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I set my Ebenezer

I wrap myself in silence.

In this moment

it is good

To be,



I see myself for who I am.



A bit dangerous in the best way. 65 more words

La Curandera

Eight ways to increase pain in labour

Labour is hard work there is no two ways about it. Even the name of it ‘labour’ tells us that, it is hard physical work. When the work to be done requires so much mental concentration that brainwaves slow down from active Beta to distracted Alpha to turn the focus inwards then labour has truly begun. 823 more words


Too many visits to the doctor

The Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung comments on what it considers an excessive amount of doctors visits during pregnancy. It reflects the concern that such a trend will change the perception of pregnancy from something natural and physiological to something of a problem or disease. 53 more words

baby bump

baby bump

(2000’s | journalese (gossip) | “belly”)

Definitely a Briticism, which is not something I would have guessed. It appeared rarely in the U.S. press before 2005, says LexisNexis, by which time the Brits didn’t even consider it cheeky any more. 483 more words


The Challenge of Childbirth

“She said it felt like she was going to die,” my sister said of me, interjected into a conversation about childbirth with my newlywed sister-in-law as we sat around our mother’s dining room table, casually eating pizza and chicken wings. 869 more words

A Single Mom of Five Kids Almost Aborted This Beautiful Baby. But She Found Help...

The brutal reality of abortion is something our society tries so hard to avoid and ignore. It’s uncomfortable and unnerving to hear the facts about babies in the womb being torn limb from limb or crushed or burned to death. 267 more words