, 2014, 3 a.m.
Labor Hour 3

Fortunately for Randy and the lifelong health of our young marriage, he eventually realized “I need you” was code for “this is happening with or without you, so pick a side.” As he came to, I was trying to figure out the most comfortable position for laboring at home until my contractions were close enough to go to the hospital, which I hoped would be any minute now. 2,229 more words


So What Does "Holding the Space" Really Mean Anyway?

I stumbled across a post a few years ago that really seemed to sum up the evolution that my practice style as a doula has taken.  774 more words


Inadequacy in the face of childbirth

I have been watching several of my friends going through their pregnancies and talking about their feelings on child birth and I think about my own experience with pregnancy and childbirth and I feel, in many ways, inadequate. 922 more words