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That day we met.

I wouldn’t call it pain.  It was more like a tight squeeze.

They kept looking at me.  Expectantly.  I just shrugged.



I’m almost holding my breath now. 330 more words



When I dreamt about you to the point where we had to make you a reality. I pictured you, heard you and imagined who you would be. 872 more words


Scientists are predicting that c-sections will lead to bigger babies

Since the world’s first documented case of a woman surviving a cesarean section in medieval Prague, the cesarean section has become a catch-all solution for all manner of problems surrounding a child’s birth. 473 more words

27 Years ago TODAY!

How many of you can say you remember what you were doing that many years ago?  I do.  That was a rather rough week.  I was suffering from the flu, in and out of the hospital all week only to go back for more hydration in the form of an I.V. 336 more words



It seems to me that pronouncements from evolutionists always provide more questions than answers. Here’s just one more of those pronouncements…

According to a BBC news report* the regular use of caesarian sections in birth is affecting human evolution: 694 more words


 Top Ten (Somewhat TMI) Phrases From My Pregnancies and Childbirths

I wish mine could have been lovely natural childbirths. I know, some of you are all set to tell me the myriad ways I *could* have… 1,197 more words