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The Day I Almost Punched a Nurse in the Face

It’s been an interesting 48 hours, to say the least.

Obviously, I started this as a dad blog of sorts to document this whole change-of-life event my wife and I are going through. 741 more words

Time sure does fly...

So it’s been a while… in all honesty I had intentions of regularly blogging about all kinds of things and not just our travel adventures.¬† So fair warning to anyone reading this that from hear on out there may be all sorts of musings on life in addition to our travel adventures.¬† 982 more words

My labour story

Alright so before I get into it, I just want to reiterate a few things…

Regardless of how traumatic my birth story was for me personally, please know that I still feel incredibly privileged to even have a birth story to share in the first place. 2,155 more words


This has been such a full week for me with a lot of additional activities besides our usual ones. Yet it is sometimes when I am busiest that my thoughts tend towards the opposite direction: loneliness, quietness, stillness. 135 more words


Eating for two

It might be the most happiest part of your life but definitely not an soothing experience.
Month 1:

# You are completely unaware that this is the Month. 1,834 more words


i documented my delivery

push, breathe, check iso.

after a few hours of labor, a good epidural and a little bit of pitocin, i grabbed my camera (okay, my husband handed it to me), and started snapping. 417 more words