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Motherless daughter about to have a baby

Without You, Ingrid Michaelson

There within my soul it lingers. Almost tangible, as an exhale of breathe or the way my heart seems to beat stronger these days – a longing for something that I cannot grasp that I need now more than ever. 1,347 more words


Have We Neglected Post Natal Recovery?

Post natal care and post natal recovery has a big emphasis in the Chinese culture and also in Chinese medicine. We find that the better the woman recovers after birth, 714 more words

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The Pilgrimage

Dear whoever you are–thanks for reading this. No matter who you are or why you’re here or whether or not we know each other, it’s awfully nice that you have any interest whatsoever in another person’s ramblings about being a mother, given the insane saturation of such material out there in the world. 933 more words


Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Warnings

He added that the increase in energy (calories) is usually less than the increase in other nutrients. The increase taking place for pregnant women in the amount of blood and increase the number of red blood cells require increasing needs of iron, for example, enough food until the recommended daily allowances in excess of 15 to 30 milligrams. 168 more words


Essential Oils for Labor & Delivery: A Natural Birth Story

I am excited to share with you how I used essential oils during labor and delivery for my second natural birth! Two years ago, my first son was born in an epidural-free birth, but I did not know about essential oils back then. 1,526 more words

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Meet the California Woman Who Gave Birth While Lost in the Woods for Days

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Giving birth is no a walk in the park that’s for sure. But going into labor, when lost alone in the woods, with little water and food, and no help, while fending off bees and mosquitos? 314 more words

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