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Reform our out-dated, over-complicated tax system

Why is there so little discussion about radically re-designing our taxation and benefits system for the 21st Century?  In the UK, Income tax was introduced in 1799 as a temporary measure to fight the Napoleonic war.  929 more words

Prose Opinion

Last chance to get childcare vouchers and cart your little brats off to day centers

The new simplified scheme entitles all staff to a generous £5 of free childcare, which can also be redeemed at most campus bars. 221 more words


When is the best time to book a Kowalah?

One of the biggest “Ah-Hah!” moments for new parents using Kowalah is that the platform provides a real-time search.  When you launch a booking request, at that exact moment Kowalah will notify targeted local sitters (Kowalahs) and provide them with booking details of your request on their own phones – your first name, the number of children, the date of the booking, the distance from them and the duration. 601 more words



Childcare Should Be A Bigger Priority

A few days ago a meme turned up on Facebook that summed up the life of a working parent, particularly single parents pretty damn well. 721 more words

Taking Care

Why is it so hard for me to see that everything I give as a father and husband is generosity practice? Is it because I think it should simply be done as a matter of course? 95 more words


Mild success

AJ recognised the painting as daddy.

It’s not finished but at least it seems to be moving in the right direction. Apparently he looks a bit evil and ill… and like Freddy Mercury. Ahahahahaha


LOCAL VIEW --Empire's Refuse--

If you are going to rule an empire you had better be prepared to orphan your children. You are simply going to be too busy at work, too busy traveling, too busy burning the midnight oil. 2,220 more words