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Getting Babies to Stop Crying and Not Die May Have Made Humans Smarter

With sleepless nights and puzzling crying spells, caring for a newborn may seem like a mind numbing endeavor. But the mental abilities needed to keep a helpless, fussy infant alive may actually be the source of our smarts.

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Summer Savings- Chicago Museums Waive Admission Fees

Heading to a museum is great way to spend time with your children and ignite their interest in science and the arts, but the costs can really add up. 102 more words

Work/Life Balance

Get out! Get out! Get Out!

Today is Friday I wake up to all the Happy Friday posts on Facebook and think to myself oh yes it is Friday! My days all seem to roll into one at the moment. 776 more words

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Going Back to Work after Maternity Leave

You think you are a career driven woman and you have your career path all figured out until you become a mom.

While not everyone has the same experience when it comes to maternity leave, one thing is certain, you are not the same person when the time comes to return to work as you were when you started. 792 more words


Be proud to be a parent?

Hi Katie here,

Today I did my last journey to uni, and on the way I sat thinking to myself. Close by were a group of young children, quite loud but very happy. 304 more words

Kids DIY Crafts

Mother’s Day may have passed, but kids will still love creating these special crafts for their moms.

Find The Right Daycare

Looking for daycare for your child? Don’t know where to start? Check out these 5 tips!