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Case Eight - Repeat Offenders - and How To Get Off Of Assistance (or can you?)

Take those who have been in the system in the past and received childcare subsidy and then also received welfare to pay the parent-portion of the fee (what remains after full subsidy comes off) …. 1,817 more words


Upperchurch Childcare Mural

As part of my work experience, I had to design and paint a mural for a childcare centre. I am also in a work/training programme and the other participants in the programme helped to paint the mural. 547 more words

LOCAL VIEW --Sickbed Sonnets--

We’ve had the ‘flu passing through our neck of the woods pretty severely this year, to a degree that not even my over-developed sense of humor can take lightly. 4,222 more words

How to use Kowalah for day time bookings

When you first hear about Kowalah and On Demand Childcare you probably think of babysitting – getting someone to look after your kids when you are out for an evening.  896 more words


The Importance of Teaching Music to Children

Music has a very large impact in our lives, and it can help children in many different ways. Music is not only a form of expression; it can help enhance the cognitive development your little ones. 342 more words


#140. My Little Trick- Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,

Having 4 toddlers is very demanding because toddlers without tantrums seem rare. I have different ways of making my children act accordingly without having to hit or scream my life out. 229 more words


It is time

I am in agony!!! As we speak, my little girl is in daycare, while I’m wasting away at work… her first time. Any sane mother would understand the clenching feeling of angst constricting your breathing, making your heart flutter and your stomach churn. 1,104 more words