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How Can the Parents Heal Themselves to Be More Peaceful?

There is a saying that all our children need from us is the ordinary devotion. They don’t require us to be perfect. But did you ever thought about the most ordinary devotion which you need to give to your children. 556 more words


What does EYFS even mean?

As a qualified early years teacher I often use the abbreviation EYFS in daily life whether it be talking to parents, posting on social media or just in conversation, however it dawned on me recently that unless you are aware of educational terms you probably have no idea what I’m on about and just smile and nod like I do 95% of the time! 248 more words

Childcare Ideas

My Introduction to Cambodia 

The first thing that hits you in Cambodia is the heat. For those first 5 minutes standing outside the airport my hair volume rose as quickly as my energy depleted. 957 more words

10 Tips in raising your little one

Like with everything in life, dealing with your toddler is a process and from my short experience so far, it’s filled with its ups and downs, you’ll make mistakes, but here are just a few key things to remember; 238 more words

Notes on the relationship between education and fertility among men

Jessica Nisén writes about educational differences in fertility among men.

Interest and literature on fertility patterns of men is on the increase among demographers. While educational differences in women’s fertility have been well documented, there is less corresponding research on men. 828 more words


Early mornings are killing me...

It’s 9:38am… currently sat in the college library writing this blog post. I’m tired, possible a bit cranky and most definitely hungry.

To say it’s been a shock to my system getting back into a solid early morning routine is an understatement. 536 more words