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Hey There Tiger...Society

You know that phrase, Tiger Mom? Well, I am not a Tiger Mom. I mean, I obviously want my kids to do well and I’ll support them with every beat of my heart and make sure that they have as many opportunities as possible, but will I beat them over the head with guilt and discipline if they don’t spend three hours a day practising the French Horn? 650 more words


Happy 2nd Birthday Twinkles Leeds

Today marks the second anniversary of the opening of our Ofsted Outstanding nursery in Leeds City Centre!

Make sure you have your passports ready, we’re going on a journey across the world…!


Nanny Diaries: Final Chapter

I have had some wonderful times as a nanny, but I’ve also lived out The Nanny Diaries novel verbatim. No joke, I have actually been called “Nanny” by a Madison Avenue mom as she diverted her eyes and handed me her practically breathing fur coat to “check” in the closet. 484 more words


The childcare challenge for single parents

The cost of childcare and struggling on a low income.

I am in the position to be able to blog on both of these issues! Lucky me! 197 more words


Co-operative Childcare: Living the Alternative Dream

In Nina’s Power’s book One Dimensional Woman (Zero Books, 2010), she begins her penultimate chapter by asking “Whatever did happen to all those dreams of living  differently?… Alternative living these days is more likely to refer to the fact that you’ve bolted a solar panel to your roof rather than undertaken any practical critique of the nuclear family” (2010, 57-58). 1,185 more words

Nina Power

Childcare Is Everybody's Issue this Upcoming Canadian Federal Election

I want to begin by making three declarations about child care.

Child care is not a women’s issue- like many other Canadian families, my spouse cares equally about where and how child care services are provided for our children. 1,021 more words


Teresa Pearce MP: My experience being a single mum

As part of our brand new campaign, General Election 2015: Single Parents Decidewe’ve asked MPs from the three main parties who have experience of single parent life to share their stories with us, we’re kicking off with  Teresa Pearce MPs story. 692 more words