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My Experience With Gestational Diabetes

I’m not entirely sure I am completely normal or typical, but I felt I should share my gestational diabetes experience with others. For those that haven’t been following my pregnancy journey, I will start from the beginning. 1,842 more words


Their children are called dvija-bandhus ( SB 1.4.25)

Srimad Bhagavatam

1.4.25 : PURPORT

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If the father and the mother do not undertake the process of spiritual family planning and simply beget children out of passion only, their children are called dvija-bandhus. 54 more words

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A Hard Day that Ends Well

Sshh!! She is finally snoring. This has been a day entirely controlled by her hormones. They take a woman who is otherwise reasonable and turn her into a monster. 259 more words


Why doulas get no respect. It's not the science, it's the culture.

My social media feeds lit up two weeks ago after this New York Times story about doulas was published. At first it seemed that doulas, and the benefits of continuous labor support, had been validated by the paper of record.  1,065 more words

Midwife kills mother and baby: has moved overseas and is still practising

I found a report of a out-of-hospital death in New Zealand. A mother with multiple risk factors was attempting a water birth when she collapsed. The baby and the mother both died as a result. 334 more words


Did Someone Say Doula?

ICYMI – In a recent article, The Times reported on the growing numbers of doulas that expecting NYC moms employ to support them during their labor processes. 306 more words


8.10 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Meanwhile, at the Sheridan-Pitts residence, this happened….

Meet Christina Munoz! Mia named her after her mother, of course. (It’ll be funny if she actually turns up with blue hair lol)

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