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Not Bonding With Baby

I came across a great article about bonding with baby and how many women do not feel this immediate bond. The article talked about how the initial bonding period might be interrupted during the birth process and the first few weeks postpartum. 114 more words


My baby is 2!

Wow that was a superfast two years, I can’t quite believe it.  My little guy had a wonderful birthday swimming with his siblings and friends.  I have reflected a lot recently upon his birth which is still rather bittersweet for me.  37 more words

Home Education

Dear Me,

All the things I wish I would have known, all the feelings I didn’t know I would have, all the pain and the joy I would feel – written in a letter, to myself… 1,201 more words

Prepared Childbirth

We signed up for a 12-hour, 4-week prepared childbirth course once we got settled in Chapel Hill. The course is held at the hospital where we’ll be welcoming our baby boy. 977 more words



“You cannot drink from an empty cup.” This bit of wisdom is ancient and ubiquitous, and we all know the modern-day analogy of putting the oxygen mask on our own face, first, so we’re able to assist others. 1,002 more words

Planning for a Gentle Cesarean

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual ProDoula conference. I learned so much and met so many amazing people, but one whose presentation stood out for me was… 273 more words


Cynthia Overgard: Helping Women Empower Their Pregnancies

When Cynthia Overgard got pregnant 11 years ago she was young, healthy, and low-risk in every way.

But her doctor prepared Cynthia for a C-section. She even assured Cynthia that a bikini would cover the scar. 628 more words