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New Statesman: It harms women more than men when dads doing parenting are seen as "babysitters"

“Dads don’t babysit (it’s called ‘parenting’).” So says the T-shirt created by Al Ferguson of The Dad Network, in response to the assumption that a father seen caring for his own offspring is simply playing the role of temporary childminder. 104 more words


Hey, 2017 & childcare

I’ve just gotten the boys’ school timetable for 2017 and I can finally breathe again.

I’ve been praying soooo hard that their timing for their sch would coincide so I don’t have to make trips back and forth between the sch and home, and most importantly troubling my mom to take care of one kid. 320 more words

Daily Rants

the wear and tear of this beautiful difficult sassy knowledge

When during the 1980s, I worked on my collection of interviews with Canadian women writers, I called it Sounding Differences in “oral essays” as a way to indicate the generative exploration of the project which worked to empower a chorus of voices that – while infused with differentiated power relations – revised the canon beyond the distinguished triumvirate of Margaret (Atwood), Margaret (Laurence) and Alice (Munroe). 1,166 more words



This blog is about the surreal world of a woman who, many years ago, had a relationship with a man suffering from psychopathy.

It starts out as a seemingly sweet romance between a woman and a man, but slowly and gradually the man, together with his parents, turned her life into a nightmare of psychological abuse, lies and insecurity. 744 more words


Camp Katahdin

Camp Katahdin

It’s time for Y Summer Camp

Eleven weeks of healthy fun awaits your children at Camp Katahdin! Camp runs weekdays from June 13 through August 26. 66 more words

Youth Development

Mother Knows Best

My mum came to stay last week and it was lovely on so many levels. Being a single mum is hard and going back to work at the same time makes life pretty tough. 382 more words

Family Life

LOCAL VIEW --To Step on a Nail--

I have a friend who insists we don’t need to clean up our act before we die, because we have been cleaning up after our children all our lives, and turn-about is fair play. 1,864 more words