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15 Crazy Pregnancy Symptoms No One Told Us About

We all know about the usual pregnancy symptoms people can get- big boobs, sensitive nipples, stretch marks, increased or decreased sex drive, and so on, but no one every told us about these crazy symptoms! 1,094 more words


What Do You Learn in Birthing Class?

Mike and I recently attended a birthing class offered through our hospital across the span of two Saturdays, from 9 to 4 pm on both of the days. 617 more words


The one-liner that I vow to stop saying to expectant mothers

Before crossing from expectant mother to new mother, I was busy working on my birth plan. Yet, many mamas often told me some form of… 610 more words

Pregnancy And Parenthood

Hidden Monsters: Birth Trauma

This is the first post in a 4-part series called “Hidden Monsters.”

Severe chest pain pulled me out of a deep sleep.

At 34 weeks pregnant, I first assumed the weight of my pregnant body was hindering my breathing somehow, but as I sat in the darkness a dread washed over me. 614 more words


Notes To My Grandson

On the day you arrived, temperatures dropped into the single digits. A winter storm had battered northwest Oregon. For three days, feathers of dry snow fell in the mountains and throughout the Columbia Gorge. 601 more words

Pregnancy & All Natural Childbirth: My Story 

Our wedding date was June 2, 2015. I researched quite a bit about the time it could take to become pregnant after taking birth control for many years. 1,495 more words

Ow...that hurt

I’ve had lots of friends message me since I started writing these to ask if I’m ok and say they didn’t know I had such a rough time with childbirth. 1,949 more words