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The History of Me | My Birth

When and where were you born?

I was born in Rochester, Michigan in June of 1980. I’ve been told that my parents were watching Wheel of Fortune when she went into labor. 54 more words

My Life

Natural Childbirth De Mystified with Evivo | 5 Facts You Absolutely Need to Know

Learn about Evivo and why pooping during childbirth may be a good thing! Here are 5 Facts You Absolutely Need to Know About Childbirth

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Choosing to be Childless

I had it all figured out. I had a plan of what I was going to do when I got pregnant. I was going to have photos taken every month of my baby bump, from the day of confirmation all the way up until the birth, Artsy, candid shots of my blooming belly in soft lighting, but not hiding any of the messy bits of pregnancy like stretch marks or rosacea. 838 more words

Not Acting

Dinah's Birth Story

I thought I had an idea what to expect this time around. I thought I was prepared. Just goes to show you, kids will always  2,528 more words


Episode 1: AD 2025


AD 2025: the podcast where we take a look at whacky technologies around today and ask how they might have transformed society in a few years time. 54 more words


The importance of high quality scientific research into pregnancy and childbirth

A Facebook group I am a member of has shared this survey, being conducted by a PhD student at Yale University School of Nursing. Within the introduction, the survey hopes to “add to the knowledge about how to best support women as they seek a VBAC birth.” What is quickly established by the women in the group, however, is that the survey is seemingly… 263 more words


Pregnancy and Childbirth 101

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “expect the unexpected.” After having our third, I came to realize that pretty much describes everything associated with having a child. 861 more words