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I didn’t realise Lara’s inherited fascination for shoes would manifest itself this early on. She often mistakes our living room for a branch of Schuh (I’m told it’s pronounced ‘Shoe’ but I pronounce it ‘Shkerrrr’) – one minute happily plodding around in a pair of brown shoes and then for no obvious reason they must come off… 61 more words


Pornography on the Playground

When I was 19, I had a summer job supervising a playground. It was a pretty lame job. It paid $5 an hour, and it was outside in the sticky summer heat. 123 more words


Terrible Two / Esos complicados dos

The called that way for something, and with you it is true. I understand that you are learning the world, I realise that you are discovering the world, and you may believe that you are the centre of it. 572 more words


Child Carers Seeing The World

It is possible to travel the world whilst reigniting your passion for Child Care.

Take it from me, I’ve done it. 

FlyinCare aims to help families but our other aim is to make Child Carers in the UK realize that there are opportunities out there that enable you to earn whilst you live in a new city and travel. 203 more words

Flexible Child Care For Families

Are you looking for flexible child care? Someone that you trust wholeheartedly to care for the most important little people in your lives? Someone that can provide one:one care and attention? 180 more words

How To Find The Perfect Family

Suss out what you want and create questions. 

Ask yourself questions first. Here are a few to consider to get you started:

What are the ideal hours you would like to work?

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Lara has recently been working hard on her sulking. Despite often losing her balance whilst walking across a room – I have never seen her lose her balance during a Sulk. 76 more words