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Women in Stirrups: stories from the life of a student midwife. Chapter 1 - The Beginning


The Beginning

I’m a traitor. I’m disloyal to the people that believed in me, those that hoped I’d be a good student and grow into a nice, obedient, respectful midwife. 1,853 more words

Childbirth Experience

Catching up to the future.

Sometimes the future arrives early and catches you by surprise.

When our first-born child arrived, late in August 1994, we were totally unprepared – and then we had to roll the dice. 2,748 more words


Our Joy

Joy is something I seem to be on a constant search for. Although I consider myself a rather optimistic person, and definitely not depressing to be around, my entire life feels like it’s been a struggle for joy- true, genuine joy that lasts beyonds the fleeting moments of happiness that life brings us. 463 more words

Simple Living

Nappies, Nappies Everywhere

They say that there are two things you can be sure of in life, and that is death and taxes.  Well I disagree.  I believe there are three things you can be absolutely, completely sure of.  1,044 more words


Do I Really Need to Avoid Those Foods While Breastfeeding?

I recently saw a photo while scrolling through Pinterest explaining foods that cause colic in breastfeed babies and therefore should be completely avoided by the mother. 977 more words


Women in Stirrups: stories from the life of a student midwife. Written by Madeleine Tomas-Mason.

This series of blogs contains stories about women in stirrups: mothers, midwives and student midwives. These stories are about wives, girlfriends and single women. These… 611 more words


Is it a good idea to reduce the caesarean rate?

Caesarean section rates in western countries have been rising for a long time – but the rate varies widely between different countries. In Sweden, for example, it’s 17%, while in Cyprus it’s 52%. 712 more words