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1988. my beautiful baby girl.

#throwback Jul 2, 2015 @ 14:20

Again, it was hard to read but I enjoyed reading the comments from Johanna.

As my belly swelled, the looks of disappointment and disdain grew, and the further away I went. 2,104 more words



When you are younger, you learn what it means to be a friend. As you grow, friendship starts to look different. Through every phase of life, a friend means something different. 864 more words

Mom Life

Dud baby groups

Making new “mum friends” is something I find incredibly hard. Over the last five years, I’ve gone to every toddler playgroup in a 10-mile vicinity, and generally failed to get past the acquaintances stage with anyone. 891 more words


Baby on Board (a birthing story)

I have given birth to my daughter, Luna, and my husband and I are over the moon about finally meeting and living the rest of our lives as parents to this little gem. 1,867 more words


Birthing the Placenta

As often happens, an issue arises simultaneously in my private and NHS work and gives me reason to research, investigate and inform. As I have been supporting more home births than usual, I have become aware of how midwifery work during labour, birth and delivering the placenta can be different in the home than hospital. 856 more words


My Natural Childbirth Story - and what does birth pain feels like?

First signs of my labour

It was the middle of the day when I went to the bathroom and I found a tiny bit of a pink discharge on my sanitary napkin. 1,167 more words

A tale of two births

They say that no birth is ever the same, and indeed, there were many differences between Isla’s birth and our son’s (yes, it’s a boy!) 593 more words

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