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Here is a picture of children not being obedient. I told them to wait. They are vanishing into the distance. (Actually this is a zoomed-in part of a larger picture; you can barely see them in the larger picture.) 375 more words

Authentic Caregiving in Centers

Authenticity: authentic caregivers, authentic baby

The RIE® method is one that makes caregiving a pleasant experience for every party involved. One of the ways this concept is best demonstrated is through the belief and practice of authenticity that Beverly Kovach discusses in her video series, … 351 more words


Sensory Bins made easy

Creating Sensory bins:

Start with a base. These are just a few ideas, you can literally use anything for a base.

The End of Maternity Leave

I always knew that my maternity leave would come to an end, but when I received an email from my boss with the subject ‘return to work meeting’ I was utterly gobsmacked! 757 more words


I'm 22!

Yes! I’ve survived another year, and write this with the wisdom of twenty-two years behind me, though I have to say it doesn’t feel dissimilar to being twenty-one. 497 more words

Reading Picks "Children of Hawaii"

The golden children of Hawaii Hardcover – 1987 by Ruth M Tabrah (Author)

A unique quality of Hawaii’s cosmopolitan mix of peoples is that they live together, work together and play together in an environment of aloha. 174 more words


Our Story

The Nightingales came to Maui like a lot of other birds. We needed to find peace, know the meaning of Aloha in our every day lives, and find a way to share the joy. 68 more words