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I’m trying hard to keep my mind off the election, because it seems bad for my gut to think of it. All I need to do is broach the subject, and I find myself restlessly pacing like a lion in a cage. 2,273 more words

Political reporter describes hard choice: Cover the election, or stay at home with her sick daughter

“Boys on the Bus,” a 1972 book by Timothy Crouse, profiled the then mostly male journalists who hit the campaign trail to cover the presidential election. 288 more words


DON'T Be Afraid To Be Honest With Your Nanny 

Most of us are reared with the values instilled in us to be nice to others, avoid hurt feelings, and to be respectful. These are, of course, admirable qualities that should be instilled in all of us, but there are times when you need to be a little more direct without fear, especially when it involves the well-being of your children and their care provider. 568 more words

2 Weeks Out - some how surviving

Yesterday was 2 weeks since our baby boy was born.

Boy has it been a journey, filled with tears (lots of tears), laughter and arguments with hubby (sorry hubby). 799 more words

Daily Updates

Where Have We Come?

It’s been a good few months of blogging for our little B2B Establishment Council here. And although our time here is coming to an end, B2B feel that we as women are prepared now to speak about that which has been packaged as taboo in society. 277 more words

The Widening Gyre

The roaches appear to be gone. We haven’t seen one in over a week; and have begun using the dishwasher again without mishap. It’s a slow journey back to recovery for some of us–OK, for me. 824 more words