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Accepted into CC!!!

Just as Mami was giving up hope to find a good preschool near home, all ready with Papi to go Meet the MP on a Monday… 222 more words


Our Nanny

We have never really been a fan of babysitters.  In fact, all of our previous experiences with sitters have all been negative.  Since D is no longer in school we ran into a scheduling issue that forced us to look for a nanny.  316 more words

Day 114

Today was my first day taking Miles to and picking him up from daycare all by myself, and I’m happy to report that:

Days without forgetting Miles at daycare: 1

So there. MOM.

JUNE Bugs and Boldness

I attended a social event with my fiancé last week and found myself chatting with a girl who attended the same college I did. After inquiring what year she graduated, she asked my degree and I could immediately feel shame bubbling up. 378 more words

For All

I Make No Apologies For The Mum That I Am!

So recently I’ve been feeling pretty darn attacked, this past week in particular I’ve been misunderstood and judged seeming to have become victim to others unnecessary input into my parenting. 1,045 more words


My Last Lullaby untill your First

Read an article by someone that said alot about how with the second child everything will be the “lasts” for the parents! And suddenly it hit me, my little one who is my second baby is growing up so fast. 622 more words

May Firsts

I realise we’re already halfway through the month of June, but we’ve had a lot going on lately (cue loads of June firsts!) so this and any other blog posts have taken a bit of a backseat, sorry Trav! 1,137 more words

Baby M's Firsts