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An unexpected loneliness - being a Mum

How lonely do you feel as a Mum?

A survey conducted by Channel Mum  found that more than 90% of Mums in the UK admitted to feeling lonely since having children. 874 more words


How to Train a Husband

My dad told me he sent a copy of my parenting book to his old university friend who is in his 70s. After reading the book, his friend’s comments were these: “It’s not a book on how to raise your children, it’s a book on ‘How to Train Your Husband!'” 2,306 more words

How do we support Kowalahs during a booking?

Kowalah is a 24×7 business.  We have  daytime bookings that start first thing in the morning, evening bookings that run through to the early hours of every night, and overnight bookings that mean at any point of any day somewhere there are Kowalahs looking after our customer’s children. 693 more words


When Compassion Casts a Shadow - The Dark Side of Caring (blog 2 of 3)

** YOU DO NOT need to read article below, as some of the information can be considered disturbing.  The article is only to show a single example of the cruelty that can be found within various care industries.

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Back to nursery

Baby Bear loves nursery: she gets to play with her friends and learn new things all day. Daddy Bear and I love nursery too: we get to continue doing jobs we love, we know that she’s doing age appropriate educational activities and we know that someone who knows more about child development than we do has their eye on her and is making sure she’s developing as she should be. 233 more words


Manners Training

Manners Training

One of the services we are going to be offering is Manners Training. We all can attest to the fact that well groomed children with excellent manners are the pride, and most times the envy of all parents. 11 more words

Lessons I've Learnt from Children

Before I went to university, I was studied Childcare at college. As part of the course I had to work in a school and a nursery two days a week. 466 more words